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To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Awesome run times! My average is ~16 min with having to use save states till I get each trick.

I got your copy of BH on Saturday, but... I looked up how much it would be to send it to you and it is at least $100. Soooo, I can't send it to you... unless anyone has any ideas..

What program is that you have there for recording your split times? I have yet to spend the time to learn and get setup to do real speedruns, or streaming.

I wish I could post more now but I'm going to get right on BH now that I have a moment...

marshmallow, hi, I'll chat about your post when I'm ready to make another one. I want to get a decent speed run vid up with the textures I have so far. Much more has been done, including the first boss! He turned out so good! Though I'm not quite sure about its' claws... They are a "shinning" texture so it makes it difficult to settle on a look. For now it's just bloody, so kinda scary?

Good luck all with your runs! It's such a thrill to speedrun! Just like racing!

Oh, one more.. I think the fastest movement strat for vehicles is:
After getting in vehicle, or turning, or turning on to a nice long road, or crossing a road or trail, or just before a steep slope, or just before a jump... Tap the break button without turning, then when you hear your vehicles gear shift up one gear, tap the break again. Each time the gear changes you can do this for a boost to that gears' top speed (I think) as long as you do not use directional inputs or hit anything! So, the goal is to seek roads and paths even if just crossing them, especially before inclines and along long straight roads, and break boost after each turn and then after each gear. With roads I think I've noticed that if you break boost "on" a road/path then then your boost is set as a boost on a road even if you are just crossing a road and heading up an incline. Thoughts?
I go fast I guess
Right, lets list this off.

1. That's perfectly fine GI, I am not surprised to would cost that much. Sadly I can't really do oversees payments, so I might see if I can pick one up off Ebay or something. No worries

2. That program is LiveSplit, it was a bit glitchy at first, but they updated recently and It's running alot smoother. Another alternative is WSplit, the same sort of program but with limited customizability (ech)

3. That trick you mentions is something I discovered called handbrake boosting, but it was actually used in the Greece 1 trick before anybody applied it to the rest of the run.
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To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Yep, it's amazing how much it can cost to ship things! I hope you find a good deal on ebay.

I was thinking my post would spark a conversation, or you could say analysis, of the break boosting strat. I almost think you can do 2 in rapid succession and then a 3rd or 4th soon after once you hear the gear change sound.

The more I play with it the more it really seams like the game is doing a real transmission simulation for speed and torque, and break boosting is like giving the engine a shot of nitrous. Truly similar to how the Nitro Fuel boosts speed.

Considering these observations, I wonder if a vehicle with more gears can get to a higher top speed. I imagine testing could be done on the highway on the western edge of America 1.

Oh, and as far as what I've been up to... I've been working on textures. I'm spending too much time trying to work large "multi-tiled" scenes into the landscape and achieve a look with a bit of polish. But I will keep on doing it.

Did I mention I hate Terns?
I go fast I guess
Thought I'd make a point about the "Gears"

When your doing the trick, you not actually changing gears, you braking. And for some reason consistently braking every second gives you a weird boost. Eh, I don't know about cars IRL Tongue
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To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Turn down the music volume so you can hear the sound effects better, then get in a vehicle and listen for the gears to change. You have less speed but more torque in first gear, and more speed but less torque with each gear going up.

If you let the vehicle slow down to a stop without touching the break, you can hear the transmission switch back down through the gears.

So, the gear you're in determines your top speed, and break boosting increases your torque (gives a shot of "nitro fuel") to get you to the top speed of that gear almost instantly.

The availability of some vehicles top gears is dependent on the surface you are driving on. Hence why a higher top speed is achievable on a road (in addition to the lack of "off road friction").

Tanks on the other hand are one of the vehicles that is not as effected by going off road as it has enough torque and few enough gears that they usually don't loose a ton of speed and shift down when going off road.

I think the saloon can only get to 3rd gear "off road", but can get to 4th on road, and to 5th with a break boost while in 4th on a road.
To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Quote from Rueake:
Your video doesn't play for me, need to set it to unlisted I think. May have missed something or forgot but what was the handbrake speed boost exactly.
Also side note that HD texture pack looks sick, would be awesome if the emulation could be fixed with those textures.

Quote from bh guy:
oh yeah try the video now. handbrake boost is just continually tapping the brake while you're holding down the accelerator, somehow it makes you go faster than you would otherwise go just holding the accelerator, making some newer tricks possible. agree the textures are sick

How did I look at that page 10's of times and not read your posts?? What?!

