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We require more minerals
Okay so Minecraft has an ending now in the latest 1.9 prerelease so now it's time to talk about speedrunning it obviously because a minecraft speedrun would be so bizarre it has to be considered.

the boss battle by the bumbling yogscast  (they cheated and spawned in the end portal you cannot do this normally)

So basically you can trigger the end of minecraft in a few steps

1: Find the Stronghold, this can be done by using some of the known world seeds that are known to have a Stronghold nearby spawn ( this may work too havent tested it yet)
2: Get to the End Portal at the end of the stronghold and complete it
3: Go to "The End"
4: Fight and kill the Ender Dragon
4a: You need to kill all or most of the ender crystals first as they will heal it
4b: You will mostly be limited to arrows but they have to hit the head or the torso
4c: There are endermen everywhere so you'll have to keep your head up or be chased by hundreds of them
4d: It has 200health T.T
5: Jump in the portal spawned under where it dies to trigger the final credit sequence

So obviously this isnt even live yet so there will be changes to the process but now we know the general goal as to what it would require to "Beat Minecraft"

You need to equip yourself well enough to be able to make it through the stronghold to find the portal and still have enough armor and equipment to take on the EnderDragon

So I guess it comes down to how can you do this quickly? Iron is easy to find and probably the best source of armor, you can get coal easily by burning wood into charcoal. What is the easiest source of good food? Finding animals seems to be luck/biome based but Bread(wheat) and watermelon only heal a small amount and require farming.

And of course fast way to get a lot of arrows will be needed as well.

World seeds are an issue, because without world seeds it could take you forever to even find the Stronghold, but if world seeds it almost becomes a battle of who finds a seed with a Stronghold nearby and a big source of farmable iron thats easy to access as well. But even then you still need to find a source of lots of arrows and fight your way through the stronghold. The room with the end portal is supposed to have a silverfish spawner so you'll have them jumping out of the walls at you and you have to finish the portal by playing ender eyes on the empty spots of the portal. So this part alone could be quite dangerous trying not to get knocked into the lava as well as the final fight being ridiculous.

Also you can supposedly take down the ender crystals with eggs as well if your aim is good which will save you on arrows but you'd probably need to trap some chickens and breed them to get any reasonable number of eggs.

Would building a monster trap for arrows while doing other things be any faster that trying to farm them "legit?"

So yeah it's going to be tough but it's gotta happen right?
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Metroidvanias are God Tier
We should also get a seed for optimal timing.

Also coal is much faster and easier than charcoal but I think it will be unnecessary for speed running. Arrows would be optimal for the boss fight but getting them would be a pain. I guess would could rely on random drops.

As for the start I would suggest we first get wood then make our stone pick axes. Go down and get some iron smelt it and make a bucket (also maybe a sword as well) also some flint and steel, then find some surface lava preferably and use that to make a nether portal. From their were go to the nether and get a netherhold. We will kill about 6 blazes. Before hand we will look at all the chests so we don't have to do too much enderman hunting. Then we finish the portal and kill the dragon. The biggest problem right now is finding and optimal seed. I suggest we start there. Edit: As for the food I suggest after we get flint and steel and burn a pig/cow or 2.
We require more minerals
Is it a netherhold or the stronghold that has the portal? I saw some conflicting information on this if it's a Netherhold then yeah that would be much easier then again we'd need a seed with easy access to iron lava and hopefully a netherhold nearby where the portal would drop you. Hmm seed hunting seems important.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
No the nether hold has blazes which are needed for ender eye but strong holds have the portal where you place the ender eye.
We require more minerals
Okay thats probably why I saw differing information on this, I suppose yeah enderman hunting would be the toughest part of this as we'd need a couple ender pearls to turn into endereyes and they're not a reliable drop.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
This number for farming will be reduced by the fact that some will exist in the strong hold. However some farming will have to be done. Also just a thought as for food. If a village is near by we could rob it of it's bread. Not sure if a couple of cows can satisfy running around so much.
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We require more minerals
Yeah I guess thats true as well theres usually a few cows as well but I normally play with them off since they're generally just in the way of where I want to build lol. Plus running in and pillaging a village would be quite amusing hehehe I like that idea. The main need of food would be getting through the stronghold, once in the end if you keep your eyes up to avoid aggroing endermen you wont need a lot besides for possible sprinting. So I guess it really requires figuring out how much you actually need to make it through a stronghold successfully and then adding in a metric asston of arrows somehow. Thats going to be a problem I have to look into that.

edit: If we want to get even more into seed manipulation we could try and find one with a skeleton dungeon somewhere nearby and convert that into a monster trap arrow farm...
Metroidvanias are God Tier
Well to be honest you only need about 20-30 arrows for the health generators. And I wasn't planning at all to use food for health regeneration. Since this is a speed run running will be done at almost all times. A lot of food will be needed. If we are going to use it for health regeneration then that means you will need more. Solution, Don't get hit Smiley
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We require more minerals
You also have to kill the dragon and he rarely flies low enough to be sworded ;p and has 200 health and is hard to hit.

edit: I guess looted wheat from a village an trapping some chickens might be faster than trying to farm arrows from skeletons somehow as well flint and sticks arent that hard...
Obscure games ftw
Required resources for this:
40 arrows for the dragon, however many it takes to take out the pearls (bring 64 probably)
-materials for a trap around a skeleton dungeon
12 eye of enders
-12 ender pearls
--wooden or stone sword
-12 blaze powder
-- 6 blaze rods
--- blaze farming
A bow and some arrows with segments for each blaze to manipulate 6 good drops.
42 snowballs at a blaze spawner*
Sword at a blaze spawner*
Silk Touch enchantment on a pick to get ice to break it in the Nether to make a blaze grinder
*probably with potion of resist fire

1 bow (sticks are not an issue, string isn't either since we'll be making a sword for Endermen and we'll find spiders)
- a couple of trees early game

That's pretty much all that's required, helpful stuff may include potions/enchantments if a diamond doesn't waste too much time, also food.
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We require more minerals
What do you think of farming arrows via unsafe bed placement?

