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what are your system specs?
I'd pm'd you them before, but here:

Norichan does use a significant portion of my cpu power, so I'm starting to get the feeling that this thing just can't handle the program and is dropping frames as a result.
ahh yes ... that's at the very low end of what i've seen working without dropping a ton of frames. did you say you're getting a better system soon? if you try it out on there and it's fine then you will know what it was ... i think with the weak pentium 4 systems it mainly comes down to how much cpu is lost handling the usb bus transfer ... it's a bit mysterious to me. i doubt it's anything other than the cpu/bus though because norichan doesn't drop frames like that due to the drive being slow (it just uses all your ram and then crashes instead).
Quote from nate:
(it just uses all your ram and then crashes instead).

Is the video saved before crash?

Anyway, if anyone has had trouble looking for compatible cards I came across this yesterday:

I have purchased one so should be here next week. It gives a general serial number of 783A2-8A000-05520256 if anyone can verify that number against a compatible nori ezcap they have?

Seems to be identical to the US site if anyone wants to take a punt:

Both listings state incompatibilty with 64 bit OS which makes little sense since you just install 32 bit drivers on 64 bit anyway.

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I have two entries under hardware IDs

USB\VID_1C88&PID_003C&REV_0100  and  USB\VID_1C88&PID_003C

I'm guessing this isn't a compatible easy cap?

Quote from AnubisGI:
Quote from nate:
(it just uses all your ram and then crashes instead).

Is the video saved before crash?

what has already been written to the disk will be there but you will probably need to reconstruct the index using e.g. vdub.

Quote from Pootrain:
I have two entries under hardware IDs

USB\VID_1C88&PID_003C&REV_0100  and  USB\VID_1C88&PID_003C

I'm guessing this isn't a compatible easy cap?

VID should be 05E1 and PID should be 0408

the full string norichan looks for is:
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TheThrillness: 2012-04-11 08:11:19 am
TheThrillness: 2012-04-11 08:10:40 am
My Easycap from ebay arrived and at first it seemed to be good (see pictures).

I did a capture and got this. You can just see a little green at the top. My other ezcap did not do this.

I also cannot select the ezcap audio, only line in on nori chan.

Also one other issue that I could not get around. The PS3 menu displays fine in 576i since I am PAL but if I go to load up a PSN classic that I got from the US store that is obviously 480i and should be NTSC, no amount of toggling between NTSC, PAL or PAL60 could get a picture. Once I blindly inputted the commands to quit the game, nori automatically showed the PS3 menu again. It seems as if it can't cope with a resolution change once ran.

guess that easycap doesn't have good audio. shame because line-in audio is annoying.

the resolution change thing is weird. did you try putting norichan in the correct mode and then restarting it?
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TheThrillness: 2012-04-11 05:01:19 pm
TheThrillness: 2012-04-11 04:59:56 pm
Yeah, must be bad audio for sure to why nori could not select it (although audio installed which I don't understand). I couldn't get audio capturing even in virtualdub. When I clicked listen to in W7 I got audio but it was horribly crackly and low quality. Pretty much proves it is the bad audio easycap.

And yeah, I put nori in correct mode and restarted. Every combination. I even went as far as hovering over the game on PS3 menu. I would press X and as the game loads I would switch to NTSC then close the program to make sure resolution change was not affecting it from first being a PAL signal etc. If I clicked around and waited I would sometimes get a black and white picture that was horribly distorted and skewed.

I was able to get video in virtualdub from 480i but the capture is off to the right which my other easycap did not do. Picture attached. I selected NTSC_M on vdub if that helps.

the easycaps with bad audio have 8 khz 8-bit audio which installs under windows but norichan ignores.

strange on that resolution thing ... if i have my ps3 in analog mode i will have to test sometime.
It's definitely the change in resolution affecting it. I ran 576i on a PS3 game from menu and that displayed fine.
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
I got a bootleg one on amazon about a year ago and was really disappointed by the quality (but not that disappointed because I only spent 10$ on it ).
Anyway worked fine for me first try, I'm impressed by how much better then the software it comes with, going to see what it looks like on u2b. Here is a sample file. Recorded it interlaced and used Yadif when encoding.
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TheThrillness: 2012-04-16 06:50:43 pm
Quote from Svenne:
it says the file: libusb0.dll is missing, is this one of those cases I have to find that file or so, I have tryed re-installing but that didint not work!;)

