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the little island is super small, yep it's hard to hit it just right and often takes several tries to get.

here are some siberia vids i've worked on. i'm showing the route using the VTOL and the route without, to decide what's ultimately faster. without having finished, it seems like the jet is definitely the way to go though.

part 1, killing the first processor, running over the top of the iceberg and down the shore to the nuclear plant.

part 2, letting the plant blow up, killing the 2nd processor in the APC and driving to start the oil rig countdown:

part 2, saving the nuke plant, taking the jet through to the third area and starting the countdown:

part 3 of the jet route, featuring the pickup and dive to the aqua tank, and flying to siberia 4:

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GITech: 2014-08-27 09:57:45 pm
To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Great Job bh guy!

But, I think I can tell you are using PJ64 2.x.xx.x ...causing the game to slowdown and "pop" the sound allot.

If you are thinking you just have slowdown, and therefore would not be able to ever use my emu with texture pack, then you just need to try it.

The version of the emu and plugins I have were developed by Zilmar and Jabo while I was part of the Alpha team so they happen to be the most tailored for BH... and I.

Use my emu version and you will have perfect performance (even while using the texture pack) as long as your PC isn't a true dinosaur. Or, I may be wrong, but man am I curious if you could fix your lag by using a different version of PJ64.

I have cleaned up and prepared a new emu and texture pack to download and give a whirl:

New Emu setting: In the Graphics Configuration under Rom Settings tab I set "Direct 3D Clear Mode" to "Always".  This stops the sky from duplicating anything in it's region on every frame. Sorry about that if you used the first pack.

I'm initially curious if anyone can even use my pack as I intend. I've DL'ed my own pack and it works just by unpacking it, but I'm curious if 'anyone else' would need to install the PJ64 in the pack or something.

Yes I'm on project 64 but it runs fine. The slowdown is from mirillis action which I'm using to record. I tested the game's speed with it recording and not recording, and there's a slowdown of about 5 percent while it's running. So my videos are actually slower than a real console run will be, which is a good thing =]
Hail to the King
Quote from GITech:
I have cleaned up and prepared a new emu and texture pack to download and give a whirl:

Is there a fix for the clipping issues of emulation, or is that still a problem to be dealt with?
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GITech: 2014-08-29 08:33:42 pm
To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
It's still a problem to be dealt with.

But, it's not toooo bad. In fact it is better now in my game (this emu) than it was starting out 6 years ago. It's hard to explain but, just by the passage of time (I can only imagine that) playing the same saves and save states, and saving both ways randomly but not continuing with saves that regress the issue.. I can now walk up several more stairs than I could originally.

For example, the ground level collision box and stairs works for buildings/houses in Greece, Adam can walk up and stand on/in the top of the first floor, though you can enter open second story doors which is nice/good. No problem with the windmill or the Boat Gate that you need the windmill cog for. The only real "intended route" progress halting issue here is that you cannot get to the door of the "Boat House" to get the boat that enables you to get to and back from the sunken temple in front of the three sisters. All you need to do is get over that mountain with the cave with the dude who sends you to the three sisters statues, etc. I have gotten over it a few different ways.

In Java Adam can walk up both of the pitch/angle stairs/ramps of the Batak houses (the small/wooden huts), letting you into the swamp boat huts. It's a much easier "explosion boost", to have one of those ramming bugs run into your car and blow it up, while you are parked near the cliff on the west side of the south cable car building. You should aim the bugs/your trajectory a bit diagonally to the north-north-west, toward a flatter patch of shore with a climbable slope so you can get up to the road and make your way a bit east to the north cable car building for the jeep. Note/bad: you cannot go up "steep" stairs/ramps, but with a few tricks java can be played through normally other wise.

The only issue in America is you can't stand on the top of the Hospital so you can't get to the helicopters. You need to use the Sniper Rifle to shoot the Processor on top of the hospital from the ground behind the hospital. Stand near the dump truck and you can hit him through the building while his shots get blocked by the concrete that juts up right in front of you. Then make your way north to the shield portal by taking a vehicle west of the hospital up and off the side of the parking ramp... down to the drainage ditch area way down below. Once you can't drive north any longer due to a small pond of water, swim across and continue to the shield portal on foot. All the rest of America can be completed normally.

In Siberia Adam can walk up onto small ramps such as the train station boarding platform, allowing all of Siberia to be completed completely normally. 

All of Comet works fine!

