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dunnius: 2012-08-22 01:58:52 am
Intruding N313 and F014
Screen space matters when you are trying to fit the screen alongside the game video.  I guess it depends on how many splits you want to see at a time vs other stuff.  I prefer seeing as many splits as possible so I can look at the past split info when I can get a chance to look over.
Hey, I'm not a speedrunner but do enjoy watching them. I would however like to use a speedrun timer for other things (I'm a musician, so will use it for practice, to-do lists, routines I have to go through, as basically a timed checklist to kind of gameify tasks I need to get done). I downloaded Xplit for mac, and thats been fun to play around with. However, the program in Cosmos streams looks very nice aesthetically, with icons and the purple timer. Could someone point me in the direction of what that program is?

Ta! Love watching the streams and the Charity stuff Cheesy
King Wabasami

He uses Wsplit I think.
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Toby: 2012-08-19 04:03:34 pm
Quote from Joshkaz:

Thats cool, but when I download, its not recognized as anything, just a file that I can't open.

heres a screenie:

Thanks for help! Would love to get a program like this going like some of the screenshots from earlier in this thread! Cheesy
King Wabasami
You'll need winrar to open it
thanks, i used winrar to open it, but of course its .exe so doesn't open on Mac.

No mac version of wsplit?
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Bohrdom: 2012-08-19 11:45:38 pm
I don't think so, but if you have a Mac you should be able to use java and Llanfair which is still in development (version 1.2 in a few days) but already contains at least as many features as Wsplit.
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dunnius: 2012-08-23 01:58:38 am
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dunnius: 2012-08-19 06:55:33 pm
Intruding N313 and F014
If you check in the previous page for this thread, I made a mac program for split tracking, Time Split Tracker, that you can download.
yeah, when I first posted that was the program I meant I've already tried: it works nicely, but wondered if I could customize backround colour/clock size and style/segment-icons on it, like I see runners online using? Just to make my lists aesthetically pleasing. (+black backrounds really hurt my eyes after a while).

@bohrdom: I haven't a clue how to run it using java, again it comes as .exe. I'm not well versed in such things!

thanks for anymore help guys, I know I'm being a bit annoying haha!
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dunnius: 2012-08-23 01:58:52 am
dunnius: 2012-08-22 02:29:18 am
dunnius: 2012-08-22 02:26:43 am
Intruding N313 and F014
Time Split Tracker does not yet have the ability to customize fonts, color, and sizes; that will be added in a future version.  Right now I am focusing on adding more features to it.
Heh, I had changed the background from the gray I had originally to black (I'm not a fan of black either) in order to make the text show up better with the higher contrast.
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dunnius: 2012-08-23 01:58:58 am
dunnius: 2012-08-23 01:55:56 am
dunnius: 2012-08-22 02:29:53 am
Intruding N313 and F014
(to be deleted to remove double posting)
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dunnius: 2012-08-23 02:01:17 am
Intruding N313 and F014
EDIT: Another update to the Windows version.  I enhanced the hiding of the columns/2nd row.

I added the ability to separately hide the Best Splits column, the Current Splits column, and the second line of the each split data (split time becomes the difference when a split is done) as options to make the program take up less screen space.  These can be toggled on and off in the menu/hotkeys, and has a default set in the ini file.

I also made the column widths customizable, set in the ini file.  This also has a customizable screen height limit set in the ini file to limit the amount of splits that show up.  You can then scroll through the splits, and it automatically centers on the next split when an action is taken.

I also added colors to show when there is a small time difference.  The amount of time that is considered small is customizable, also set in the ini file.  I also made the highlight colors less obnoxious.

I added customizable counters to the Windows version of Time Split Tracker, which are setup in the ini file.  The value for each counter is shown in the menu (except 0 to make the non-zero stand out), and they are added to the split notes when the split is made.  I also made the main menu hotkeys customizable. 

I also made it so that if the column header of the Best Split is double-clicked, it toggles between the time difference from the current split, and the change of the time difference (The header is grey to show that it is in this mode).  This is useful to visually see how the current run compared against the best splits, similar to the how the current column has the change of the differences from the column to the left.  The same header double-click works on the rightmost column only when the Current column is hidden.  This is sort of a hidden feature similar to being able to double click on any split time (including the current splits even when the timer is running, useful for missed/incorrect splits) to be able to edit the split time and also add notes. 

