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I go fast I guess
I can get past it, but he blows me up really quickly.

I also managed to do the Greece 3 skip, I was happy
You don't want to just park in front of the processor cause you will lose the bike if you do that. You have to slowly drive forward while shooting him and that will cause his pulse shots to miss. After climbing up the hill I usually drive slowly at an angle from the center towards the side where I intend to drive past him while manually aiming to make sure I hit him in the face. You have to get a feel for how to do it and how to time it so that he dies just when you are ready to drive past him but once you know what to do its fairly consistent.

Which variant of the Greece 3 skips did you do. Was it the hill clime thing or the that impossible bike jump that I somehow manage to have a video of myself doing.
I go fast I guess
The impossible bike jump, I also have a funny video of me doing it, my first time I did it I recorded it. lawl
I go fast I guess
Also, does anybody know about the small boost of speed you get when you tap the handbrake? It's hardly noticeable in slower cars. but it really shows in fast transports like the Saloons and the Bikes. Using this boost when doing the Greece 2 bike jump will almost guarantee success in the jump.
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Jack of all Trades
Been checking this thread every once in awhile. Suddenly, life.

Quote from leftysheroes:
In Java 1 if you drive the Trekker at the spot where you would normally park for the Goliath trick every once in a blue moon the jeep will randomly pop into the air and fly into the water a bit.


Make a vid of it?

Quote from blackbox64:
The impossible bike jump, I also have a funny video of me doing it, my first time I did it I recorded it. lawl

Give us a link, baby.

Quote from blackbox64:
Also, does anybody know about the small boost of speed you get when you tap the handbrake? It's hardly noticeable in slower cars. but it really shows in fast transports like the Saloons and the Bikes. Using this boost when doing the Greece 2 bike jump will almost guarantee success in the jump.

No? Maybe? I can't even remember anymore. Describe your method.
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blackbox64: 2014-04-27 01:12:45 pm
I go fast I guess
Simply, when I'm driving at full speed in a vehicle, I tap B every once in a while, and instead of being slowed down, I'm propelled forward at a faster speed. You can keep tapping B every few seconds to gain a small speed boost. I might do some video's soon on a few things and you might get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

More specifically, I'll probably do one tomorrow or perhaps on Wednesday
I go fast I guess
Update, I recently aquired a Dazzle, once I have all the cables and what not, I will be recording a few things through that, I can't be arsed to do runs on an emulator.
I go fast I guess
Cables haven't come home yet, I'm currently looking into some tricks for Speeding up Greece 3, possibly allowing to skip getting a plane altogether, but it's rather difficult. If there was only some way of getting to the 2nd Island without throwing yourself and a bike into the sea :/
I go fast I guess

Anyway, I was thinking, could you use the explosion boost trick that is used in Java 1 to get to the processer and use it in Greece 3 in the same place as the Impossible Bike Jump?I haven't had much luck but it might be an idea.
Now that school is on break I'm officially working on this again. I'm going to upload a Greece 1 demo process fight later to show how I fight it
I tested the handbrake speed boost thing and it actually is faster. I'm testing now to see if it will make a certain impossible bike jump easier.
Heres the Greece 1 Proc Fight as well as the route I use through Greece 2 up to the first bike jump. I also do the handbrake speedboost thing a little bit.

The general idea for the processor fight is to gradually move towards the side you will pass him on while shooting him to avoid being shot by his pulse balls. The Greece 2 route is as of now a couple seconds faster. I haven't really tested using the handbrake speedboost method with both routes but I think my route will ultimately hold up. Ideally I would have gone straight onto the road and not hit the tree though. P.S. I tried to stop the recording before I ended up in the water but it didn't work.

Another video

Some points about this video
- The reason I loop to the left a little is that a straight path will take me precariously close to the bridge that the man in black blows up and I really don't want to accidentily trigger the cutscene and have to do the impossible bike jump again.
- There isn't much room for error in the approach/attack on the processor but it will always die in this fashion if you have the line right.
- The Nico's supplies that I used in the first part of the stage is a pretty good guideline to tell if I'm heading in the right direction. Basically if I miss it to the left I need to turn more to the northwest and if I miss it to the right I need to turn more to the west-northwest to arrive at the shield portal.

The Shield Tower
- Make sure you fly over the missles like I do or they will drop your plane out of the sky.
- The little alien gunner thing is the primary target which needs to be destroyed before landing. Ideally I would also take out one of the turrets on the tower.
- Killing the aliens around the tower like I do only takes an extra second or two when done well and guarantees that the plane will survive which is pretty important since in a actual run I will most likely be at critical health at this point.
I go fast I guess
Quote from leftysheroes:
Another video

Why do you activate the Plane Training? You do realize you can say no to the guys conversation and walk outside and obtain a plane? Or is it faster to do the Practice and just blow the plane up?

Also, do you run on the American version on the easiest difficulty? That Processer in the first video went down fast.
After I activate the plane training I just back the training plane to the door and grab another one. I think it's slightly faster than saying no and walking out. I play American on normal mode.
I go fast I guess
Yeah, there's my problem, I have the English copy so I can't play on Zero, I have to play on Hero mode
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blackbox64: 2014-05-16 10:50:50 am
I go fast I guess
Anyway, my Cables are Home, so I'll be doing things here and there. Although I want to work on a Lets play for my Youtube, so this might take a back seat.