Anyway, thank you so much. I hate that you guys may have been thinking I was ignoring you, ya know. Sorry.

I'm hoping Greece turns out even better now that I've got a few more years in me since I did Java. Smiley

Break Boosting HYPE! ...I mean, in depth analysis, should be discussed and tested, 'cause knowing is half the battle! happy
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To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo

Where's the Body Harvest hype?
Not sure how to read this...  are you feeling alright?  If not, you should talk to someone about it and/or play more body harvest 64.
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To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Nothing wrong here. Shocked
Hello there,

last week i visited this amazing thread the first time and was so happy that other people also speedrun this game and love this game as much as i do. So i decided to join the SDA Forum. First of all i want to say Thank You for all yyour work on this game finding so many tricks and shortcuts.
I have the PAL Version of the game so i have to play on Hero Mode in order to get all stages. In Greece this isnt much of a Problem, i get a Time of 15:15 RTA for Greece. In Greece 1 i try to save machinegun ammo for the second processor. In Greece 3 i use the pointer statue glitch, because i fail at the motorcycle bumb over the mountain which will surely be faster.
Java is pretty difficult in Hero Mode, especially the first two processors. I use the bulldog for the second proc, its way more save. In Java 4 i always fail and lose my plane and the damn proc almost never gives me a big heart, but i have a backupstrat to save and exit, then warp to proc 2 and get the plane again, its time consuming but its safe.
I hope that somebody will pull of a decent singlesegment run and share it with us.
I am also trying a zero casualties run (of course this has to be segmented ..), what do you think of that? Greece and Java i have a ingame time of 42:12, but hey a true hero dosnt let anybody die ^^
What's up everyone.

I started messing around with speedrunning this game about a year and a half ago. Put it on hold because of a few roadblocks that I encountered. Just recently re-disocvered this thread and I am speechless. So much new tech has been found and it has really peaked my interest. Plan on trying a lot of the ideas that have been explained here, and working on some other ideas that I have. Fantastic job guys and keep it up, BH is turning out to be a fantastic speed game.

I plan on eventually working my way towards recording/ streaming single segment runs. We will see what happens!
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Been playing for about a week now, mostly working on Greece 3. Tried to find a way to TNT launch to the south airfield using the boathouse door, don't think its possible. If a method for this was found it would skip going to the north-western part of the map to get an airplane, as you could just grab one to the south. Probly would shave off 2-3 minutes.

Found a TNT launch from the Chapel that can take you to the western-most island "the small sliver of land that is up against the shield wall." Then you can drive straight north to the airfield. I belive this would save about 20 seconds from the statue launch if done correctly.
"A few problems with this"

1. You usually have to sit thru the cut scene of the bridge exploding as you launch past it.

2. You very often get stuck in the air during your TNT launch which is a run killer.

3. Bugs end up spawning near you, so you have to perform your setup quickly before they begin attacking, "you don't have time to try the TNT launch twice."

4. I still have not found a consistent setup for this.

I have only completed 2 full timed runs of Greece using Blackbox's statue TNT launch method. Going to try to get sub 12:00 before I move onto Java. Also still working on finding that huge skip of getting to the south airfield early. Will keep updating when I find out more!

Also a few things about emulator/console.

1. Emulator runs so much smoother which means faster times, as we already know.

2. The ability to turn super tight on emulator has massive advantages on console too, including making turns in cars that you shouldn't be able to make.

3. The slide walk method that bh guy uses in Siberia is so much harder to do on console.
The slower direction changing coupled with having to use a joystick results in this method of walking being more trouble than it's worth.
I'm assuming you could still use it to slide up slopes, but it doesn't seem feasible to speed up your on-foot movement.

4. Emulator/Console are so different that the times should not be compared to each other.
NTSC so far seems to be the fastest console version that I know of.
Not sure if a Japanese version even exists, but I imagine you would save time on text if the frame rate is the same as NTSC.

That's about it for now, more posts later for sure!
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Only my 3rd completed run of Greece.

Very solid run up to the shield generator, could maybe save 10-20 seconds thru Greece 1-3 with this route.

Absolutely terrible Shield Generator fight. My plane exploded and I had to switch to the tank so I lost at least a minute there.

Pretty bad Leviathan fight also, very sloppy.