The Mac version has a bit of catch up to do, but that is next since the Windows version is done for now.
Llanfair's version 1.2 was just released and you can get it here . Smiley

I'll try to sum up what was added : The window size is now save on a per-run basis and by default takes the smallest size possible to display all the information for the run. You can put undefined times in your run and skip/unsplit features have been added (the unsplit button can even be used after your run is over). There also now is an option to disable hotkeys should you need to do so. You can get more details into what was added on Xunkar's blogged linked above.

Hope you guys find it useful, feedback will be both appreciated and useful. Have a good time.
Intruding N313 and F014
I added another couple features to the Windows version. One is the ability to save a snapshot (a save state of the timer and splits) to a file.  The file can then be loaded up at at any time and then you can resume where it left off.  This was inspired by watching Kareshi finish a big origami project.  I noticed there were no previous splits because the program had been reloaded.  Now after making a split state, Time Split Tracker can be closed.  After reloading the program and the state, the timer/splits can be resumed where it left off.

The other feature, which is related, is an option to automatically save the snapshot (split state) file every time the display is updated, so it is always up to date.  This is useful in case the computer crashes or hangs, which has happened enough times at the marathons, or if you accidentally quit Time Split Tracker.  So after restarting, load the state and continue where you were before the incident.  This feature does not add CPU load (I keep the program at extremely low CPU usage), and since the file is extremely small, disk writing minimal.

I am reposting the mac version so that it is easier to find.  I have had people ask where it is and I have to keep finding my previous post.  I have started working on updating the mac version, but I have been too busy with work lately.  I only added the features I did today because it was an easy addition that I did while watching TSSB.
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dunnius: 2012-09-29 12:53:16 am
Intruding N313 and F014
New update for the windows version only.  I am making progress on the Mac version; I've been really busy.

I added an option to make the splits display horizontally (for widescreen streams); and the comparison columns become extra rows in the horizontal mode.  There is a new MaxWidth setting that operates the same way as MaxHeight for limiting the number of splits that show up.
I added a feature so that double clicking on the column header toggles between the split times for that column, and the split durations for that column (which can be used for ILs).
I made it so the mouse wheel is used to scroll.  I also added an option to set the scroll direction for the mouse wheel.
I also fixed a few minor display bugs that people noticed.
every game is a horror game
Thanks for what you've done so far on the Mac version. It's really accurate and has a tiny footprint. It's really appreciated.
Only Offense Will Survive
I have a question about Doom 3 BFG Edition. Its already known that you cant cancel/skip cutscenes in this game and I want to ask: Do I have to consider them? Shall they affect the result? What about the checkpoint saves? The game needs about ten seconds to save the game in the middle of a game.
Not a walrus
Doesn't that question belong in the Doom 3 thread or am I missing something?
I'm starting to work on a simple cross platform timer similar to wsplit. I'm starting with the mac version, but I'll add linux support and windows support once the basics are finished. It's open source so let me know if you want to help, you can send me a message on the SDA IRC or on here.

Just started it a few days ago, so there's not a lot done on it. It loads wsplit files and shows the splits and timer. You can do a split and it'll show you the time gained or lost. It's not really ready to be used yet, but I just thought I'd post here in case anyone was interested in helping or testing.

Some screenshots:

Short video:

Source code:
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dunnius: 2012-10-19 07:13:10 pm
dunnius: 2012-10-19 07:10:27 pm
Intruding N313 and F014
Let me do some code cleanup and I can provide the core for the program, which is already complete.

Edit: Actually, I can provide what I have done for the Mac version to make it easy, even if it won't compile because I am still halfway updating it.
Yeah if you want to send me what you have I can see what I can use. I'm not really looking to make anything with as many features as your program, just making something simple for now :). Also, the interface is in HTML so I doubt I'll be able to use much of the mac UI code, but I can take a look.

The plot thickens. *grabs ewaller's sources*
Intruding N313 and F014
Making the Mac version of Time Split Tracker open source (which will save you time not duplicating what I have done) is now my top priority because I just finished another project that had my attention.
I'm hyped.
What kind of things will be in the update for Time Split Tracker for mac Dunnius?