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I have a small, yet kinda silly idea.

One thing I'd like to see incorporated into this would be a way to save some stylings into the list.  What I mean is that if one list uses 16x16 icons and another uses 32x32, it would switch styles depending on the list.  Same with if one works better in a wide set (maybe the game is widescreen) and another works better in a detailed set (the game is fullscreen) - it would change which is used based upon a saved configuration.  And to go with that switch, maybe save the top-left point with it.

And to make the lists backwards compatible, shove this info in the end of the file.  If your coding is done right, older versions should ignore the info (why anybody uses them is beyond me, because your program got better in leaps and bounds) and the newer version should still be able to load older lists because it won't confuse the info - it should just see it doesn't exist and then default to whatever was last used/is currently used.
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I had 2 small ideas about this timer this week:

1) In the main window, after a segment is done, having the option of keeping the time of the segment.
Instead of having only let's say -23. It would be nice to have the option of having let's say 42:43 (-32)

2) In the detailed window, having the possibilty to see not only the best segment of each segments but also the time of all the current segments in the best run.
It would be eazy to know fast the difference between the current segment in the best run and the best.
After what happened in the FFVII run at the marathon, I have a request to be able to set the timer to a specific time and start it from there.  That way if you accidently reset it, or your computer crashes, you won't lose the time you had.
I'm sorry if I'm asking a question that's already been answered(I looked and didn't see it). I was watching a live stream and the runner said that the timer he was using started the frame the system turned on and it knew when each segment was over. What kind of timer is that? Did I mishear or misinterpret what he said? I am quite new to this speedrunning thing.
I recall one of the runners here runs his video feed through a frame server and has it do segmentation based off of specific video frames that he has the program look for. I'm fairly certain that this program isn't available to the public, and if it was, it would be too complicated for most of those people anyway.
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Hi, is there a way (or can you make there a way) to change the font size to make the segment names and times bigger?
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Hsanrb: 2012-01-22 04:48:35 am
Might be a stupid suggestion, but maybe include an option that if you have no splits, that when your running the timer that it can flash splits and create unnamed splits after the completion of a run to look at after (or your running a game but haven't decided when is best to split.)

On top, maybe create a third toggle row in detailed that is session best (since wsplit launch regardless attempt # recorded on file.)
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dunnius: 2012-02-19 12:58:23 am
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I'm working on a Mac version of Time Split Tracker.  So far I have only the timer functional, but at least that part is very useful.
I'm having a big issue with accidentally clearing my splits after I've done a run.  Can UNDO be implemented?  Also, someone else mentioned that he'd like to continue a previous split from a certain point.  For example:  I have an incomplete split that only has the first two segments completed and would like to continue, starting with the third split.
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Wanted to say this is an awesome program, although I have two bugs to report. =)

Randomly when I open up Wsplit my start/reset hotkeys (which I have bound to up and down) will not work, and I have to open and close the configuration menu before it works.

When I have a game title that is too long, it tries to fit it in a small box, while a better solution might be to increase the boxes size. Picture below:

Recently I turned on icons for my wsplit, which has worked nicely except once when I opened up wsplit and the icons had been turned off. I'm not sure why as I hadn't messed around in the settings since turning icons on a few days before that. Checking the box to turn icons on fixed it but it was weird.

Also a suggestion. Having wsplit check if I have saved before exiting wsplit was a nice change, but it doesn't give the warning popup if I go open up a different file, or if I hit close instead of exit.

For the second problem just drag wsplit on the right side until the title fits. I can't help you with the first problem though 'cause I've never had that happen to me.
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Oh, thanks for bringing this back up to the top, since I just remembered something that happened in Klaige's stream a couple of nights ago. Apparently his wsplit had decided that the timer was inaccurate and switched itself over to the fallback timer, which proved to be running slow by about a second per minute.

So, basically, everyone go into config and disable the fallback timer. Tongue
I have the fallback timer enabled and it is accurate for me.  It really depends on your computer I think.  When I was using it without the fallback timer, it was running way too fast.
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i've seen some people streaming, and they seem to have an other font (other than the digital and the non-digital old one). does anyone have an idea how they do it?
that one by carl sagan for example, it looks like he is using Arial Narrow or something.

also, did Wodanaz die or something?
Is there any way to fast-forward the timer? I like to use wsplit alongside cosmo's stream just to see splits for specific tricks but sometimes I forget to hit start.
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Unless I'm missing it somewhere, a way to change how long the split displays after hitting it would be nice. For now it only lasts a couple tenths of a second currently, but I often can't look at the exact time right when I hit it so I end up missing the split and can only go off the difference. It's not a major thing, just something noticed. Being able to make it display for up to a couple seconds would be nice, or on the other hand people might want to disable it completely.
I have trouble using wsplit with an emulator, because it won't register any keypresses while inactive. There doesn't seem to be an option for this problem. Can you guys help me out?
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Exo: 2012-07-24 12:57:40 pm
Enable global hotkeys. (Configure->Global Hotkeys)
Thanks, it turned out that it didn't register my saved settings correctly, because I was able to use hotkeys, just not while running an other program.
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Is there a way to make WSplit auto-save a run on exit if there are recorded changes (split time or overall time, etc)? Made the mistake of closing after setting a new personal record..........yeah that record had a lifespan of about 10 seconds before it was lost Smiley
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Has anyone started a collection of game packages for wsplit?  I see a lot of effort from some people creating nice icons and splits for games they run.  It would be great if there was a central repository for these.

If one doesn't exist, we could perhaps start a project on,, or maybe a wiki.  What do you think?
It would be a large project, considering how many games there are and how many different icon packs people will use for the same game, but I like the idea.

...I would have no idea where to start, but I support the idea.
Fucking Weeaboo
I could add a section to my website. It'll take some time to do though.
All the things
That is a great idea. Along the same lines, it would provide a place where people can share their splits files for other runners. A slight convenience over manually timing it out while watching the runs, but it would be great for longer games.