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Please check the SDA Knowledge database for a list of useful timers.
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torch slug since 2006
Gonna use this thread:

In wsplit, when I want to save my times/splits; I right click it and select save and so on. But when I open it again, its all gone:

I tried opening one of the files and this is what it looks like, I guess its right:
Tiny HUGE,0,3354,05,383,8

Use LapTool and BKST instead, even though they're Japanese they work pretty well (and just use google translate to set it up for RTA's and what-not.)
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Lutepin: 2011-05-04 06:06:54 pm
On that note, good news: I am about halfway through creating a fully translated English version of BKST. Stay tuned! Or at least, check back in a couple days. Wink

EDIT: Okay, it didn't even take a couple days. The English BKST is done. I realize that BKST is a lot cooler with LapTool, so I will translate that too. It will take longer, as much more text is in LapTool than BKST. If you want to check out BKST now, you can pm me an email and I'll shoot it over. I plan on packaging the two finished, translated programs together, and then I'll look into having them posted in the Speed Runs Live tools list.
torch slug since 2006
Lutepin sounds good! I migrated over to LapTool and BKST too, but it took a few hair-scratching to get splits etc to work!
Don't think!  feeeeeal
So do the runners see the times and splits while they're running, because I thought I was told that was illegal since it's 3rd party assistance just like scripting and this isn't
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brassmaster: 2011-05-05 05:42:33 pm
I'm sure some use it for attempts, but they typically see it since they need to hit a hotkey to make a split.  but how is that an assistant for the actual run?  it just tells them how they compare to their best.  it doesnt alter the game play.
That Guy
Yeah, it doesn't actually segment the progress or anything.  All it does is keeps their stopwatch going, while letting them make a marker for a progress point for comparison's sake to other runs without waiting for the final time.

In other words, for people who do longer runs, it gives them a good idea of how on-track - or off-track - they are in any given attempt.  It's just an outside reference, not an actual effect or assistant - it's comparable to having a map sitting beside you, or route notes.
Balls jerky
That is just spiderwaffle being sour about script bans. It's safe to just ignore him.
Lutepin: I dont know who else is supportive of the translated BKST and LapTool, but i certainly am, and am very thankful that you can/are making the translated programs.  I look forward to the finished products
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Quote from dballin:
That is just spiderwaffle being sour about script bans. It's safe to just ignore him.

No, he's right. We also need to ban TVs since they don't come with the console.
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Lutepin: 2011-05-06 01:29:38 pm
Whew, awright fellas, it's done. BKST + LapTool in English.

After a bit of testing, I'm hoping to get these up for download somewhere. I will email to you now if you wish. Oh yeah, and happy friday!
Balls jerky
Quote from Manocheese:
Quote from dballin:
That is just spiderwaffle being sour about script bans. It's safe to just ignore him.

No, he's right. We also need to ban TVs since they don't come with the console.

Looks like it's Vectrex runs only then...
That Guy
I'd love to have it, Lutepin.  You can always host it on Mediafire or something if you're waiting on a more solid/permanent hosting?
or just attach it to a forum post ... lol.
Woah. You can attach stuff? lol im a newb.

Ok I will have it up here soon, lemme fix it up a bit...
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Lutepin: 2011-05-07 11:48:44 am
Lutepin: 2011-05-07 11:13:38 am
Here we go, BKST + LapTool English.

To those whom I have emailed these: this version fixes the "Paste" Text in the right-click menu, which was garbled (now it's just abbreviated). It's a very minor fix, but just to let you know.

