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Have you recorded runs? 49:59 sounds like an AWESOME time to me for random seed! Did you use glitches/tricks like the dupe glitch and exploding beds?

Consider using the timer found above your post to get your ingame time, because that is what we use for timing now.
Hey! is my stream!
Got my time of 49.59 today, my previous pb was just over an hour.
-I didn't know about this thread or forum neither did I know about anyone else running it. - So I've just called it the WR for seedless. ( untill I find someone else being faster than me! Wink )
I'll make a highlight for the PB on the stream.

/For tricks and glitches I use a dupe glitch on nether portals.
1) you make a water block 8 blocks away from you nether portal.
2) slide with the water into the portal looking into a crafting table
3) in the crafting table you put whatever items you want to be duplicated and as you hit the portal all the items will get dropped.
4) you now dropped 2 items of whatever you wanted, BUT one of them is now an INFINITE stack of that item. Which I find quite useful. ^^

I had never heard of the bed strats, so defo. looking into that!
-I have a route that says -> Make portal before 11 minutes (using bucket strats ofc.) -> go up now that it's nighttime and kill an enderman for the pearl -> get blazerods and then dupe infinite eyes of ender -> find stronghold and finish game.
You get infinite: Iron, Arrows, food, eyes of ender and wood.

I think my time can get down to 30 minutes with route improvement, aim and RNG. Smiley

and yeah I should totally get that timer ^^
Definitely look into the other dupe glitch, I dont know which glitch is more powerful than the other. I knew about the water glitch, but never considered it to be superior to the other glitch, that goes as folowed:
1. Drop the stuff you want to dupe on the floor
2. Save+Quit
3. Go back into the game
4. Pick up the stuff
5. after 2 seconds, alt+f4 close the game
6. Start the game again, pick up the stuff a second time

This only duplicates your stuff, and therefore the other glitch might be better. But I think there was some reason not to use it, more than just that "your" version got patched relatively soon after 1.0, bismuth runs 1.2.4 iirc.

About the timer, make sure your %appdata%/.minecraft/stats folder only contains two files max (stats_<user>_unsent and stats_<user>_unsent_old). If there are multiple files from different profiles, the timer wont work.
I do enjoy not having to exit my game mid-run for a glitch.
I discussed this with a friend of mine while watching the seed run and we got really upset with the pausing of the run-time. It just feels like you're using exterior help for the glitch other than the main game if you pause the time.
-We agreed that the exit glitch would work if you did not pause the timer Smiley
Therefore your timer might fix this issue and I'd probably look into it considering how efficient it can be Smiley
The timer only counts ingame time. After SDA rules, that is what is to be used, and yes, a alt+f4 glitch is allowed. Stopping the timer for it is good too since the speedrun time does not take the quality of your PC into account. People with an SSD would have a huge advantage, which isnt the sense of a speedrun. The timer fixes that issue very well.
Fair enough Smiley

- If I find a way to use the alt+f4 glitch it might help a tad. But don't thiiiiiink that it's superior to the nether portal one.
Which version of minecraft do you guys run? 1.0.0, current or anything in between? Smiley
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CBenni: 2013-12-05 09:59:34 am
I think Bismuth, the main actual runner of this game, runs on 1.2.4, but it doesnt really matter at all, aside from the nether portal slide glitch got fixed sometime  between 1.0 and 1.2
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Bismuth: 2013-12-05 06:35:27 pm
Worthless categories WR master
Hi Crunchyalex,

I have never had interest in random seed runs because I compare them to randomizer in zelda games/super metroid and probably others. It's interesting to race but I don't think it is viable to run and go for a record. The reason is simple: if someone gets a one-in-a-million seed spawn and gets a ridiculous time with a very average run, then to have a shot at it you would need to reset hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times, and there's a reason why I don't speedrun Pokémon.

That being said, fast completions on random seeds are definitely impressive, more so than set seed in my opinion. Also, if you want to use the duplication glitch, then definitely do NOT use real-time to time your run. There is about 15 seconds of variance per iteration of the glitch, and you can often see an RTA lose over a minute across an any% (7 dupes) because the minecraft login is inconsistent and generally very slow. Before I started using CBenni's timer, I've had runs that were clearly 30+ seconds faster than my 18:35 but ended up slower because I had to wait forever to log back in. I even consider suggesting to use it at AGDQ, even if the time doesn't really matter all that much.

For categories, here is my suggestion

Any%: set seed, dupe allowed. Any% means the ultimate "no restrictions" run. No glitches are banned, no features are banned. I'd like to remind that giving a seed number is part of the game and is definitely not cheating. However, it could be argued that it resembles a form of New Game+, to be fair.

Any% random seed: random seed, all glitches allowed. Since random seed is an additional restriction

Any% no dupe, Any% random seed no dupe: since banning duplication is a restriction, then again it would add itself to the name.

This is my opinion, I don't want to force it on the minecraft speedrunning community, but I think reaching a consensus would be great before too many different ways of doing it exist.
Hello there, I really like the idea of those categories Bismuth. Im quite interested in speedrunning this myself, once I get my new computer. I definitely have to try this myself.
Hey guys i'm new to this thread and I watched the AGDQ run by Bismuth and it looked really interesting. So if anyone could help me with all the facts and tools so far that would be great! Thanks Smiley
Looking at these forums really brings me back
Quote from illumina1337:
Hello there, I really like the idea of those categories Bismuth. Im quite interested in speedrunning this myself, once I get my new computer. I definitely have to try this myself.

The legend started here...