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Speedrunning Noob
Dunnius, I'm using TST Windows with WINE, and I noticed some things that are a bit annoying. First, no images work except for the example ones (petey.jpg, clouds.jpg and sugar.jpg). This isn't too annoying, although I would be grateful if you could fix it. Second, the splits and differences (+x.x or -x.x) get cut off if they are more than size ten. This is really annoying and I would be overjoyed if you would fix this. Also, can I request that TST has automatic updates? (Maybe it does, but I've only used one version so I wouldn't know.)
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dunnius: 2015-03-10 07:38:42 am
Intruding N313 and F014
1) I forgot that I am using a really old image library that can't handle images that are not jpegs; I'm guessing that is what is happening.  In the mean time if you convert them to jpeg you can load them.  I found another image library that I think will work, so now I have to figure out how to implement it.  Also, the filenames are relative to the folder of the split file so make sure that they are in the proper folder (or subfolder if specified in the filename)

2) There is a another setting for the overall height of the timer area (TimerAreaHeight in the ini) that can be found by right clicking on the background and choosing "timer area/footer height/footer width".  If you increase that height, the text will not be cut off.  But this makes me think that I should adjust that height automatically when the text is updated, and have the setting available as an override to make it less confusing.

3) I do not have a server or webpage for Time Split Tracker, so I have nothing to connect to for checking for updates. This thread is where I currently get feature requests and post updates.  (There is also #timesplittracker on

I will work on the two changes and post an update here when they are completed.
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Speedrunning Noob
Deleted by me
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Cpont63: 2015-03-11 01:56:44 pm
Speedrunning Noob
I didn't make myself clear. Sorry Dunnius! I didn't mean that the bottom of the window cuts text off, TST scrolls when there are too many splits. What I meant is shown in the attached picture.

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dunnius: 2015-03-13 05:32:06 am
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dunnius: 2015-03-13 05:29:57 am
Intruding N313 and F014
Ah yes, that also has the same kind of overall height setting and would be solved the same way with its settings.  I am glad you mentioned it because I didn't think of that.

Here is an update which fixed that so that both the timer area and the split data will now automatically resize the height (and width for the data) instead of having a height/width setting for each.  This obsoletes a few settings, but they are replaced by settings for additional height (or width) so that there is still some customizability there.  (TimerAreaHeight, RowHeight, RowHeightShort, and DataColumnWidth are obsolete, replaced by TimerAreaExtraHeight, ExtraRowHeight, ExtraRowHeightShort, and ExtraDataColumnWidth respectively.)

I also added a setting of ZeroChangeSeconds so that time differences that are close to zero will show up with the zero difference color to make it easy to see at a glance that the difference is not significant.

I also realized, looking at the settings, that I had an unused setting for new best split background color (and instead did an underline, which was not very obvious).  I changed it to a foreground color and it now changes the color in the comparison column timer, so it is now obvious when there is a new best split.  This obsoletes NewBestSplitBackgroundColor and replaces it with NewBestSplitColor.

Lastly, I fixed a couple bugs.  One was causing the message for the best split text that shows up in the timer difference to come up erroneously.  This is now fixed and will show the appropriate message when the run is complete.  The other bug was that the data's timer difference was not disappearing when the setting for hide diff rows was checked.  They now disappear with that setting checked.
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dunnius: 2015-03-13 05:30:33 am
Intruding N313 and F014
Accidental post deleted.
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Speedrunning Noob
Hey Dunnius, I noticed a small error while setting up the new version of TST. The splits difference timer (under the regular timer, where it shows status messages) doesn't appear to work. Not too annoying, but it is a little.
I also noticed another bug right now. The title for the splits (mine is a SMW splits so it is Super Mario World) doesn't automatically resize the area where it sits. This makes for a cut off splits title, unless I manually resize it which shoves my current time and difference time columns off of the screen. I made the headers taller to fix the, but it is still a bug for you to fix.
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dunnius: 2015-03-13 02:40:02 pm
dunnius: 2015-03-13 02:37:48 pm
Intruding N313 and F014
The split difference timer will not run when there is no split in the comparison column (the one next to the current column) on the current split because there is nothing to use to calculate.  This means that the first time you run new splits there will be no difference timer until you have some splits, then it will run.  I suppose I could change it to '-----' in that case to show that better.  What do you think?

The title and row/column headers do not automatically resize because they can be very long and it is difficult to calculate a width.  They are made to wrap to multiple lines to accommodate for the length.  If you right click on the headers (separate settings for row and column headers), you can change the width (and the height to adjust the number of lines for the headers) to a value that you like.  I made the default a moderate size because horizontal screen real estate is more valuable than vertical, but I made it customizable.  These are good questions to ask, which will help add material for the manual.
Speedrunning Noob
Thanks for the info Dunnius. Just a few more requests. Can you maybe have the comparison column run like the comparison timer does? Also, can you have another comparison timer run a live difference for the splits (so if I split at twenty seconds, the new timer would reset to zero and count until I split again)?
I also noticed another glitch. The comparison timer doesn't run before I finish my first run (which I haven't done since VC lags so much on my wii). That is why I thought that it didn't work. Thanks for the help Dunnius!
P.S. Yes, I think it would be a little less confusing if you would have the difference timer display '----' when there are no splits to compare to.
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dunnius: 2015-03-18 11:39:00 pm
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dunnius: 2015-03-18 11:31:04 pm
Intruding N313 and F014
The difference timer and the difference value for each split now show '---' if there is no relevant data to calculate a difference.  This makes it easier to tell that a zero difference means something.  I also made the best split times show '---' (when it is not is elapsed mode) if there is no data for that split.  This makes it easier to tell where the missing best split data is because of the way it displays normally.

I fixed the hide current splits mode so that it copies the current split time over to the comparison column like it is supposed to.

I added another option (off by default) so that the reset command can automatically start the timer (ResetTimerRestartTimerMode in the ini).  I added this because I have to reset frequently right at the beginning and it is easier to hit only 1 key instead of 2.

I added an additional timer in the current run column for the current split that starts from zero when the last split is done (or skipped).  This shows the running elapsed time for the current split as a reference, until a split is done, then the timer moves to the next.  The difference value is the same as the timer difference.  If you want a different value for it, let me know.
Speedrunning Noob
thanks dunnius! I think that this'll make the timer much better as a whole. now to find out how to keep all my settings when updating to the new version...
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Intruding N313 and F014
It will work fine if you don't copy over the new ini file.  If the new settings are not found in the ini file, the default values will be used.  This keeps backwards compatibility in the ini file.
Intruding N313 and F014
revenantkioku is working on the Mac version of Time Split Tracker, and has created a web page for the latest version.  I have also created one for the latest version of the Windows version, which has been updated to allow undoing the final split.  The links are here: