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12 ender pearls is what i meant, right vegeta

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As you can see here duping is pretty easy to do but also a bit random because it depends on when the game saves its data, which is something you can't be aware of (or maybe you can? Maybe developping a tool to know when it does would be cheating).
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I was just wondering. Did anyone beat this run yet?

A Crab
Hmm, I wonder if running Process Monitor with the appropriate filter could clue you in on when the file writes are happening.

I don't know if that's considered cheating, though it would be rather hard to verify if someone was actually doing it or not.
@Bismuth, no. We havent had anyone run this game. Maybe ill get onto it if I feel like it, but that run was really good. You might want to consider redoing/improving it and submitting?

I dont even know if the current version has duping or if it has been fixed. We would need a old version of the game in the latter case - idk if we can download it somewhere?

cu, CBenni
So just an update, it is now possible to switch versions in the official game launcher.  You can do this by setting up a new profile and messing with the options there.

I'm not sure which versions have the dupe glitch, but this will make things easier for any potential runners.
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The minecraft any% does not work with the latest version. There are no more ender pearls in the stronghold and the iron is in another place (though that is not inherently a problem). I am running on 1.2.4 (same as the WR run) but I can switch to the latest version that still has stronghold ender pearls. Or a new seed could be found altogether (I don't have the tools for that).

Besides: warning, loud breathing (I should fix my microphone setup so it doesn't puff like that).
Such a troll dragon. I promise to try and make a better tool for finding seeds - After my exam in 7 days, of course. Also, I might try to learn minecraft any% cuz cool. We should look through the patch notes of the versions where we can run any% in order to determine if anything changed for a speedrun.
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The first hit was such an insanely close call though. About half a block away from death, half a heart away from death. You cannot come any closer to dying.
Quarter a block from dieing? No, seriously that was probably the closest call that ever happened in a minecraft game- you have the WR on that Cheesy
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If only I didn't die 10 seconds later Angry
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Good run Bismuth, although I can see large and small possible skips in some places. For example - you can skip iron by lighting up portal using 2 wooden planks placen above lava near the portal, like in this video

I'll try to beat your run once I will get a decent PC.

Also - how did you manage to dig into a stronghold? Chances are quite slim if you really think about it.
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Well I see three problems: first, you wouldn't have full armor, which is riskier; second, it looks like it takes quite a bit of time to light the portal that way; third, you can't skip iron because you need some to make a bucket in the first place.
Quote from Bismuth:
Well I see three problems: first, you wouldn't have full armor, which is riskier; second, it looks like it takes quite a bit of time to light the portal that way; third, you can't skip iron because you need some to make a bucket in the first place.

Well, Blazes do pathetic amount of damage if set on Easy difficulty, so you will probably will be alive after killing only one/two Blazes.

Quote from Bismuth:
Second, it looks like it takes quite a bit of time to light the portal that way

It does not requires constant attention, therefore you can set it up and do other stuff required to complete the speedrun.

Quote from Bismuth:
Third, you can't skip iron because you need some to make a bucket in the first place.

Hmm, yeah, you're right. Maybe instead of spending a lot of time to mine and smelt an iron ingot, you can snag one from stronghold/village chest instead? Plus, as much as I know, there is a 60% chance of finding a bucket in village chests.
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I honestly doubt you could find a seed in which you can reach the nether with everything I have in my run in less time using a village. I get to the stronghold in 3 minutes, it is very fast.
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Also the game is played on Normal and setting it to Easy is not really challenging.
Sweet Potato Fan Club
Quote from Bismuth:
Also the game is played on Normal and setting it to Easy is not really challenging.

I prefer to play on hard...but then I die...
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Hey guys, I hope there are still people interested in finding seeds for any%, because I might need help. With AGDQ drawing near, I want to have a seed to work with for the marathon. Right now, I am using the same seed as my old WR but the thing is, it doesn't work with the most recent version of Minecraft because of how they changed things around: the iron is at different spots and, more importantly, the stronghold chests do not contain ender pearls anymore. So basically, here is what we need from a seed:

- Fast access to a stronghold. Ideally less than 100 blocks from spawn, the seed we had for that was crazy good.
- Iron ore on the way to the stronghold, makes a bucket and flint and steel, ideally makes armor too.
- Trees
- Possibility to make a nether portal, which means at least 10 blocks of lava somewhere, and one of water.
- Nether fortress close enough and a reliable way to find Blazes

What needs to be found in stronghold chests, or within the stronghold itself:
- Apple
- Gold
- Strings
- Arrows
- Ender pearl(s)

I think that might be it. As you can see, it takes a LOT of things, which the seed for the WR had in a surprisingly good fashion. If anyone can find a seed that has everything I mentioned, please tell the world! And if no seed is found, I will run it on an older version at the marathon. Not a terribly big deal since some runs involve version-exclusive glitches sometimes but it's still preferable to run on the latest version.
If I have time within the next few weeks, I will do some research and write a script. But I cannot promise that whatsoever...
Worthless categories WR master
So I set a new WR that can be seen here.

