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i'm not doing anything to the picture as far as i know. if i had to guess i would say it's probably the pesky analog settings (brightness, contrast ...) causing the difference. norichan has everything on what is supposed to be the default/center. you should post comparison pics so i have some idea what you're talking about. also check in the driver dialog to see what that shit is set to.
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DJS: 2012-01-01 05:41:17 am
torch slug since 2006
i didnt bother taking screenshots from the raw .avi from nori, but its pretty much the same thing except its interlaced.
note the colors, sharpness of the (C) text on xenoblade etc. its also worth knowing that i didnt put nori on 16:9 cause i forgot, but you should be able to see anyway.
hope you dont mind dling some bmp's as that is what amarec saved them as.
edit: forgot the picture controls :

you shouldn't use the norichan preview to compare because that's d4 with a shitty resize to d1.
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Shiden: 2012-01-09 02:10:59 pm
All works fine, but the video quality is questionable... Sad Plus, it bobs a ton!

PS3 as well, same quality. Using Composite video, since I don't have S-Video adapter.

looks like i'm going to have to offer some kind of real deinterlacing to d1 since people apparently don't understand that the preview is just field split d4. i guess if you actually play d1 games through norichan and care about what the preview looks like i should be able to come up with something better than dumping one of the fields. the rainbows on the text in the last image are due to using composite but the lack of detail is because it's d4.

does anyone know of a realtime deinterlacing algorithm that features decent quality? bonus points for open source.
I would prefer to enjoy my games in the preview, since I don't have a composite splitter to use. Being able to make the preview fullscreen and resize it would be super if you get the quality to be as good as I see it on my TV! Smiley I'm really new to this so I don't know what "d1" or "field split d4" means. Shocked
This seems really interesting. I´ve found these Easycap things are on sale in Dutch stores for like 15€ (20$) so I'll buy one of those to test it out. I see you're testing with a DC60+, but the site recommends DC60++ for the Xbox360 because it records in higher quality or something. Does this really matter? It's twice as expensive, too. I think at that price point getting a Dazzle is more convenient...from what I've heard, anyway. I've never had a Dazzle so I'm not sure.

Also the DC60+ seems to support PAL (which is what I'll be using), so I think just buying that one should be fine.
Finally, a splitter is necessary to be able to view the game on both the TV and PC screens, correct?
i doubt you will ever find better quality analog capture than you get from the dc60 (which is what norichan is written for). it's easy to confuse software and hardware. sometimes they change the hardware, write better software, and claim higher quality when it had nothing to do with the hardware. the dc60 supports all video standards people actually use too, including pal-60. and if you can find one with high quality audio (or just ask me to send you one), then you never have to set an audio level or worry about overpeaking.

depending on the game, you may be able to play in the norichan window. there is a very small amount of lag - measuring it on various systems is on my todo list. for games like your avatar you will want to split the signal. the best way to do this is with a powered splitter. they used to sell a nice one at radio shack here in the states for < $50. some vcrs or dvd recorders may also do it if they have multiple video outs (or e.g. s-video and composite that are active at the same time - norichan should always get s-video for ntsc stuff where possible - doesn't matter for pal).
torch slug since 2006
out of like 5 billion shots, this was the best i could get. im using my wii to run a timecode running at 25fps, and my netbook for norichan (s-video for easycap, and composite for hdtv). i dont have a crt to test on.
assuming we take .17 on norichan and .24 on the tv that means 70 milliseconds of lag on norichan aka 4.2 frames in ntsc and 3.5 in pal. thanks for this result. will be interesting to compare with what i get on my systems.
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nate, how many dropped frames are acceptable? like say for 1 hour of 30fps recording, how many dropped frames is the maximum before you wont accept it?
im wondering because i have been running amarec for a while now and it has been dropping frames, almost starting to think its my hdd, and i know you said nori keeps "dropped frames" in the ram if the hdd isnt fast enough, so i might have to switch to nori to prevent this.
i can't really give you a number. it mainly has to do with two things:

1) does it affect timing?
2) does it affect the viewing experience?

the latter is pretty subjective. basically i'm an asshole. if i watch it and don't like it then it's rejected. hopefully that will prevent crap from being posted on the site.
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i dont think it is that serious that it will affect anything, but i had amarec running for ~30mins and it told me it had dropped ~1200 frames.
im on nori now anyway, idk why but i think nes games looks better in it (more people should start using virtual console and use s-video for their wii, it looks amazing), and if i wanna use amarec i just plug your easycap in the other usb plug. and i like your strategy about rejecting, it makes sense.

btw, is this "chroma ghosting"? i still havent figured out what it is

it's not chroma ghosting. that's when you see the chroma from a previous or next frame in the current frame. that looks like analog chroma bleeding ... like using composite or a vhs source or something.
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its s-video straight from the wii, no splitters or anything.
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Shiden: 2012-01-23 01:32:30 pm
Decided to try and see what my Gamecube would look like with S-Video, too bad I don't have a S-Video for my PS2...ugh. Sad

I'll say that it does look better than my PS2 for sure. I did encode it with Anri-chan then uploaded it to YouTube, or else it might look a bit better. nate are you going to put in options to resize the preview or are you still working on your deinterlace thingy?

EDIT: I was thinking, couldn't you somehow integrate DScaler into norichan or borrow its code? It's open-source and from the screenshots I looked at, looks pretty damn awesome.
Quote from nate:
does anyone know of a realtime deinterlacing algorithm that features decent quality? bonus points for open source.

I found the source for TomsMoComp, my favorite realtime deinterlacing algorithm from dscaler. However I must say that TomsMoComp has enough latency to make most games hard to play well (just get a splitter!). It does look fantastic though, which is what really matters Wink
yeah crap i forgot all about the lag. lol. not sure it's worth putting in one that adds much lag since people wouldn't be looking at the preview in that case. also i can't use gpl code right now.

shiden, just curious - what settings did you use for anri to encode that metroid prime clip? it should be interlaced, d1 f1 3d.
Yeah oops, I did D1 F1 3D but said progressive, looked it up and metroid prime supports 480p so I thought maybe it would look better if I did that. Guess I was wrong..heh, and why would lag occur if you put that deinterlacing from dscaler in, I don't get it..what if you made norichan multi-threaded? I'd rather have it use 100% cpu all 3 cores in my system than perform bad..if that would be possible anyways
yes it supports progressive but not over composite/s-video. iirc it's also disabled by default - you have to hold b as the game boots up to get the option to enable it.

are there any multithreaded deinterlacers?
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imo, quality > playable preview.
most people will still not believe in the preview window and use splitters etc. anyway so go for higher quality
Well for me the preview is more important for streaming than anything else, which is why I recommended the deinterlacer I did.
torch slug since 2006
yeah. nice quality & and input lag preview over bad quality & no input lag preview.