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I go fast I guess
It not the fact that there are to many enemies on the screen at a time, it's just N64 hardware is old and things don't run as fast as they normally used to.

Just did a run with your route, but died at the generator because I crash landed my plane and I had a bazillion enemies around me. I think going to the TNT from your way is slightly slower than going the normal way, past the mountain, as I lost 4 seconds to my original time, then gained 8, then lost 4 because I got my car jammed somewhere, so it was going to be pretty average either way
yea i realized after this video that it's a couple seconds faster to go down normal road past the boulder. you should be able to build up a lot of speed down the straightaway with handbrake tapping in the yellow car.
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blackbox64: 2014-07-23 06:27:55 pm
I go fast I guess
I am crying right now

Random Video I found on YT, as it turns out, NTSC version runs faster than PAL... and since I'm stuck with the PAL version... uuuuugh.

EDIT: Even in Emulation NTSC is faster... WELL time to purchase a American N64 or a converter and an American Body Harvest... lol
Hail to the King
Quote from blackbox64:
I am crying right now

Random Video I found on YT, as it turns out, NTSC version runs faster than PAL... and since I'm stuck with the PAL version... uuuuugh.

Oh yeah.  NTSC is usually faster for every game.  If you play on PAL only you'd have to record an identical segment with each version and then compare to see what the difference is.  Except your muscle memory is going to only be perfect for one of the versions lol unless you practice on both.
I go fast I guess
It won't be too long before I will be able to purchase a NTSC version and N64, so I might just practice Greece until that time, then re-practice Greece on the new version then I can do the other levels. I think that would be better.

here's java 1... is there a faster way to damage the jeep than having the bug keep hitting you? i know you can hurt yourself with the jeep's grenades but i can't find a good way to do it quickly
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blackbox64: 2014-08-02 05:22:02 am
I go fast I guess
Ah good, I've been looking to see that trick being demonstrated.

Also, you could just shoot the jeep with the pistol.
Alternatively, you could purchase an everdrive 64 and use the ntsc rom(since you already own the game) in your pal console since it's the game that sets the machine in pal / ntcs mode.
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blackbox64: 2014-08-03 05:29:47 am
I go fast I guess
That did cross my mind. But it depends if it's overall cheaper that getting an NTSC console and the game. In the long run

here's java 2. i was looking around but still can't find any way to skip the grenades. also, i tried timing killing the radio tower jelly vs barreling through the roach gunners with the jeep and it seems pretty much even. but killing the jelly is much easier at least
I go fast I guess
Finally I get to see Java in action

There is a point in the hill near the grenades at the shield wall that you can drive up, but you eventually fall down and into a pit that there is no escape from.

I'm looking forward to seeing Java 4
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blackbox64: 2014-08-06 02:35:02 pm
I go fast I guess
A Wild Urn appears! Tongue

Sorry for that joke. But here is a console attempt at Greece. PAL version. I began the timer upon hitting to start a new game, to the final blow on the boss. I didn't have my WSplit open at the time, so I had to calculate the time from the video. Came to 14 minutes dead.

I lost a little time during the Shield Generator fight. Other than that is was a pretty solid run. I have done faster, 13:53 to be exact.

I showed the In Game timer at the end of the video. 11:55? As I browsed through the thread's history I noticed that people thought the IGT is wrong. I imagine it is, But since BH Guys NTSC time was about the same, I can't imagine it is all that bad. Accounting for PAL lag. Funnily enough, my video editing software has the ability to play PAL in NTSC speed. PAL body harvest seems to run at average 25 FPS, while NTSC version runs at 29 FPS

Looking to move onto Java soon. I either am going to look at the rest of the forum for the tricks of wait for bh guy to post part 3 and 4 of Java.

EDIT: I had frame drops at the start of the recording, but I assure you I wasn't splicing. I need to upgrade my Dazzle at some point.
Well I think the timer doesn't run indoors and cutscenes, so the timer in my run I imagine was quite a bit lower. Watching your run, some parts are good but overall you you should try to take straighter more direct angles imo. I'm still working on some java stuff too, it's a bitch obviously
I go fast I guess
Yeah... I tend to go all over the place.

Kinda got caught up in something on Greece 3 so Java can wait... Also Twitch...


