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Use \ before commas in usernames
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Welcome to SDA! This is your first stop.
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Discuss subjects related to gaming in general, not SDA in particular.
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See runners reset 100 times over...live!
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You don't have to be the world's best to speedrun. Run for fun.
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Buy, sell, and trade games with other SDA members. Better than GameStop.
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Talk about any SDA-related topics, issues, or questions.
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Where suplexes and sombreros meet and have a rockin' good time.
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For speedrun marathons and runner meetups.
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Come take a look at the dark science that is SDA verification.
Sub-board: Public Verification
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For Knowledge Base design, planning, and discussion.
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Ask for help with playing, recording, or other technical concerns.
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Discuss runs for newer console systems: gc wii gba ds dc ps2/3 psp xbox/360 etc.
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Discuss runs for older console systems: nes snes gb n64 sms gen sat ps1 tg16 etc.
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Discuss runs for PC games, except for Quake.
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Respect your elders.
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