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i dont know if i should say nice job to nate or windows 8, but nice job

really these guys we need to thank.
torch slug since 2006
oh, well, nice job qt guys.

sorry about the picture being huge, i forgot taiga didnt have auto-resize or whatever you wanna call it.
just a fyi, im back on windows 7, i missed the start menu Wink
Windows 8 doesn't have a start menu? Wtf is this blasphemy..
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Tranquilite: 2012-03-01 01:52:36 am
Probably a secondary monitor?

Also, the latest version if Nori is pretty solid. Field blending looks great.
torch slug since 2006
well, windows 8 has a start menu, called metro, which is top-tier bullshit (google "windows 8 metro").
im not going back to windows 8 until someone has made a hack or similar to enable the old start menu (is probably made already). also since this is just the "customer preview", alot of things can change.
/end of offtopic
Wrong thread but I think I can get an answer. I have an old EZCap that I was going to test with this to see the steps to guide my friend through later. I have DC60+ model so this does not work. I decided to see how virtualdub capturing would work. I can get video done fine but when I play back the audio it is just well too fast and sounds bad. I have tried multiple drivers and they are all the same. Some setting in vdub I need to tick?
new release. b11. mac os x only. better performance. link in first post.
Quote from Tranquilite:
Hmm I cant get nori-chan to run. It seems to install fine, but when I try to run norichan.exe I get this error that libusb0.dll is missing (screenshot attached). This happens with both b1 and b2.

I'm running windows 7 x64.

...Reinstalling the program does not fix the problem.

I'm finding that I'm having this same problem right now. I uninstalled the driver for easycap, installed norichan, reinstalled the driver for easycap, and...I'm getting the same missing dll. I'm using the Easycap DC60.

However, this is an easycap that didn't have with it the stk1150 or stk1160 driver, but instead has an "SMI Grabber Device" driver that it installs. Would that cause the problem, or am I missing a step here?
what's the vendor id/product id in device manager?
Hardware ID: USB\VID_1C88&PID_003C that what you mean?
yeah, that's not a norichan easycap. should be USB\VID_05e1&PID_0408
Good to know. Thanks for the update!
All the things
Hmm. I'm noticing some odd behavior with norichan when using two USB capture devices simultaneously (one is not an EasyCap and is being used in a different program). While norichan is active, it seems to block the other device from initializing a video stream. What I mean by this is that the other program receives an empty feed. As soon as I close norichan, the feed comes through. I will need to test again, but I think having the stream already working and then opening up norichan allows them to work simultaneously. It may also be linked to driver installation stuff, since I believe it also only affects the ports I switched up the USB ports I was using and it grabbed new drivers each time. Perhaps it pulled in some shared settings from norichan's driver? It's not a big deal, but kind of an annoyance for my setup.
weird ... best guess right now is it's the audio ... can you do me a favor and change in your audio settings whether the other capture device also exposes the same usb audio interface the norichan easycap does?
Gave it a test go; the recording is having some issues for me. The program seems to run ok, but the avi file ends up cutting out most of the frames, leaving a video that plays extremely fast. The frame drops are even; it doesn't randomly skip, looks like a pure fast-forward.
I have these problems until I encode it with anri or virtualdub. After that, the problems seem to go away, but the initial recording does offer these same issues. I also had it where no sound was playing (which made me panic for a moment).
Hmm, those speed problems sound like a codec issue more than a nori issue. Not sure what to do to fix it though.
Try installing the huffyuv codec:
I just finished having anrichan encode a run recorded with norichan (with one of the easycaps given to me), and the run's audio is VERY slightly off sync from the video (about 100-200 ms). Is that going to be a problem in submission, or if it is, is there anything I can do for that?
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mike89: 2012-03-27 08:33:47 am
SEGA Junkie
If you're encoding in Anri-chan, here's what you can do:
* Go through the anri-chan settings as normal, until:
* Answer no to "do you want to start encoding now"
* Open your raw file in VLC (or media player of choice, I just know VLC can do this)
* Go to Tools -> Track Synchronisation, which should let you alter the sync of the audio. Find a value where it appears to be in sync (negative values will mean the audio moves forward in the video, and vice versa)
* Once you find a value, go to the anri-chan project folder and FOR EACH QUALITY, open the .avs in Notepad and add a line that says DelayAudio(-0.200) or whatever value you determined it to be. (that number is in seconds)
* Once you've done that, open the .bat file and encode.

Hope that helps!
Sounds good. It stinks because that means I need to start the process all over, but if it's necessary, I'll try that out. Thank you!
Here's a quick example of what's going wrong with my setup. Obviously the overall quality is terrible because it's compressed/on a flash video site, but one can clearly see the ghosting/speed issues.

On a semi-related note...using the drivers included with norichan, the easycap I received is not recognized by xsplit/FLME as a capture device (for streaming purposes). I attempted to install drivers for various easycap versions (starting with the one from ezcap's site), but none of them seem to work, even going as far as to soft crash my computer until I remove the device.
The nori driver does not register as a direct show device and will not be available directly in xsplit/FMLE. If you want to stream you will have to screancap the nori window. You won't get any support from the ezcap people because so many people bootlegged their easycap that they decided to change their name and started making new cap cards with different chipsets. You can find drivers for your easycap that register as directshow devices floating around that web that may or may not work for youif you search for them.

Also about your recorded video. That looks like improperly deinterlaced footage (raw captures are always interlaced, and need to be deinterlaced before the horizontal lines will go away). Try running one of your raw captures from nori through anri, and upload the video it makes here along with the log file.
Here is the output video after anri-chan. The ghosting/skipping is still there.