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We require more minerals
Wow I thought the whole point of seeds was that it made the world generate the same way, obviously it changes but around the spawn is usually the same. I'll try it out later
I tried it three times -- same seed -- and got the same land generation, but no stronghold.
We require more minerals
Did you use the New World or the number equivalent?  I'm wondering because I"ve seen some longer seeds than that maybe we just need to let it randomly generate without typing anything in for it to be consitent
I tried both.  No joy.
We require more minerals
Yeah I think thats the problem with typing in your own seed compare these seed lengths, yours is like half the length of a "full" seed so there's still room for variance. I thought there was a way to find out the full seed # even for one like that but I can't remember how currently.

Metroidvanias are God Tier
We could segment and before we look for the strong hold we go exploring ahead of time and hope that the strong hold is in an optimal spot. Do this early obviously.
There are mods that allow you to search a generated map for any kind of block. Before starting a world you just search the seed for Ender Portal blocks, easy.

I recall hearing that the Stronghold can't spawn close to spawn, though, so don't expect to stand right on top of one.
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Raelcun: 2011-11-17 05:26:41 am
We require more minerals
The way that the map is generated by minecraft hasnt been fully broken theres a webpage that is able to take a seed and give you 3 locations of probable stronghold locations but I havent had very good success with that and it seems like it's just guessing. Afaik there is no such way to search through the world like that since the world is generated as you walk. You spawn for the first time and a certain area around spawn is generated the moment you land, then as you walk it actually generates the world once you get far enough outwards. So the idea is we want a seed that gives us everything we need inside that pre generated zone so that we can predict where things will be.

anyways I'm going to MLG Providence shortly roadtrip style so I'll be back and able to start looking for seeds post release sometime tuesday ish if you guys find any good ones post them here. As since this run will be so seed dependent I'd rather we share them in the spirit of easier competition than making people have to grind it out on their own endlessly.
Try to generate new world, immediately after this exit game. Copy saves folder somewhere else and check whether there is a stronghold near. If it is there simply use this save.
Same seed in different versions won't generate the same map if the map generation code is modified, so I think you shouldn't focus in finding a good seed until the actual release.
It doesn't matter whether you use a name or the seed number it generates. If you put something that's not a number (or a number that's out of signed 64 bit range) into the field the game will treat it as a string and use its hash value instead. Since hash values use just 32 bits (while the seed is a 64 bit number) you end up with a smaller number than e.g. by leaving this field blank and having minecraft randomly pick one.

The map features you get don't seem to depend on how large the number is, even 0 creates a usual map. Map features should be identical each time you use the same seed in the same game version - however (albeit not 100% sure about that) the actual spawn point may vary.

Minecraft likely uses cryptographic hashes for randomizing terrain features and avoiding artifacts such as the same feature again and again
(new acc. drMalcom)
Here is how the boss fight looks like in survival mode.

Apparently the armor is not really needed. One of the comment says that you can throw snow balls at the regen-cubes things, and you can place a bed and make it explode as the dragon charges you. I don't know if that works, sounds crazy (maybe we can damage the dragon with tnt as well). Maybe the potion of weakness could be used as well, I really don't know.
Yesterday I was playing on creative mode and you can pretty much shoot every single healing sphere with the bow from the top of the towers. I remember that there was one or two I couldn't see from the very middle though. It simply took a lot of arrows judging the height required but would probably be easier then scaling every tower individually to place a bed?
Finding a good seed will be a long process. Good luck to you guys. Now let's talk strategy.

When a good seed is found I think the best way to start off is to get 3 wood, make a workbench, wood axe and wood pickaxe. Follow up by getting ~10-20 wood (For torches/tools) and move onto coal/stone. Once you get three cobble chuck the wood pickaxe and use the stone one. Get 52 cobble while searching for some starting iron and coal.

The 52 cobble is for:

10 pickaxes (30 cobble)
10 shovels (10 cobble)
1 hoe (2 cobble) [This is in case we need to make a melon/wheat farm for food. Another choice would be to bonemeal mushrooms for mushroom stew, but that takes up a lot of inventory and requires a crafting bench, not to mention it might not be faster]
2 axes (6 cobble)
2 swords (4 cobble)

total: 58 cobble, 48 sticks (6 raw wood > 24 planks > 48 sticks for tools)

These will be the starting tools for obtaining the iron needed for full armour.

Iron tools are not needed because we won't be using a sword against the Dragon and arrows do more damage anyways. Stone swords will suffice until sufficient arrows are obtained for general Endermen killing. Speaking of Enderment, a pumpkin helmet is needed to make killing more efficient, since they won't teleport away if you have one on.

If we need to make a farm then we'll need 27 iron (3 for a bucket), otherwise we'll need 24 for a full set of armour.

I read up about the Dragon because I haven't fought one yet: apparently it takes additional damage if you destroy a crystal while it is charging the dragon. Assuming these crystals don't regenerate health you can just damage the crystals until it's one shot from destruction, wait until it's charging the dragon and destroy it.

Snowballs do 1/2 heart damage (1 damage since it has 100 hearts) to the Dragon whereas bows deal 4 1/2 hearts damage (9 damage). Snowballs have the ability to stun-lock the Dragon, or so says the wiki, and arrows you have to shoot. I think testing on the stun-lock and how much time it takes to kill the dragon with snowballs+arrows for the crystals vs just arrows is needed.