Go to sleep in an enclosed not well enough lit space so that you get attacked during the night. You could sleep in the bed safely the night before to make it your respawn point so dying is not a problem.

This only spawns zombies and skeletons, zombies drop food that can be used in an emergency, skeletons drop arrows and bones which you could use to instantly grow wheat possibly.

Currently looking through theres already a few with semi close strongholds and surface dungeons I guess the trick is finding combinations of these.

Im going to look around these two to see if theres a stronghold nearby surface lava and npc village right near spawn. npc village and 2 surface dungeons near spawn

edit: holy crap stronghold finder enter the seed wowwwww thats really useful.

Im going to have to go look into this later but for now thats a pretty good start, have to consider that the minecraft versions could change seeds so I dont want to look too deeply into seeds yet but the final game release is supposedly not that far away so this is a really good start.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
To be honest making a mob trap sounds like an incredibly huge waste of time. You only need about 20 arrows for the obsidian towers. Suggestion would be to get arrows when hunting Endermen.
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We require more minerals
Yeah but trying to find skeletons normally seems impractical, same with endermen ugh. I know the theme of SDA is if you wanna see it run do it yourself so I'm looking into doing it but even just the preparations seem random. really wondering about just trapping some chickens and forcing them to go hanky panky for a lot of feathers how many I could get from that, then I'd really just need flint...
Finding a skeleton spawner would be easily the fastest way to get plenty arrows, and indeed plenty bone meal for wheat for bread. So basically you're looking for a seed with a very nearby stronghold and a very nearby skeleton dungeon. That's gonna be tough.
We require more minerals
Yeah the world seed is going to do a lot for this run so I'm waiting for release before I do too much more planning because I know when he did the update with ravines and villages it kinda messed with seeds a little bit so if he does any more overworld stuff then the seeds I'm looking at might not work with the release version anymore. I'm thinking if I do find a good seed I'll post it here so other people are free to compete, a lot of the best ways to save time will just be by fighting the dragon well and don't want this to turn into everyone trying to keep their seeds secret to mine iron like a minute faster.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
Basically we need a seed that is

Near Lava
Near a Skelly Spawner
Near a Stronghold
Nether spawns near a netherhold.
Also preferably the strong hold will have a good number of enderpearls

Yeah this seed might be hard to find.
We require more minerals
But imagine how epic it would look :]
Run will be awesome! I hope it will be on new Hardcore skill.

Quote from Anonymous52555:
Basically we need a seed that is

Near Lava
Near a Skelly Spawner
Near a Stronghold
Nether spawns near a netherhold.
Also preferably the strong hold will have a good number of enderpearls

Yeah this seed might be hard to find.

You just need to generate world many hundreds times before you get perfect conditions. Thereafter use this save for speedrunning. If I not mistaken - the diablo1 3 minutes run created by the same way.
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tjp7154: 2011-11-16 03:16:07 pm
I put "New World" (-78688046) (IIRC, I'll verify and give the actual value) as the seed for the world I've been playing and (surprised to me) it spawns pretty close to a surface pool of lava and the stronghold w/ the portal.  The slight issue is that the nearest nether stronghold (spawner included) is over a lake of lava and needs to be bridged, which can be a little slow-going...Now that I think of it, I made my portal down at Y-14 level (close to where the End portal was).  Perhaps if the portal were made at surface level you could have better access to the Nether ruins...

Anyway, let me get the actual location values for everything and in the mean-time anyone can verify my claim...
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Raelcun: 2011-11-16 03:10:03 pm
We require more minerals
You need to pull the actual world seed from F3, non specific seeds like "New World" still have some level of variance in them unless you pull the long number from the stats page. Like if I take the number you give me from F3  and only use half of it then our worlds will have similarities landmarks will be the same but there will be differences as well.
Yeah, I'll do that right now...
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Seed is -78688046. 
Starting spawn: 232,69,138
End Portal: 0, 40, -22 (steps above the portal)
Nether Spawner: -310, 68, -52 (nearby, on the same path)
If I'm not mistaken, the Nether is about 10 times "smaller" than the overworld, which means that for every 10 blocks north you build your portal, it'll appear 1 block north in the Nether. You might be able to "aim" the portal to get right at the Nether Hold.
We require more minerals
Wait what the end portal is that close? Wow
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I was -totally- surprised to see the stronghold so close.  I'm going to start a new world to verify all my data is correct...

EDIT:  Something's wrong -- the stronghold isn't where it is in my map -- that's obviously bad.  I wonder if they're not seed dependent??  If so, then ugh that's so bad...Investigating more...

Also, remembered I didn't generate the world back then in the RC2 version I'm using now.  Hopefully that doesn't affect it.

EDIT:  I'm looking at the Minecraft wiki and it says that strongholds appear randomly.  If that's the case, then -- ugh.