I have had some thoughts about possible ways to make the Greece 3 Bike Jump easier, or even a way to completely skip the Bike jump, although I don't know if it will actually be faster.

First off, I have found a wall that is close to the processer.

I have been trying to walk up this wall, which is actually possible, but I get really close to the top, then I silde back down.

And for making the Bike Jump easier, you could use the High Speed Explosion trick from Java 1 to skip doing the jump.

Interesting to say the least.
I go fast I guess
Man it has been a while. Did something today. Tested the Greece 1 Plane area to see if accepting the practice was faster or not.

Perhaps if I didn't bump the plane on the way to the gate the non accepting route might be faster.
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Greenalink: 2014-07-07 03:34:19 pm
DS Dictator
Nothing new to both leftysheroes and marshmallow.
I decided to record a full stage attempt of America 1966 in just over 15 minutes.
This is a good visual guide for new players want to run this game.

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blackbox64: 2014-07-09 06:00:37 pm
I go fast I guess
Not bad, nice to see more people actually Run this, perhaps even one day have the game on a GDQ event.

Something about that first Stage of America. To my knowledge, Mutants don't die after you kill the processer as I was routing 100% on Greece and I killed the second Processer and a Mutant was still following. You could kill the processer as soon as you get a Mutant to spawn, then get the Mutant to crush the cacti.

I am getting more and more... whats the word... Spirited? To actually do runs for this game. Right now my patience is at 0% considering I have the Europen copy and I can't beat the game on easy cause it stops at after America.

If only somebody found a glitch to skip like... 50% of the game... heh

EDIT: Forgot to add, that's 15 minutes for America, Realistically about 17 for Greece (unless you go for the Stage 3 bike jump which saves like 8 or so mins, but the trick is impossible) I am unsure about the other levels, but lets say about 20 for Java, 20 for Siberia and 10 for Comet, that's a run length of about an hour and a half
I go fast I guess
New Glitch discovered. Used to skip Atlantis, much higher success rate than the Bike Jump (Note: This was done on an Emulator BUT it is possible to do on console, just the timing of the TNT is different)

Back story, I was looking at Body Harvest related videos when I spotted a Youtuber by the name of Leon Oliveira had commented "I loved this game, I made so many cool glitches" So naturally I inquired to him to share some with me. He said " Try to put a TNT in front of a door, and calculate the very last second before it explodes, then you hit the button to open the door. It will make Adam fly by the explosion, but won't take your health." I was intrigued by this so I went and tried it immediately, and whadda you know, off goes little Adam into the sky. So I thought of where it could be useful, and voila, Atlantis Skip made easy.

A few things can go wrong when you do this

1. You land in the water, you need to place the TNT centrally at the door so you don't fly off at a 90 degree angle
2. You enter the house too early and the TNT doesn't explode, as soon as you leave. BOOM. Run over
3. You enter to late and don't get the boost when you exit the house, then you have no house to use for the glitch
4. You enter on some strange moment and still get killed from the TNT explosion before you enter
5. You fly too high from the explosion and get stuck in the Sky, yes, that happens.

I missed something out after you get across the water, you NEED to get the Plane because when you destroy the processser there is no way to get to the portal for the Shield Gen, not even the Hangar on the island with the Red Planes work. To get to the plane you need a bike close by to you when you land, there is a small stretch of land where a Mantasaur spawn, you need to make it over there, then you can just head north to the Plane Hanger

I am not even sure this is faster than the Bike Jump strat, but it is WAY easier than it.
DS Dictator
Oh wow, if only TNT actually existed in the other stages. I'm sure there is a way to buffer the timing to make it more consistent.
What about changing items in a pattern:
Eg, after seeing the weapon change animation ~5-6 times you can press A to open the door to guarantee perfect timing.
I go fast I guess
Perhaps, I will look into it at some point. I did think you might be able to get the same effect with Grenades, but grenades explode on impact, so nope.
I go fast I guess
I've been busy.

Using the TNT explosion boost, you can launch the Bike into the air. Not sure how useful it is, but interesting none the less.

IF it is possible to somehow make it past the Shield Wall in levels, whether it be going over of going under it, the rest of the level functions as normal. I performed this trick using a gameshark code that unlocks "Hidden" cheat codes that are not usually available in normal game play. Can't be used in a speedrun, but just shows that everything in a level functions as normal if you happen to bypass the barrier
I go fast I guess
Greena, I testing the weapon swap animation to get perfect timing on the explosion boost on an emulator and 8 weapon swaps should be enough to pinpoint success. (So perhaps 7 on a console depending on speed) Place the TNT, as soon as you hear the TNT "ssss" start swapping, after the "shoosh" of the 8th weapon swap open the door, and get launched into space.

i was messing with the atlantis skip on an emulator and found that getting hit by a goliath can help you jump the gap with a motorcycle. you lose a little time to get the goliath in place but you might even save time overall since you can keep the motorcycle on the other side of the gap. it took tons of tries to get it to work on emulator so it's still an awful trick to make, but maybe someone can find a good setup to get the goliath in just the right spot for it