I have a few things to say.

About the video: First thing I have to say is that I pause the timer mid-run. I'd like to see what everyone thinks of that, here's my view on it: The minecraft launcher is unbelievably slow and particularly inconsistent. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds to log back in, sometimes 40. I could use a customized launcher that launches the game while bypassing the login screen but personally, I feel that modding your game ultimately makes your run illegitimate. Now, pausing your timer isn't exactly natural but what are the other options? Leaving that in and making the login time add a random 2 minutes of variance? That would suck incredibly hard. Personally, I think that pausing in-between forcequitting the game and loading the world again is a good way of removing most variance in the run while still being able to have a time instantly, compared to most PC games where times are minus loading screens and make the whole thing really hard to accurately time and making single-segment runs really time-consuming to do because you need to verify the final time by doing this long process of editing out loading times every time. I'd like everyone's view on what I have decided to do. For the record, my RTA time is 18:31 unless I timed it wrong. That would still beat my previous run.

About the run itself: some mistakes were made, overall I reach the Nether being +20 but my best nether split was incredible. I lost a lot of time on the pillars since I was out of practice, and reviewing the video I realized I had missed at least one since the dragon is regenerating a bit during the fight. Not a big deal since I'm able to quickly deal a lot of damage and get it done with. Overall, with this new timing method, I would believe 13 minutes to be possible, given good play and very good luck. This run was incredibly lucky, except for some of the dragon's behaviour near the end. Getting blazes to spawn and give me rods right next to the portal was a super nice 40 seconds save due to random luck. I kind of apprehend the moment when that luck will be needed to beat the record.

About the AGDQ run: I had thought of various marathon-safe strats that involved not using ender pearls to move around in the Nether (bad idea for hype, I ditched that pretty quickly), building a quick roof over the blaze spawner to avoid them flying off, and praying every night that the dragon doesn't knock me off the End as soon as I get there. If that happened, though, I was developing backup strats to basically try and still finish the run instead of starting from scratch. It would have been very risky from that point on, though, having no armor, bread as food, and having to get more arrows and more strings for a bow and a bed. Overall I could possibly make it under 30 if that happened but it would have been a really disastrous scenario.

All of those safe strats proved to be completely worthless, though, because I had a strike of simple genius while I was doing attempts (the same day I got that WR). To make a backup for a marathon run, after you've duplicated items 4 times prior to the Nether, duplicate those items: your armor, your bow, arrows, golden apples, ender pearls, and beds. Place the second copy of everything in the nearest chest (the one with the iron sword and pickaxe) and you're good to go! If you die in the nether, you will have everything you need in that chest to keep going. Same process before entering the End, you duplicate everything once more and place half of it in the chest, that way you can die in the End and have a second try for free. It takes probably about a minute and nothing can throw you off from then on! I am amazed that no one, including me, had thought of this simple thing before Wink
Now im really sad that I missed the whole Bismuthathon... Congrats!

About timing, we can go by ingame time! Since some beta version, Minecraft times the gametime played. It is found in the %appdata%\.minecraft\stats\stats_<username>_unsent.dat with the key 1100 and is given in ticks (1/20th of a second). I can write a timer (and maybe a split program) really quick.
That would be really, really, really helpful. Does it only track the time you're really in game? What about loading screens? Is it cumulative like the total game time ever or does it only count time spent in a specific world? I guess that wouldn't be too much of a problem, though, because you could just substract (final time) - (starting time).
I am not 100% sure what time it takes, however it doesnt time the loading screens or non-ingame menuing or when in the pause menu (being in the inventory or workbench/furnance etc counts however). It is updated while you play in regular intervals. You would end a run similar as in Borderlands 2 where you leave the game immediately after completing the final objective (Jumping into the portal)
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So Bismuth tried the timer on stream and it seems to work. Please clear out your %appdata%\.minecraft\stats folder before using it - having more than 2 files in there can make the timer not work. I will look for a fix at some point in time. Note also, that it only updates the time every few seconds, the time is accurate to .05 seconds however; The update time is a restriction on minecraft side, theres little I can do about it.

Heres the download link:

Minecraft timer

Sources (C#)

I've been speedrunning Minecraft 1.0.0 on Hardmode (NO SEED) for quite a while now.
I'm not interested in doing a seed run, but since the thread is quite big, I just wanted to know if anyone else plays the same way?

Since this is what is defined as the "Minecraft Any%" I reckon the way I play it would be called "NoSeed Any%" ?

-Current time is 49.59, but there's a lot of room for improvement. -Especially because RNG be RNG.