That is all
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Damn been away for awhile and there's life and new tricks.
Probably going to start up again with BH now that marathon stuff is over, hopefully gonna try and find some more breaks too.
Also in answer to the question a little bit above you damage it with the other vehicle,

Also if I remember correctly on greece 1, if your heading to get the dynamite you can get a warp boost with the van that makes it faster then picking up the saloon
I go fast I guess
You reach the Harvester spawn point a bit too early and if you want to gain the boost you have to wait around for the wave to spawn, so I shouldn't be faster
rueake, that is an interesting spot to launch from. it seems easier than the one i showed, since you dont have to aim for a very small spot to stand on. but the problem is you get launched straight into the crowd of grenade-fish and even if i survive the swim, i keep getting killed trying to run toward the airboat. plus you have a farther distance to run after the swimming part. so i'm not sure if it's really a better spot. for a single segment run, it seems crazy to throw yourself at the mercy of the grenade-fish, especially after getting through greece

but i found a good way to damage the jeep with its own grenades, by driving straight into a hillside and firing continously. it should save 10 seconds over what i did in my java 1 video, and you don't have to go out of your way to get in and out of the bulldog
I go fast I guess
What happened to shooting it with the pistol?
pistol is slow as hell
I go fast I guess
Oh, I am yet to touch Java, so I don't know these things Sad
I go fast I guess
Something crossed my mind, when you are attempting Segmented runs, lets say, Each Stage is a segment, do you need to collect items in a certain segment that you would need to use in another segment in the future? AKA, Can I skip getting the TNT in the Greece stage 1, then magically have the TNT in the stage 3 segment? Sounds like a silly question but it came into my mind.
no the segments need to follow as if they were a normal single segment, its just you can afford to do more risky strats, also segments for BH would need to be on a world basis rather then stage as you lose so much time waiting to for the pod to drop and then saving.
Also not sure if this was cleared up but I was reading quickly through the last few pages and I think you mentioned trying to climb the hill near the proc on greece 3 instead of the bike jump, wasn't sure if you were just trying it or if you didn't know if it was possible, because it is I posted a video earlier on in the thread about it (somewhere on page 5 I think). I'll hopefully get to do some proper practicing in on Sunday
for greece 3 i posted a youtube vid of your alternate route rueake, it's cool but still slower than the bike jump unfortunately.

and finally here's my take on java 3 and 4. notes:

-stage 3 is pretty easy. it costs 0 time to hit the harvester with gyro rockets as you fly by, and saves your human meter from game over in stage 4
-gyro flies way faster than the bigger plane (saves at least 10 seconds of flying in each stage) and you can fly through the smaller shield hole near the ground to save a couple seconds too
-controlling the gyro on emulator keyboard is ridiculously squirrelly so sorry about that
-stage 4, i think my route to the processor is pretty direct and avoids spawning a lot of enemies so hopefully the game won't freeze on console very much? it never froze on emulator for me here
-at the processor you just swing around the hillside, slam on the gyro brakes and pop some missiles in his face. the gyro keeps getting hit by lightning while he dies, and while alpha 1 launches the save point, so to keep the gyro alive all the way to the shield generator you need to pick up some health. the processor drops a big heart like 1 time out of 10 when im playing and it's easy to pick up, but if not, the roach gunner to the right drops two or three small hearts which is enough to refill the gyro completely. those are harder to get. either way you have to refill before the alpha 1 cutscene plays or you'll lose the gyro to lightning
-for the shield generator, it seems like the fastest possible strategy would be a suicide charge in the gyro you came in with, but something like that is really only for a TAS. the bulldog is the best bet otherwise

phew. i'll start looking at america soon
I go fast I guess
Good, good. Now I can finally move onto Java Smiley

I have a better setup for the Greece 3 Pointer Statue launch, that lands you to where the bike jump would take you. But extremely close to a Saloon, so you can just hop in and drive to the airport, it should be the fastest out of all the TNT launches, I will have a video soon, perhaps Monday.
I go fast I guess
I've finally gone to Java, and I practiced a few of the tricks. It took a few tries but I manged to get over the water in Java 1 with a few pixels of health left, for some reason the detection for the swimming was being a bit finicky. Also, I could not seem to damage myself with the Jeeps grenades. They did no little to no damage, so I just used BH guys setup.

As for Java 2, that hill was being a troll, but after a few attempts I manged to get over it, then got stuck, and had to do some shimming to get unstuck. Then whilst I was killing the processer, a mutant landed on me. lol