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wait we can teleport using ender pearls? Gotta try this! lol
Yes, you can teleport using them.

By the way, good run ; this means (in my opinion) sub 12 is possible for an SS run.
Quote from Bismuth:
wait we can teleport using ender pearls? Gotta try this! lol

this mmd. You are currently the world record holder and you dont know parts of the basic behaviour of the game Cheesy
Kee it up!

cu, CBenni
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Amoirealinge: 2012-03-29 11:19:15 am
(new acc. drMalcom)
Just had a look at the sources, and I didn't see anything related to not looking at the dragon. The wiki says otherwise:
The Ender Dragon will flee when looked at, except when charging the player, but otherwise will fly directly at the player
So I could be wrong.

However, it seems like the dragon will more likely attack you after hitting something (like a block). I didn't find anything about the player Y position (height).
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CBenni: 2012-03-29 11:30:34 am
CBenni: 2012-03-29 11:30:13 am
Its all in the dot products, i looked through it, but the code is soo confusing; I didnt get most of it... If they were to actually release the original code finally, i could say more than that -.-

The y-position doesnt seem to affect the dragons behaviour. However Bismuth told me he found out that when attacking the dragon, he has a good chance to charge at the player (I felt like he does always, as long as he was in a normal flight behaviour prior to your attack)

cu, CBenni
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(new acc. drMalcom)
Its all in the dot products, i looked through it, but the code is soo confusing

Is it ? This is what I have
if (field_40163_ay || d7 < 100D || d7 > 22500D || isCollidedHorizontally || isCollidedVertically)

func_41006_aA() is the function that randomly selects a new target. The first variable in the if statement is always false. d7 is the distance to the current target, and the other two variables detect collisions. the only product I see is d7, and it's just a distance squared. Am I missing something ?

Edit: here is the function that chooses a new target. Pretty simple
private void func_41006_aA()
        field_40163_ay = false;

        if (rand.nextInt(2) == 0 && worldObj.playerEntities.size() > 0)
            target = (Entity)worldObj.playerEntities.get(rand.nextInt(worldObj.playerEntities.size()));
        else{ blabla.. }

What all this means is:
If the dragon is too close or too far away from its current target (a target can be anything, not just a player) OR if there is a collision with something, then choose a new target. There is 1/2 chance that the new target is the player.

Edit2: So yes, there is 1/2 chance of it attacking you after you hit it.
Edit3: I can definitly confirm that there is nothing about not looking at it. Sorry, I was wrong (I've fixed the wiki page).
Really 1/3 chance? Code looks like there's 1/2 chance...
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Amoirealinge: 2012-03-30 03:22:04 am
Amoirealinge: 2012-03-29 01:31:51 pm
(new acc. drMalcom)
Quote from Kabuto:
Really 1/3 chance? Code looks like there's 1/2 chance...

A random number between 0 and 2 is 3 numbers (0, 1, 2).
According to the javadocs Random.nextInt(int n) returns a number from 0 (inclusive) to n (exclusive). Otherwise (if it could return n as well) the nextInt call 2 lines below could fail with an IndexOutOfBoundsException...
Worthless categories WR master
Teleporting using ender pearls will make the nether part MUCH harder and not just extremely luck-based and frustrating? Great!

Btw: lol at me saying "under 20 single segment? YOU ARE CRAZY" like 2 days ago
(new acc. drMalcom)
@Kabuto: Yep, you are absolutely right. Fixed. Thanks !
@Amoirealinge: What unit does d7 use? I guess it's not game cubes since then the dragon would never reach the player... and how far is 22500 then? Could that be the reason why the dragon doesn't seem to be interested in the player when it's far away (since after targeting the player the routine triggers right again due to the player further away than 22500)? Or is that just imagination?
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Amoirealinge: 2012-03-30 12:51:34 pm
Amoirealinge: 2012-03-30 12:46:33 pm
(new acc. drMalcom)
The squared root of d7 is in "blocks" (I know the unit is in blocks because I've used something similar for my hacks in my first video). d7 is the squared distance between the dragon and the target. So d7=22500 is 150 blocks. When the dragon is further away than 150 from its target, it will choose a new one. But if it is very far away from the player (don't know how much), it will freeze completely. This is part of the new mob behavior (I believe it is a quick and dirty fix for mobs that were never despawning when too far away and eventually hitting the mob cap). The dragon can be more than 150 blocks away from its target but still be very close to the player.

