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Yeah, I prefer to play with fov 110 in pretty much any game that supports it. It feels normal to me.
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For the jumping while sprinting thing: don't forget hunger, you can't just spam sprinting jumps and expect not to deplete your hunger bar in 30 seconds.

If someone finds me a seed, I would run Minecraft some more! Does the duplication glitch still work?
I don't know about the duplication glitch, but you can go through the thread to find some interesting seeds ^^
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Fed: I have used some 1.3 seed to get 18 minutes, but with all the new updates I think this seed is pretty outdated. I have faith in Hypenated, though!
Quote from Bismuth:
I have faith in Hypenated, though!

Me too Smiley
I haven't actually loaded it myself, so it might not be faster (especially with the lack of available wood outside the village or stronghold library) but here's a seed that contains an aboveground end portal:
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Bismuth: 2013-01-28 05:12:46 pm
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I don't know if you watched this video but the placement is much more convenient. Basically I am in the stronghold and never go back outside in less than 3 minutes (3:09 in that video iirc)
Quote from Bismuth:
Does the duplication glitch still work?

I found a new one a few days ago in SMP that works in 1.4.7 (everything works, no ghost blocks or fake items). I haven't tested it much, but it seems pretty reliable. Should I spill the beans, or wait until 1.5 in case Mojang somehow sees this and fixes it?
How far in the time is 1.5?
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Strongfox: 2013-02-14 08:36:48 am
Quote from Fed981:
How far in the time is 1.5?

I don't know, but 13w07a just came out this morning. The last 3 snapshots haven't had any new features and have just been bugfixes, mostly with the scoreboard. From the sound of things, it will come out as soon as Mojang finishes their new lighting engine.
So maybe it would be good to wait until then.
Alright. I'll just keep testing it for now.
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I'd like to run Minecraft at AGDQ 2014. It's never too early to start talking about it! Thoughts, suggestions are welcome. I was thinking of standard any% with duplication, but maybe I could consider avoiding duplication and/or including hardcore. Both no dupe and random seed are very scary, though. To fit in a tight schedule, any% with dupe, set seed, etc. in 30 minutes looks fair. It leaves a bit of room for awful luck (especially about finding 0 skeletons or getting blown by a creeper the second I enter the stronghold!). One great aspect of having Minecraft in the marathon is that it is a very popular game that would draw a lot of curious viewers into the marathon, promoting it, and of course, its cause. Also, imagine how much money Notch would donate during the run! Wink
Hardcore is a great idea.

Also, random seed seems good but you need to find some solid method(s).

Finally, if possible, duping will avoid many boring moments.
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Bismuth: 2013-05-18 10:18:30 am
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You have a solid point: not duping would mean repeat a process over and over and over (mostly hunting/digging for arrows and especially ender pearls and blaze rods) without actually adding much to the actual gameplay. Hardcore is risky but adds more thrill to it (I haven't tried running in hardcore before but I'm sure the transition is feasible). Random seed is potentially risky in a marathon, but let's say I practice it a lot and find a somewhat efficient strategy (I think it wouldn't be too difficult) I guess I would have an estimate for a "bad time". Of course, both random seed and hardcore at the same time mean that my run could get screwed over by anything anytime.

But hardcore and random seed could be donation incentives! Cheesy
Maybe do both. A run with planned seed and duping, to be as fast as possible, and then a hardcore random seed one. Youtube has pretty inarguably proved that people are willing to watch others play minecraft for hours on end, so there wouldn't even be a huge need to rush.
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You could potentially find a dungeon chest with an Infinity I book in it? You'd have to mine some iron to make the anvil, but that would give you a bow health's worth of arrows.
You can also find a Looting III book in dungeons, which might speed up ender/blaze farming a lot, but it costs 10 levels or so to put it on a sword or bow. Mining nether quartz ore gives pretty quick XP. Basically it's just a matter of finding a seed with everything available nearby, but with the right route planning, I think a non-duping run could be pretty fast and not boring at all.
I'd say that in terms of showcasing, either random seed + duping or fixed seed + no duping would be the most enjoyable. Hardcore mode sounds like a bad idea since it doesn't really change the gameplay but just adds a chance that you're not even able to finish the run, which always sucks.
Strange days, incredible days
I think even random seed + no duping could be fun in a marathon, because everything has to be improvised on the fly, but there's a clear progression of tasks to do and things to find. With enough practice, I bet you could finish within a reasonably consistent time range (assuming you don't spawn in the middle of the ocean or something).
I don't know if spending that much time farming arrows and especially ender pearls is really all that interesting to watch. That's pretty much all you use duping for anyway, isn't it.
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Yeah, I underestimated how much randomness is involved in getting all the required drops quickly. Dang.
Strange days, incredible days
On a whim, I tried the seed "SDA" in 1.5.2 and looked around with the X-Ray mod. The first dungeon I found (very near the spawn) had an Infinity I book in the chest. Couldn't find a Looting III book, but I logged a lot of what I found. Dunno if any of it's useful, but I thought I'd share.

