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I believe I found a bug! If you rename the audio device, from Digital Audio Interface to anything else then norichan can't find it anymore. Changing the icon has no effect, though. I wanted to rename it to a simple Easycap Audio, and when I started norichan up my speakers almost blew my ears out because it decided to get audio from my mic! Sad
yep ... i don't know how to get the audio device any other way. Sad
I'd be interested in helping test this but of course I don't have an easycap. Do you have any more devices that you're willing to send out to people?
sure. just pm me your full mailing address.
nate, would you mind providing a link to the actual drivers that the easycap device is supposed to use or just putting them into an attachment? I'd like to try them out just for comparison. I have Windows 7 x64, think I mentioned that before..
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this is the "original easycap driver" that i use, not sure if it really is original though.
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Shiden: 2012-01-28 04:28:30 pm
Shiden: 2012-01-28 02:36:18 pm

EDIT: That driver allows XSplit to capture right from the device...why can't nate's driver do this? Hmmm...

EDIT2: Suppose I use that driver for streaming and practicing my games, then norichan(+driver) obviously for the actual recording when I would be attempting a run for the site...noticed I can select an output resolution within the video capture format my question is:

between 720x480 and 640x480, which of these 2 would be best to play at with PS2/3 and Gamecube? I can't decide for myself!! Need some opinions..
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Tranquilite: 2012-01-28 11:21:05 pm
i did some more searching for a deinterlacing algorithm, and I stumbled upon this page. The first example/post seems to just select even frames, though the second example/post supposedly does some interpolation. I'm entirely unsure how effective/useful these code snippets are for your application, but it is worth looking through, I suppose.
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DJS: 2012-01-29 09:13:45 am
DJS: 2012-01-29 09:13:35 am
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2 reasons why i post this here:
1. its recorded with norichan (pal-50, composite, wii)
2. nate loves metroid prime and im wondering if he has seen it before

also, shiden86 :
- the norichan driver has nothing to do with directshow. at first glance this seems to rule out streaming, but actually all it means is you have to pretend that the norichan window is a pc game window and stream that way.
I saw that before...obviously my brain didn't connect the dots between "directshow" and "xsplit can see the easycap"! Didn't need to quote it..
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basically xsplit/99% other streaming software, gets your capture card(easycap) via directshow, which nate's norichan, does not use.
based on my experience you should definitely use 720x480 (not 640x480) with the 1160 driver.

tranq, thanks for that link. looking over it right now, it looks like the first example is no deinterlacing (so you will see combing) and the second is field blending (which may be a good option for the preview display).

lol djs, i guess metroid prime in 50 hz is kind of a joke. i've never seen those glitches before but it doesn't surprise me too much either.
Got referred to this post since I'm lacking means to record from consoles atm, and am working on Soul Blazer (current best at 1:52:04, but figure I can get that down to 1:50 or so).

Thought I'd check and see if you're still looking for testers.

(Video of practice on emulator : Part 1 - , Part 2: ...just so you can tell I'm nearing submission quality, in case that makes a difference :p )
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Shiden: 2012-02-04 03:59:57 am
Yeah Nate, I decided to take a screenshot of 640x480 and 720x480 actually just to compare, and for whatever reason, they look exactly identical in XSplit! The only difference being that using 720 creates a strange blue line on the right side! Took the screenshots a while back but just decided to post now, since I referred Everhate to ya and noticed his post. Smiley

Edit: Guess you can't add attachments from editing. Sad

Fixed for you Mystery!
Tip: Use Alt+PrintScrn to just take a screenshot of the current window instead of the entire desktop.
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NoiseCrash: 2012-02-04 03:06:43 pm
I went ahead and did a quick test this afternoon. I didn't run into any problems with the program itself, though it is a little annoying that it defaults to pal and composite every time (since I'm using ntsc and s-video). Also having to re-set the capture file each time, though I could just be spoiled by VirtualDub remembering the file name I originally used. My biggest suggestion would make it be to remember settings like this, though it's entirely possible you're already on top of it and just haven't included it with the beta.

As for the video, I've attached LQ, MQ, and HQ mp4's to look at. I just captured it in nori and then ran it through anri. Make sure you turn the volume down a bit before you watch it, it came out loud. What I notice is that it seems a little... fuzzy? Also the big yellow line at the top, though I haven't tried it with any other games or systems so this really could just be an anomaly. And the audio seems to overpeak... I've attached a screenshot of that as well. I could probably solve this just by sending it to line-in instead but I don't have the cables on me at the moment.

Overall the video quality isn't bad but has its flaws. As far as the software itself goes though, aside from the minor inconvenience I mentioned above I didn't have any problems with it. I do like that the interface is super lightweight, which is especially good for those who are inexperienced with video capture as there aren't a lot of confusing options to sift through and it's all very straightforward. The installation went smoothly, plugged in the EasyCap and everything worked straight away. I'll keep going with it and try out some other games/systems later too.

that's strange about the audio. i've never seen that before. even with like op or the final boss in metroid prime that are notoriously loud. i wonder if there's something different about skies of arcadia.

that green line can be taken care of easily by editing sda.avs or whatever in the anri program files folder to cut off the top of the picture instead of the bottom if you say yes to the vhs question. let me know if you want me to do that. again i've never seen that before but people might want to do something about it at the encoding stage.
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yeah i also get the green line.
as for that audio, maybe you just have really high recording volume in the audio settings in windows?
can you even set the volume level on usb audio?
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yeah, if you right click it in recording tab on volume options (cant remember exactly since im on my xp netbook atm), there you can set it. for me anyway, windows detects it like a normal microphone except its an other icon and other name.
wild. there you go i guess.
torch slug since 2006
just for clarification i made a pic. its worth knowing if you use xsplit or adobe fme that it will override the volume level and set to what the program has (i.e. windows has it at 30, and xsplit at 50, it will be 50).
i actually dont know if this will work on every vista/7 setup since i dont use my mobo's driver (realtek something), i use windows's own, but idk if realtek would have control over the usb ports.

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NoiseCrash: 2012-02-06 07:50:52 am
Quote from nate:
that green line can be taken care of easily by editing sda.avs or whatever in the anri program files folder to cut off the top of the picture instead of the bottom if you say yes to the vhs question.

Yeah I knew I could crop it out, but figured for testing purposes I'd leave it untouched to better show what it's actually capturing. But thanks for the clarification, it probably would've taken me a while to figure out where I'd need to edit the avs.

Hm, that is wild about the audio. USB devices I've used in the past I've never had the ability to do that (that I know of, at least). I'll look into it next time I'm doing some testing, I suspect if I were able to turn it down that way it would probably fix the overpeaking.
my guess is it's because they wrote a better ac97 driver when they rewrote the audio system for vista and no one noticed until now.
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NoiseCrash: 2012-02-06 04:09:57 pm
NoiseCrash: 2012-02-06 04:09:26 pm
NoiseCrash: 2012-02-06 04:09:10 pm
I just checked and I can turn the volume down for the EasyCap using the way DJS mentioned. It certainly helps to keep from blowing up my ears by accidentally playing it at full volume, but I think I can still hear the noise artifacts from overpeaking even when it's turned down... like it's not really affecting the actual "capture" volume of the audio, just turning down how loud it is through the speakers.