Incompatible easycap? I had this issue with the modern ezcaps that come after dc60+

I was wondering if nate will ever support "official" ezcaps like these:

They are much easier to find.
i got the easycap i ordered from dinodirect today. it also has a different chipset, maybe one i've never seen before.

i don't know when/if i'll have time to reverse engineer drivers for the other easycap chipsets. actually today i'm no longer sure this was the right approach to removing all barriers to capturing sda-quality video. my driver didn't perform to my expectations. also i had no idea there were so many different easycap chipsets. i can't even get a single easycap with the right chipset and good audio anymore. unless reverse engineering new drivers could be automated (which is not entirely out of the question, but not something i have time for right now), this cycle would just repeat.

so norichan is canceled. beta 10/11 is the final release. of course, you can continue to use it if you have a compatible easycap, but i won't be trying any more to find compatible ones to send out to people. feel free to use this thread to coordinate if you want to try to find them yourself.

big thanks to everyone who helped me with this project. maybe i will have better luck next time.
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TheThrillness: 2012-04-16 10:26:56 pm
I am sad to hear that. Sad

Personally I would not give up on the idea and lay it to one side until you have time to work on it. One obstacle can be overcome in my opinion that everyone can follow easily. I posted link for UK official supply just above and here is the equivalent for US:

Drivers should be reverse engineered from them. It is the best budget analog capture device that works. If anyone wants to use nori or simply capture a run we divert them to the above links based on region. Even if nori does not see any more development with my suggestion, we could update the kb to directly relate to the official ezcap cards as mentioned above so conflicts are non existent when runners go to record. Maybe somehow we could get a partnership with the manufacturer for "SDA Approved" gear..... I can dream.


Eh, that's too bad. The current version of Nori still beats the pants off of the driver I was using previously.
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aww that's too bad. this software + the easycap was so useful to stream n64 for me. hopefully it can last long enough as is without stuff like a new OS breaking it.
Well seeing as how it is already working on the Windows 8 public preview, I'm pretty sure nori will outlast the easycaps it was designed to work with Cheesy
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hkr: 2012-04-28 01:59:53 pm
Sorry to hear this project is canceled.  Two weeks earlier I ordered an easycap to try out with this, then had to leave town for a week due to a family emergency.  By the time I got back the thread was de-stickied.

I'm gonna be looking for a better capture solution soon, but I'd at least like to try and get this working, if anyone is still hanging around and wants to troubleshoot.

System: Intel i7 860, 8 gigs of ram, ATI Radeon 5830, windows 8 CP.

So I already made sure my PID and VID are the same as posted above, so it looks like I have the same device (With crappy audio).  I installed Norichan first, plugged the easycap in, and started the program.  The program loads fine and I hooked my US NES up via composite, switched to NTSC and fired it up.  I got no signal.  I tried my US genesis model 2 with a 32x hooked up and got the same thing.

I started playing around with the options, and out of curiosity switched to PAL.  The easy cap got the signal, but it is scrambled.  No other combination of options seems to fix this.

At this point I would have just installed the software that came with the device and used that except my computer doesn't have a disc drive and I can't seem to find the original driver + any software that works with it.

So if anyone knows what's wrong with my norichan setup or can link me to software that works with the device I'd appreciate it.
You can try these drivers.
have you tried s-video versus composite? yeah, using the manufacturer's driver (you'll have to remove mine first through device manager or else use a different usb port) will tell you whether the easycap is bad.
So the tale takes a new twist:

I uninstalled norichan, uninstalled the norichan driver, installed the driver posted above and then installed DScaler.  DScaler can see the device fine and runs my NES through composite perfectly it seems.  The Sega Genesis/32x however only display in black and white and no amount of fiddling with the settings can fix it.

I can't try s-video because my genesis/32x can't be modified for it and as far as I know I can't modify the NES for S-Video.  I don't have any other devices that I can use s-video with.
sounds like i was right to terminate this project.