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I Speedrun PC games everyday.
Quote from HavokMoobii:
even though the run started at night. (For waiting, and better gaming, and more legitimate, the time would actually be 17:31. (10 minutes added because I wait for night to get ender eyes.))  The day also gives me time to collect other resources.

It doesn't work that way.. Everything from when you first spawn is part of the run..

-.- I did start at day -.-
I Speedrun PC games everyday.
Quote from I have no name:
Quote from Kabob34:
The time IS 7 minutes 31 seconds.
So yes, the time IS, actually, 0:17:31 (17 minutes 31 seconds)

If you'd just said you waited 10 minutes and cited a 17:31 then that would have been fine (and more believable).  So, 7:31 is enough time to do all the combat related things, as long as the day is spent preparing.  Interesting.

Yeah.  I forgot about that part.
(new acc. drMalcom)
There is a tool to find strongholds
According to the wiki, the spawn is within "a few hundred blocks" from 0;0. I think it would be possible to create a seed generator that then uses the jar from the tool to find the distance to the stronghold.

@Kabob34: so then the 7:31 is just for the boss fight ?

Ps, if you want dragons to spawn on smp with bukkit, you need the devbuild. Works perfecly Smiley
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We require more minerals
Ender eyes can now be used to find the stronghold, throw it into the air similar to an ender pearl and it will shoot off into the direction of the stronghold leaving behind a purple trail for a set duration then fall to the ground. Theres a chance it will shatter or land on the ground to be used again. This could be very useful in finding the stronghold on a new seed that has a lot of what we're looking for.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
The eye points towards the portal not the stronghold. They eye is better because it also points towards the closest one.
It's still more difficult than simply using one of those block-finding tools (one that works properly anyway).
If it is quicker to get eyes than prepare to go through the dungeon then you cold dig straight into the portal room! But the only times I tried it I my portals were under water, although I am avery unlucky person. Maybe you can dupe ended eyes while your duping snow. Don't we need eyes to light the end portal anyway?
Metroidvanias are God Tier
We were already going to do that. We should also duplicate food.
Is there a server option that disables any ability to spawn items? If so we could do a multiplayer run which would be insanely fun. Unfortunately without that I doubt that it could ever be verified. Oh and everyone would have to be recording at the same time.
Admins can see spawn commands occurring in the chat, but it would quite simple to just say, "hey look we didn't spawn anything" and have someone's inventory just begin full of resource or so on. There's too many ways around it, we'd have to rely upon recording/submitting everyone's view and verifying closely. Its a hard game to verify.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
You can disable it for only admins and then make none of the runners admins.
And then confirm that how? I mean, if the runners are going to be dishonest, unless we see every viewpoint in verifying it would be impossible to detect so many different types of cheating. Any multiplayer run of MC will have to have all the views recorded to pass verification, at least in my mind.
We require more minerals
The other problem with multiplayer is the admin's ability to toggle someone's game mode to creative, so yeah if this was done it would have to be recorded by everyone participated in order to verify then I guess one camera viewpoint chosen as the official run camera. It would be interesting but a pain in the ass to verify.
Metroidvanias are God Tier
Btw trying to find ways to stop cheating will only make it harder to track. The main thing is we would need a camera of every player for sure, not for finding cheating just because it would be needed for verifying. And if anything looks suspicious you call foul. Where has the trust gone. So really don't focus on how people are going to cheat just focus on the run. Although cheating has occurred here before I don't recall it happening very often at all. Honor system guys.
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(new acc. drMalcom)
Another duping glitch that apparently works in 1.0 (not tested). You need to drop the items and leave MC with alt+f4 and log back in.

The portal duping glitch still works in 1.1. Well I still got 2 drops but I don't know if one of them was infinite, because I was in creative mode.
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I think I found quite an interesting seed.

Here is why :
- the spawn point is in a forest (actually on a tree I believe) so that you can farm wood and some food
- the end portal is only 330 blocks away from the spawn point
- between those two points, there is almost only a desert (good for endermen because you can see them and there's no rain)
- there's also some free obsidian near the spawn point (quite deep but you need to get there anyway for diamond)

That's all I discovered from this map for the moment (in particular I haven't been in the nether).

So, here is the seed number :


And the main locations :

spawn x=248, z=216
obsidian x=254, z=276
end portal x=470, z=525

Edit : some more "awesomness" from this seed.

If you build a nether portal near the spawn point (which means near the place you easily get some free obsidian) you'll see the blaze spawner directly from the portal (once you're inside the nether), less than a hundred blocks away.
I've been in the end too, and the cristals are easy to destroy (half of them are ~15 blocks high). The only one that is difficult is right next to an easy one, and they explode together.

The only negative point I've found is : the end portal has only one eye already in it at the beginning.

Edit : I'd like to add there's a snow biome near the way to the end portal.

Finally, what do you think of this one?
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(new acc. drMalcom)
Bump with some data. Over a sample of 1120 randomly generated seeds, the shortest (Euclidean) distance that I have between the spawn and the end portal is 87 blocks. Here is the seed
Seed: -7510488497625479886
Spawn XZ: -512 -314
Stronghold XZ: -584 -264 (87 blocks from spawn, verified)

And here are the stats

The width of the boxes is 10 blocks. Every new map has exactly 3 end portals.

If anyone is interested, I will of course share the file with the 1000+ seeds.