Edit: I'm not sure which part of the code makes the dragon hit the player, therefor bypassing the 10 blocks limit.
Worthless categories WR master
So I uploaded my world record on YouTube and the first comment I get is a dislike and "you duplicated that's lame". People seem to understand the point of any% speedruns.

Welcome to world of glitching and SDA heh...
Just look at the comments of Protal done Pro... in the Description it says "NO HACKS, NO CHEATS" in the very first line, 50% of the comments are stuff like "Herp Derp, you had noclip on" -.- People are too stupid to think or read... Dont let yourself get bothered by it.

cu, CBenni
Quote from tjp7154:
Welcome to world of glitching and SDA heh...

More like welcome to Youtube.
(new acc. drMalcom)
Minecraft is ALL about glitches and exploits. Just to name a few: BUD switches, particles detectors, mob spawners / xp farms, wireless redstone, tnt-xray glitch. People on youtube just need to show you how better than you they are, not matter what.
To be fair... Certain glitches are just more entertaining and skillful than others, and item duping is certainly neither.

Im not saying you shouldnt do it, but I can easily sympathize with people who dont like seeing item duping in a speedrun.
I can sympathize with the demand for a speedrun without duping in addition to with. I can't sympathize with anyone judging one form of glitch as morally superior over another because that's just stupid.
Worthless categories WR master
Yeah I agree that item duping isn't really interesting and it's not even skill-based, it's luck-based. Sometimes I alt-f4 immediately and think "nope, did it too fast" and it works, sometimes I wait 2 seconds and it is "too early". You just got to find the timing with the highest success rate.

As for a no-dupe run, GOOD LUCK, lol. I can hardly see anything below one hour. Extremely luck-based, too, to an extent at which it would just be terribly frustrating to practice. Just as an example I'll try to explain how luck-based is my 18:33 run.

First, trees have more than one different pattern to spawn in jungle biomes. That means, world generations with the same seed aren't exactly identical. Some instances make traveling and finding the right spot to dig much harder.
Second, you have to find a skeleton that will drop arrows in the stronghold. About half of the time you will find no skeletons, and if you DO find one, you may find only one and it could not drop any arrows.
Third, you have to avoid finding any other mobs in the stronghold, at it slows you down. It's bearable when you fight 1-8 additional mobs, but I had many attempts that resulted in my frustrated death because of a room FILLED with creepers. Some attempts were completely ridiculous: 7 creepers, 4 zombies, 4 spiders, 1 enderman, ZERO skeletons. I died to the seventh creeper, which sneaked behind my back to explode at point-blank.
Fourth, you need the dupe glitch to work well. Sometimes it just won't work and it's very frustrating because there's nothing you can do about it.
Fifth, BLAZES. Those are annoying. The Nether fortress in the seed is high up above lava, which means any blaze that is not near a spawner or inside walls is impossible to fight, because it flies 4-5 blocks away from you, over lava. Impossible to melee, impossible to kill with a bow and collect the rod. When you do find blazes (I usually run straight up the the nearest spawner because it's close enough and you get enough fightable blazes quickly) that are fightable, either they don't drop any rod, either they are in groups of 3+ and rape you. Getting a blaze rod safely and quickly is extremely luck based and has put an end to so many of my attempts. Plus, the "new" ender pearl traveling method makes it much harder but that just requires skill so it's not that bad.
Sixth, I'm not entirely sure but I think some instances of the End are harder than others. The more huge and very tall pillars there are, the harder it is. Usually though I tend to have only 2-3 very hard to hit orbs per attempt, it seems to be pretty much constant on that.

Now imagine having to get many more ender pearls, blaze rods, iron ingots, arrows, food, and beds. I wouldn't want to speedrun that!
What about using the fishing pole to reel in misbehaving blazes?
I couldnt think a glichless (or atleast dupeless) run would be below 5 hours or so... The longer the run goes, the more you need to think about stuff like nighttime, food, item expiration and stuff.

@Bismuth, in your current WR run, you were kinda clueless what to do in the nether, how come? Isnt the Nether Spawn always the same? For some reason i Spawn in a different location anyways (i guess I build my Portal in a different location Wink )

cu, CBenni
Worthless categories WR master
no it'S not always in the same spot and in that run it was like, inside walls or something, which happen rarely
mmh ok... I thought the world always looks the same when you spawn it via the same key. Apparently not quite.

cu, CBenni