Also, you apparently don't take damage if you have full diamond armour. We'll have to see if using Iron and having just using the natural regen is more beneficial than looking for diamonds. Another choice would to be using iron for a bucket, and iron pickaxe in order to get gold and some melons. Melons would be used for Instant Health potions. This would mean needing a brewing stand. And if it is decided the a brewing stand is needed then Potion of Strength II should be strongly considered. +3 hearts damage (6 damage) would be very welcomed.

Also, testing to see if the Potion of Strength works with snowballs should be done.

Good luck to those pursuing thing!
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We require more minerals
We'll need a bucket for easy Nether portal creation anyways to get blaze rods for blaze powder

One shot is what kills a crystal so this is tough also timing on that will be kind of bad if you waste extra time waiting for him to be close to a crystal then miss the timing that's wasted time.

If you can actually stunlock the dragon with snowballs that would be preferred as farming them is easier than arrows and it would take a lot snowballs but this would definitely be faster. You could even kill him when he's not near any crystals using this method so you don't have to take out them all just a few again saving a lot of time even though you have to throw a ton of snowballs.

Finding enough diamonds for the diamond armor would be impractical I'm not even sure we need to waste any time on diamond at all.

It seems like getting through the stronghold will be the hardest part of this run if the dragon really is that buggy and you can abuse him with snowballs.

edit: And yeah obviously I'm home now so I can start looking for seeds this is going to take a while and I'm tired as hell so I'll start tomorrow. Im going to make creative worlds so I can fly around and check out the area easier.
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Metroidvanias are God Tier
Armor is impractical
Torches are a waste of time we won't be spending much time underground and we want mobs to spawn.
Health Potions are a waste of time as if you don't get hit you don't need them
Food is easy to come by.

Iron sword for blazes
Bucket for portal

So 6 iron is all we need.

Snowballs might be a good method to be honest. If we spawn near a snow biome we could essentially grab enough snow. Like Arkhanno said. Snow can stunlock. The problem with arrows is getting the arrows will take too much time. So something to add to the seed is Snow biome.

Edit: You know what I'm being stupid. The portal room for the end has enough lava to support a portal. We shouldn't worry about the lava pool then.

So for the seed: Snow biome, Close end portal, Close netherhold. Iron shouldn't be a problem as we can look that up with cartograph and get some easily.
Always aim for the bare minimum requirements first, then see what else you're gonna be forced to gather.
Yeah, I was thinking that we were being too conservative.  If all goes well, we'll be sprinting through the game, so we need access to quick and easy hunger bar replenishment.
(new acc. drMalcom)
The wiki says that the dragon can also take damage from eggs (I don't know how much tho). Does anyone know if they are affected by the fishing rod ?
We require more minerals
Eggs are a PITA to collect so not very useful for our purposes snow seems like the new way to kill him though. This would mean arrows are only necessary for fighting through the stronghold, but then again we'll be sprinting through that as fast as possible avoiding most of it anyways. Like stated earlier a pumpkin would be nice while hunting for endermen so they don't teleport but I think that might be pushing it as it seems like our list of requisite materials is much much lower now so we'll likely be gathering them all very quickly then going straight into Endermen hunting with little opportunity to search for pumpkins unless we happen to stumble on them.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
Who said anything about going through the strong hold. We can just dig down to the portal :P. Well if some chests have pearls then that would be nice.
Yeah,remember that this will be a map seed that the runner already has planned his route through.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
Well here is a seed.
IWBTG (wonder how I got that name)

You spawn in a snow biome and making a portal in the strong hold room puts you directly in a netherhold.
Problem is,
Location is at 400x 500z (somewhere along those lines

I'll keep looking but we also will have to wait for night so getting there could cover the waiting time.

Edit: After Testing I have come to the conclusion that we need a strong hold with 10 or more Ender pearls in it. There is just no way we can get enough endermen to spawn otherwise.
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Amoirealinge: 2011-11-25 11:35:12 am
(new acc. drMalcom)
Beds really do a lot a damage. It seems like the dragon will charge you more frequently if you look at it. Water doesn't do anything, arrows make more damage than snow balls and you can catch it with the fishing rod but not pull it towards you. The regen-cubes can be destroyed with the fishing rod. Aren't the snow balls supposed to freeze the dragon ?
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Raelcun: 2011-11-25 01:40:19 pm
We require more minerals
while looking around on random worlds it seems like going into a ravine is likely to yield enough iron to get us started so maybe instead of looking for some crazy spawn with iron easily accessible just looking for ravines would probably work as well. Then we can make our bucket sword flint and steel etc, gather up snow for the boss and go enderman hunting.

edit: OH #@$! we can't use the lava from the end portal cuz thats a 3x3 square inside the portal and you need 10 make a nether portal without the corners, so we either need a second bucket with one lava in it or just make it elsewhere. Now that I think about it theres usually a pretty common consistence of lava in the ravines too... could go into the ravine for iron, if theres water down there too make a portal get the blaze rods then go enderman hunting/gather snow in whichever order and then head for the end portal