Edit: v1.23 by the way.
Edit2: found a seed with the spawn 66 blocks away from the portal. I will run my script for a while and see what I can get. Please suggest some strategies for the boss fight.
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Quote from Amoirealinge:
I will run my script for a while and see what I can get. Please suggest some strategies for the boss fight.

Can your script see what happens in the nether and/or end, find dungeons and biomes?

Because, in my opinion, the best seed would be :
- spawn in a forest biome (to get wood and perhaps food)
- spawn right next to a surface dungeon, with iron in chests
- spawn near some obsidian at level 10, with diamond next to it
- nether portal as close as possible to a blaze spawner
- end portal with 3 eyes already in it, and as close as possible to the spawn point, and with a desert biome between them
- snow biome near all this
- the end spawn point on the end stone (not on an obsidian platform) and with only small towers

What do you think?

Edit : the seed I suggested above was actually really not an optimal one.
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(new acc. drMalcom)
Right now, the script can only get the distance to the end portal. I have 5120 samples now (=15360 strongholds), and the shortest distance is still 66 blocks.

But here is what I plan to do. I will take the e.g. 100 best results for the distance. And then modify the script to get extra data for those. But I have only 3 seeds that are under 100 blocks. I think that we really need to have a blaze spawner near the nether portal, so that's what I'll focus on.

For the obsidian, I think it would be easier to craft a bucket and use the lava in the stronghold room. For the eyes, can't we duplicate those with the portal glitch ?

Edit: do you have any suggestion for the boss fight ? Can we still stun the dragon ? Because if we can, we could use the auto-turret glitch.
Quote from Amoirealinge:
But here is what I plan to do. [...]


Quote from Amoirealinge:
For the eyes, can't we duplicate those with the portal glitch ?

I haven't test this at any time. But if it's faster than luck manipulating endermen, then let's do this.

Quote from Amoirealinge:
do you have any suggestion for the boss fight ?

In creative mode, I noticed that you can use the following property : if you hit the dragon, he changes his travel direction, and mainly turns 180 degrees. So, you can destroy the cristals with snow if necessary, then maybe wait for the dragon to come (if it's not next to you already), then hit him as fast as possible, so that it stays almost at the same place forever until it dies.
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hesto: 2012-03-04 02:05:13 pm
How about trapping the dragon with a bunch of dirt blocks and slaying him with swords? Build a cube, leave one side open and lure him in. Then close it quickly and hit him through a 1-block window or something. I haven't tried this, yet. It's just an idea.
I believe the dragon destroys every kind of block (except end stone, bedrock and obsidian) when it goes through. So you can't do it with dirt.

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(new acc. drMalcom)
I now have generated 15434 seeds, closest portal is 40 blocks away. I'm posting the top 15 with the corresponding distances. Since there are only 15 good seeds, I'm not going to build a new script and explore the maps using a x-ray tp. Let me know what you think of these :
-8774161329626777973 40
7330599861426958431 42
1164296844832056653 54
8479651522649215547 66
2794262416471785940 76
3595691047406756910 83
5339546828903259698 84
-7510488497625479886 87
1077949377702304604 93
-8528682208013368137 94
5441253086689807603 95
3042244604628209970 101
7262499537361233948 114
-7153327893241759014 121
-2615094464222482758 124

Edit: About the first seed:
- Spawn is in a jungle biome = plenty of wood
- There are 3 eyes in the portal
- 14 pillars in the end. Two of those are so close together that they explode simultaneously.
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I tested the first one and I think we can't use it. In the nether, the spawn point is on soul sand, right next to a hole with lava under it, and the ruins are very far away (more than 30 seconds of fly in creative mode).

I should make tests on the other seeds later maybe.

Edit : second seed (42 blocks) : 3 eyes in the portal ; you directly see it in the water. But the nether spawn is in the middle of a cave, related to nothing.

3rd seed (54 blocks) : 1 eye in the portal (which is in a ravine under water), but spawn point in a desert --> no wood.

4th seed (66 blocks) : spawns in the middle of the ocean, and it seems the end portal has been destroyed by another dungeon/ravine/stronhold/cave/mine/something.

5th seed (76 blocks) : spawns in a taiga biome, end portal with 1 eye, under water. The nether spawns at more than 20 seconds of fly from a blaze spawner.
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(new acc. drMalcom)
I've generated some new ones. Hopefully we will get better results. I'm going to explore a couple of those.
-6212943072009733268 29
-5484401361497753557 30
-7049759542655620427 39
-712694927409644655 43
-7993755546572520292 55
533445620224840456 65
5530095909760729176 69
1105068970673412561 74
2453902092862459050 82
-4299709910825074698 88

For the seed 42, there is a blaze spawner 104 blocks away from the nether portal, at (-177, -50).
For the seed 82, there is a blaze spawner 139 blocks away, at (34, 60).

I have made a modified client that prints the xz position of blaze spawners as they are generated. Should I share the jar ?

Edit2: the client also shows the boss health. Some data:
- The dragon has 200hp
- The dragon attacks only when you don't look at it (unless it is charging).
- Destroying a crystal that is currently healing the dragon gives 10 damage.
- Snowballs: 0.5 damage
- Arrow: 2
- Arrow in the face: 10
- Diamond sword: 2
- Diamond sword in the face: 7
- Bed: at least 22
- TNT: hard to tell, at least 18