Sub 12:00 is still very possible for the statue TNT launch route.

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I go fast I guess
Wait, are you using the American version or the European version? And a Japanesse version does not exist

EDIT: about that boathouse

1. The Plane's don't unlock until you defeat the processor

2. You could just take the boat there
Quote from blackbox64:
Wait, are you using the American version or the European version? And a Japanesse version does not exist

EDIT: about that boathouse

1. The Plane's don't unlock until you defeat the processor

2. You could just take the boat there

Im playing NTSC. My best time now thru Greece is 12:47. Still have yet to optimize the Generator and final boss, so 30-40 seconds could be picked up there.
I guess my methods for those two fights are just bad.

Good info about the planes tho, I feel stupid for not thinking about that.
I go fast I guess
You should definatly be able to get faster than 12 mins if your on NTSC. I tend yo just use the plane on the Generator. As for the boss, I shoot the bottom left claw first as that drops Fragcannon ammo, then use the Fragcannon to kill it. Takes me around a minute and a half
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Just smashed my pb. Only a few minor mistakes here and there, but it was mostly flawless.

I saved probly 10-15 seconds on the statue TNT launch in Greece 3.
Instead of entering the statue and doing the setup, I just ran up to the door, rotated to the desired position, and threw down the TNT.
Guessing that the bike TNT launch is still faster, but the gap has been narrowed.

My boss fights were both gold splits which is a great thing to happen in single run.

Satisfied with this time and moving on to work on more levels.

Blackbox, do you still play bh a decent amount?

I go fast I guess
I imagined that the TNT statue launch could be done without going into the building. I just went in for safety.

I'm currently on hold running this game as I am needing to acquire and American version of Body Harvest (and a console) in order to "legal" be able to run this game (as running it though a adapter is not legal by SDA standards). I feel like it is going to be soon, but some things still need to happen. Once I do manage to get what I need I will start up with this game again.

The one question is, what exactly do I need to run an american console in Europe? I know I need an American unit, but do I need an American power supply? Can I not just stick my EU power supply into it? Do the video cables and controller cables need to be American? Or can I use what I already have?
Not an expert, but I would assume you need a transformer since American electricity and European electricity isn't at the same voltage. American devices expect the american level of voltage (120V, 60 cycles/minutes) and might not react well at all to European voltage (230V, 50 cycles/minutes) and most likely some adapter (US plugs are different from European plugs to be sure people don't cause damage to devices because they don't know).

It's quite technical, so I think you may have to ask in "Tech Support" forum to be sure to have some "specialist" (or someone who already did that) knowing the answer. It would be awful to destroy the console.
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DS Dictator
For N64. A european power supply works fine.
my console is japanese and uses an uk power supply here in the uk.
Composite cables and controllers are ok too.

Adapter varies because a NTSC speed cartridge on a PAL 50hz console isn't 100% accurate. However an adapter for NTSC NES to play JP NTSC Famicom games is ok.
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I go fast I guess
Ok, seems fine. I will probably just get the unit, the power supply and a converter (and another AV cable mine snapped and I get 1 sided audio). Don't want to risk shorting the unit if it doesn't support the UK supply, since I think Japan is also PAL but a different kind of PAL. (what am I on about lol)

Soon. Soon, very soon.

EDIT: I don't need an expansion pack do I? If I do can I just use the one I already have? Or am I thinking of a Jumper pack?
I go fast I guess
Stage 1 of "Run this game on the version that is fastest" is underway. I have ordered an American version of the game and it should be home on thursday. Now I just need an console. I'll need to keep an eye out if something comes up

I really am looking forward to get back into this game. I've spent to long away from it.
I go fast I guess
Ooooh my days an American Console will be home soon. I'll be able to go fast VERY soon.

Also found something, instead of crossing the bridge at the start of Greece stage 2 you can just jump over the water.
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I go fast I guess
So, I finally have the game, and the console, I've had a shot, and...


What I am probably going to do is have a casual run through of the game before I start up again, get to grips with the speed, collect Alien Artifacts so I can practice the bosses, then I will start practicing levels. I will be back then with my first timed attempt if greece
I go fast I guess
I lied, I decided to do a quick run of Greece, and hoooo boy.

Don't mind the FrankerZ

I definitely can go faster, but as you can see I saved over a whole minute compared to my last best PAL run. This is going to be fun.