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That’s good to hear!
I don't know if this has been asked or anything, but is there a way to trigger a split on Wsplit while playing a PC game? That Global Keys don't seem to work, and there aren't really any tutorials on the net for Waplit. I poked around in the menus and found nothing. Thanks.
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What game? I've never had a problem getting the keys to work, but some games might do weird things with the keyboard inputs.
Quite a few games simply don't seem to work with wsplits global hotkeys. Try Llanfair.
Llanfair suggestion: bold font option for the splits themselves, to make them show up better in a stream.
Is there a better Mac option than Llanfair? Not a fan of Java apps, they usually don't obey Mac OS X interface guidelines. Not being able to change font sizes is the big one.
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presjpolk: 2013-02-07 12:47:35 am
Not  that I'm aware of.  Time Split Tracker and Llanfair are the options I know of, and neither's perfect.
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Sorry if this has already been asked, but the timer doesn't display for full screen PC games for me?? I can't believe this is the case and there must be a fix for it other than playing windowed mode (playing through steam). I used this timer a while ago and just suffered windowed mode, but bigger screen means it just isn't feasible now.
Presjpolk > You should be able to change the font and font size of splits in the next version.

Reed > What do you mean about interface guidelines ? Java applications usually use native elements without having to tell them to. But Llanfair is different due to its borderless / global screen nature.
Thanks much Xunkar. That's great news. Should let me make the splits a lot more legible in my stream.
I mean it doesn't really feel like a Mac app. Doesn't use the toolbar, doesn't have window borders, doesn't have the close/minimize/max buttons, etc. It's just the nature of the beast, I guess. Font/color customization options would go a long way though.
Well it's a Java... thing. Smiley
Doesn't use the toolbar, doesn't have window borders, doesn't have the close/minimize/max buttons, etc.

This is actually just a choice on my side, an esthetic choice. But you definitely have all that by default with Java. Font/Color customization is already present, not for every item though.
Xunkar: Are you planning on adding a start delay feature in the next version? That's really the only thing keeping me from switching from WSplit.
Maybe not the next one but it’s definitely something I want to add.
I guess this is an okay thread to ask about online stopwatches. I can't stream screen regions (CPU problems) so I want to do something like this:

1) Start online stopwatch
2) Share link to the running stopwatch
3) Viewers can look at my time as it runs, but they can't start/stop the stopwatch itself.

Is there a website that allows me to do this? Most websites I've found don't let me share links to view the running timer, and those that do tend to be countdowns and not stopwatches. [Having the option to do splits would be even better.]
That's a harder problem than you may think. I've sorta been working on a related project and I'm not 100% sure how to solve it.
That's disappointing. You're right, I thought it would have been an easy task. Let me know if you make any progress.

Looks like a new Llanfair came out.
Urgh, this new version has an unfortunate change.  If you get a best split, it will color that split a different color.  So you can't just have y our splits colored by whether you're ahead or behind in the run.
Funny, almost all feedback on this feature was positive; but I definitely see your point and I was already planning to let users choose between different ways to highlight a new best segment.
Great. It just threw me off since I wasn't saving best splits, so I'd keep getting oddly colored splits when behind. Smiley
I'm trying to use Llanfair now, and I have 2 requests:

-When showing last segment, put a line between it and the other segments, and maybe make it disappear once the second to last split is currently showing (yeah, like WSplit). This is useful when streaming, because people a bit familiar with the timer will understand that there are still hidden splits.

-More than one key for hotkeys. This is probably more annoying to do, but it'd be useful for me (I used to use Ctrl+key in WSplit; in Llanfair, I put them in F# keys, but even some of them are accidentally pressed while running =p).
I’m trying to come up with a way to do just that (the last segment thing) but I’m not happy with a line, it’d be too easy to confuse it with other separators and think it’s something else entirely. But that’s planned.

Assigning a combination of key might not be too hard, I’ll see what can be done.
Is there a better Timer for Mac Then LanFair?