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No there are slight differences in trees spawning in jungle biomes, and nether portals appear in a ~10x10 area or something, which isn't much of a problem but in this case it can make the portal end up inside walls. Overall though it's nothing to really worry about. The trees can be an annoyance but hey, restarting after one minute is no big deal, I did it like 40 times lol
Worthless categories WR master

Best attempt so far messed up at dragon fight. That's pretty much what you can expect from a single segment: 17 minutes, 16 maybe. I'll be attempting sub-15 but I really don't know if I will make it.
Quote from Bismuth:

Best attempt so far messed up at dragon fight. That's pretty much what you can expect from a single segment: 17 minutes, 16 maybe. I'll be attempting sub-15 but I really don't know if I will make it.

Nice! Why don't you use bunny hops? This will really speed up your move.
Worthless categories WR master

18:0x or something. I lost about 1:30-1:35 waiting for the damn servers to log me in during the dupe glitch part. It really sucks. A few mistakes on the dragon (notice how I lose one minute there on my 18:35 which had near-optimal dragon fight, for an RTA that is), but I was extremely lucky on the stronghold, and blaze rod went pretty good too. I aimed perfect for my ender pearl throws, I still play it safe though. I lost quite a big bit of time by failing the dupe glitch 2 or 3 times in a row though. It was supposed to be a practice run, lol.
I see that you're using visual mods (texture/UI), is that acceptable for SDA? I don't recall seeing anything about it in the FAQ.
IMO that texture set is okay but one could argue that this way it's easier to distinguish blocks (especially in dark areas) or leaves are more translucent, giving advantages over the default texture set...

I recommend asking a mod here, e.g. mikwuyma
Taking into consideration the controversy that DemonStrate generated by using a different texture on the portal gun in his Portal Done Pro run, I'd recommend against it, unless you've been given approval by a mod.
That was a stupid thing about DemonStrate's portal gun texture. All they could come up with was "well if he modded the portal gun then he could have modded other things".

Not saying this isn't different, though. Your texture pack looks like it could be giving you an advantage over the default one.
Look at the quake runs. They all made in JoeQuake mod with unoriginal models and textures! And they all approved. This is only because game support for demo recording, and demos can be play at original DOS quake and modded GL high texture too.
But I prefer only original textures in Minecraft...
It's barely any effort to set it to default textures, so unless you really get an advantage from using a special texture pack (like the translucent ones) why even bother?
It doesn't look like it changes the size of the inventory screen, but it definitely changes it, that may be more of an issue than the world textures. It is the same shape and layout though so it is hard to tell.
Added bonus chests, which, when enabled, start the user off with a chest nearby containing tools, items, and blocks helpful to starting a survival game. It can contain:

    Wooden Planks
    Stone and Wooden Pickaxe
    Stone and Wooden Axe
    Red Apples

WOW. sub 15?

cu, CBenni
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Onin: 2012-04-27 04:05:21 pm
Shouldn't save you more than a minute. All you save is the time it takes to punch out some wood and craft two picks. You'll probably need to punch some extra wood anyway.
If you get stone pickaxes? you wont need wooden ones and you can mine the iron immediately
dunno, lets see what bismuth says Cheesy

cu, CBenni
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Bismuth: 2012-04-27 10:35:47 pm
Worthless categories WR master
It doesn't even saves one minute. You need wood for a bed, a bow, a crafting table. Notice that I find iron in my run at 1:21.7. I would say it saves 30 seconds, 40 seconds max. Since you'd need to explore the stronghold chests for ender pearls, arrows, gold and strings at least, it would not save the exploration part. So I guess the new chests are somewhat irrelevant. I will test it tomorrow on my stream though, if they are already implemented. I will also use the default texture pack when attempting runs.

Also, I thought that maybe it would cause an issue: as you can see in my videos I preload the world because it's a standard in minecraft races on SpeedRunsLive, basically because it eliminates the useless time added by loading and the intense lagging while the first chunks are generated. I never move, neither my character nor my view, before I exit and immediately enter the world again and start the timer. I know SDA times stuff a bit differently so I think that "SDA-wise" it would not really be a problem. Any thoughts?
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Wouldn't a run with these chests be slower anyway, since you'd have to upgrade past when duplication was fixed? Or am I missing something?
Wait, was duplication fixed? I dont think so?
A run without duplication... LOL. 30 Hours or more Cheesy

cu, CBenni
I think something under 30 minutes or even 25 minutes is possible without duplication.
Quote from Fed981:
I think something under 30 minutes or even 25 minutes is possible without duplication.

You are wrong! At least 300-600 minutes. What the problem with duplication glitch? Almost all speedruns made with game glitches.
Edit history:
Fed981: 2012-04-30 01:08:29 pm
There's no problem with duplication for me. Only that, in the case it doesn't work anymore, with an awesome seed and awesome luck (and a few segments of course), a sub-30 minutes is possible (in my opinion).
No it isnt. You wouldnt have 64 golden apples to rely on (absolutely necessary for the final boss fight). You would need to find all of the of arrows manually. You would need to care about nighttime etc. 30 minutes? lol. I dont even think 300-600 minutes are enough. If you dont complete it within 1 minecraft day, it takes you exponentially longer to finish.

cu, CBenni
There will always be someway to duplicate objects

Also, we are supposed to complete the game on the version that is the fastest, so if you download the previous versions .jar file you should be able to load minecraft as the previous version.
I don't know about sub-30 minutes, but sub-60 is definitely possible. Here's a video of someone doing sub-90 with a random seed and no duplication. He messes around a lot, hunts down the blazes/stronghold the hard way, and kills the dragon with a sword. Exploding beds and foreknowledge of the map would save a ton of time.

Wow. That is some incredible luck right there. I give in, 1 hour may be possible without duplication (maybe) but i dont think in a random seed and without so much luck that you cant even manipulate it. You would have to do hundreds or thousands of tries of a 1 hour SS run, i dont believe that is possible. Congrats to setosorcerer for doing that, but we will always have the duplicating glitch.
However, is it possible to hit the dragon right after the bed explosion with an arrow, so he returns really quick? that could save some time (if I am not mistaken, Bismuth didnt use that in his current PR)

cu, CBenni