Seed: SDA

-142 24 218: Chest with Infinity I book, spider spawner

-589 47 -162: Chest with Power IV, Efficiency IV book, zombie spawner
-255 38 391: Chest with Silk Touch I book, zombie spawner
-329 36 420: Chest with Fortune III book, zombie spawner
-384 54 429: Chest with Thorns III book, skeleton spawner
-869 22 50: Chest with Efficiency III book, skeleton spawner

-950 40 202: The End portal, silverfish spawner (3 holes filled already)
-968 26 172: Chest with iron sword
-938 22 161: Chest with ender pearl
-941 38 176: Chest with iron leggings, 1 iron ingot

-715 72 107: Priest selling Eye of Ender for 10 emeralds
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I agree with Aaron that with practice, I could come up with efficient strategies and a somewhat precise time range so that I should be able to aim for a time. Random seed with duping is pretty much the best you can get. I mean, duping is a glitch in the game, why not use it? I'm thinking random seed could be a donation incentive and would make it more interesting from a speedrunner's point of view, because being able to get around and find a way to beat the game fast in any random-generated world requires quite a bit of skill and knowledge of the game.
a minecraft speed run is very luck based at a perfectionist level because it depends on how quickly you can find certain items

with hardcore, random seed and no duping or xray(i don't even know how you guys are managing to dupe, do explain) i've managed to make a nether portal in 6 minutes and 50 seconds. i've also managed to get out of the nether before 17 minutes with much later portal times when the nether castle spawned right in front of me, my shortest time in the nether being 5 minutes to gather 6 blaze rods

these times were heavily based off of how well the resources were laid out to me, and i restarted many attempts because of excessive searching with no results. there can be times you never find a lava pool and can't make a nether portal, or other times where there's no endermen for miles. it can be very inconsistent due to factors beyond your control.

while i do think the random factor is a problem in a demonstration of skill, if you use a fixed map that you already know all's you have to do is memorize it and hold the left click button down, and then play bingo on the endermen spawning for you. this is also not a good demonstration of skill, and is incredibly dull

i would be interested in speedrunning this game next year, but i think the skill in minecraft is being able to adapt to each situation, although that leaves way for so many random factors. i also think hardcore should be the donation incentive, so you can't just opt out of bad situations by making mobs disappear

as the for the map, i do think it should be random seed, but i am also aware that hard random can be excessively punishing. sand biome, no snow anywhere in sight, no lava pools anywhere close to you underground or above ground... that's not fair at all

i'm thinking something like the runner has 5 seconds to decide whether to reroll the map or keep it. either that, or the map should be prechosen to have sufficient resources to guarantee a quick run, but without the player knowing the seed beforehand.

as for strats, here is what i do

for optimization, my suggested resource requirement is:

6 wood
16 cobblestone
1 coal
4 iron ore
1 water source block
1 gravel
10 lava source blocks
20 brown mushroom
20 red mushroom
6 blaze rods
a bunch of snowballs
6 ender pearls

i don't dupe, and i assume duping would make this a joke considering you only need to find a single rod and pearl to have infinite eye of ender, and it would make way for strats like bows which would make killing the enderdragon easy with some good aim. would anyone care to explain how they are duping? i thought duping in minecraft was over with a looonnnnggg time ago.