Also, I could certainly come out with future versions if people find a lot of problems or have requests and whatnot. So feel free to leave feedback!  Edit: one more thing: I'll just paste a slightly edited "crash course" section from the translation notes (in the rar), in case some people haven't used these before:

Basic Use:

Open BKST and LapTool, and have them both visible. Now Right-Click in BKST and go to CNFG. On the "LapTool" Tab, just drag the button called "Drag This" into the GRID of your LapTool project (which will be a default "My New Project" file, unless you created/loaded one beforehand). Also, make sure you have a key bound to the "Save" function in BKST ("Shrtcut" tab). Now just click "Start" on BKST and press your "Save" key to write a time to the "Now" or "Best" columns of LapTool (if it's not writing, make sure to click within the "Now" or "Best" columns, it won't write your times otherwise). LapTool has a function to copy all of your "Now" times to the "Best" column - the arrow tool button, or you can choose it in the top dropdown menus. There are a lot more cool and useful features, so look around! I recommend using Sheets in LapTool for different games/routes. This way, all of your times are in one file and can be accessed separately via the title dropdown menu.

Edit 2: and finally, these English versions should be 100% compatible with the Japanese versions' saves/settings/files/etc.
annnd another fix here: when you saved a project with the english LapTool, the name of the LapTool window ("LapTool v1.7.0 Eng") reverted to japanese. This has been fixed. So if the first emailed version was a beta, the first attached one for download was 1.0, and this would be 1.1.
If you already have English BKST + LapTool, you only need to extract and replace "LapTool Eng.exe" for this fix. The other files are the same. If this is your first encounter with BKST and LapTool in English, everything you need is here in the 1.1 rar. This should be the last update for a while/ever, barring some terrible discovery. Thanks!
That Guy
Thank you muchly for this 8D
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0xwas: 2011-05-14 09:45:26 pm
yuri 4 life
good job! This tool greatly help for non-Japanese runner.

btw, I found some mistranslation of 1.1.
I attached txt.
Well, there's that discovery I mentioned. Ahh 6 days is a while, right? Anyway, I'm glad to see people are using these and (for the most part) enjoying them. Thanks 0xwas for these mistranslations! I quickly took note and fixed them up, and now we're at English version 1.2! A couple things I wanted to clarify, based on the proposed changes:
1) The Window Type tip: I honestly had no difference at all between the "Basic" and "Stopwatch" settings. I tried playing with the window, moving it around, etc. and the time was still dead-on. I got the impression that this may be for older/really busy computers, where some lack of CPU could lead to delays; I made this clearer in the tip.
2) Share key input: wow, I was way off here. When I initially tested it, it didn't seem to have an effect so I just left it as is. It might not affect all software. Anyway, I fixed it and the tip.
3) Detect LapTool tip: "Detect LapTool" is not working for me. I don't know if there's some process involved, but I tried a couple scenarios and got nothing. For this reason, I had to leave in the "if this doesn't work" phrase, because I think others might have the same issue. I made it clearer to UNcheck the box before dragging the button, and that you can drag it to various software.
4) "Reset Sheet Cust." was just plain wrong. "Make Default" is more accurate and works nicely, as the shortcut key is M anyway. I also fixed the confirmation window.
--I translated the confirmation windows that appear when you Load a default sheet settings file (.dsf) too.
I don't have the time and resources to test every single thing, but I fully expect these to be 100% compatible with other BKST and LapTool language versions. Also, all changes made for 1.2 were to the .exe files only. To update, simply replace the .exe files; for new users, everything is here in the 1.2 rar. Thanks to all, and enjoy.
If anyone is/was using wsplit and needs to report a problem or make a suggestion please PM me.  Since I haven't done anything to announce updates, people are probably on old versions, so you may want to check the latest version's changelog.txt to see if it's already there. The latest revision as of this post was on May 17th.  I wasn't anticipating a lot of users (I just made it for one person) but I'd like to try to accommodate as many people as I can so feel free to tell me what you want improved or need fixed.

Also, should I post updates here or something? Like I said, I didn't anticipate multiple users so I don't really know how to go about this (lol).

P.S.: The bug DJS encountered was fixed after he PM'd me a few days ago. I only just saw this thread so I'm sorry the problem was left unfixed for so long.
Oh please do, Wodanaz. So far your timer is the easiest to use for me. Would you also take suggestions as well?
Quote from tjp7154:
Oh please do, Wodanaz. So far your timer is the easiest to use for me. Would you also take suggestions as well?

Of course, please PM me on here if you have a suggestion.