I'm not sure how it has happened but a few of these things I mention as 'working' (above) was not so years ago when I first started messing with (retexturing) Body Harvest in this emu and working with the PJ64 Alpha team, some have even fixed themselves just within the last year or so. The emu is self learning! LOL Roll Eyes  ...For example: Savestate #10 in the emu pack I uploaded has drastically different and worse "clipping" issues, such as you can NOT walk near that big hut right in front of you, and you can NOT go up ANY stairs/ramps at all. The invisible walls/geometry are worse/higher. (wink)

To see the "clipping" issue for yourself, while using a weapon with a small impact, like the machine gun or the sun shield, you can see the weapon impact hitting "invisible geometry" that shouldn't exist or is wrong (angle/height), such as a vertical invisible wall that is only about chest height to Adam (in my emu version, at this time) that exists at the base of "steep" stairs/ramps (eg; boathouse in Greece 3, large huts and cable car buildings in Java). Seeing this may be interesting!? 

Anyway, I have finished the game a few times in this emu within the last 6 months or so (thanks to Siberia fixing itself). I have finished BH on console many many times, even on Hero once! thumbsup

If you get really stuck, I can make a vid for you showing how to proceed.

I'm interested in how it works for "you", also.  Wink

And, if you're asking 'cause you think you can fix it... then I am here for ya and I can point you to some good info from the good old days of you need it!!

I go fast I guess
I haven't had much luck with Java 3 and 4. Probably because I haven't been practicing much, I just don't have the time.

Sadly I will be starting College next week so Body Harvest is going to be taking a back seat. Perhaps when I get a hold of an American version of Body Harvest I will pick it back up again.

I wish you guys luck on breaking this game, I'm sure sub hour might be possible! I will be back, I just don't know when. Grin
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To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Awe, that sucks. I hope you the best of luck in your endeavors! What will you major in?

Hopefully you'll be back just in time for the texture pack to be done! Grin thumbsup

I'm putting more work into these new Greece textures than I've ever done before. I'm doing them in groups. Like all of the walls, windows and doors of the 'first island' houses I've worked on since the last WIP release... they are shared among each other, of houses of a similar-but-different type, and all change to a new texture set when damaged. This requires them to all be interchangeable, hence this presents a unique (AKA:PITA) problem when building/designing these textures. So, I have been revisiting the groups in planed phases, adding and adjusting, more and more layers, to build/match/age/polish them all as much as is practical.

In addition to helping you guys anyway I can with the Any% run, I'd also really like to get started on routing a speedrun too. I've been wondering what kind of speedrun I should do as a reflection of my personal experience with the game. I've played this game for almost 17yrs (I'm old!), with the first 11yrs being only on console (I got my first PC in 2007 Undecided ), and have been doing a texture pack for it since 2008 to beautify our beloved game world..

I was thinking of doing a All Artifacts and Weapon Crystals run, without the need to complete all side missions. This should make the game a bit harder as the Human Life meter 'could' get high, and much more of the gameplay would be seen in the shinny new world, without being too long. I would think it could still be done in less than 2 hours, but that's just a guess at this point. Gotta come up with a catchy name for the run, hmmmm....

I'm looking forward to seeing a new Any% run completed with all of these great strats you guys are coming up with on here!! 


bb64, thanks again for your comment on my texture work! Much appreciated. Would you like me to send you a USA copy of BH?  I've given away ~25 copies of this game over the years and I think I could spare one more. Wink PM me.

Good luck, everyone, in everything,
I go fast I guess
So, turns out I start College (Well it is technically University but I still call it College) on Wedensday. GI, I'm doing Computing and Higher National Certificate (UK).

Anyway, I think I can get in a few more attempt at Greece before I start. I want to see if I can break 13:30 with my new TNT strat (that I still haven't shown you guys yet). Either way, things are good Smiley
i've still been playing on siberia and the comet a little bit.

in siberia i found that if you fly the scud missile through the shield portal into a different stage and blow it up there, the game will actually freeze. it blows up fine, and the camera returns to the scud truck, but as soon as you push a button to get out of the truck the screen will freeze. the background music keeps playing though. it's ridiculously hard to get the missile through the portal, it seriously took me dozens of save states and reloads.

i haven't found anything of interest really on the comet but i want to do some timings of the optimal ammo strategies for the bosses and blowing up the engines when i get a chance. marshmallow and leftysheroes have some pretty good comet videos earlier in the thread.

good luck in school blackbox, and good luck jay if you start your own run too!
I go fast I guess

YUUUS, using the new TNT strat that puts you in a similar place after you do the Bike Jump, I've managed to shave off just under 40 seconds! I did fudge up on some of the splits, but if I didn't, sub 13 on PAL is defiantly possible! That's how I want to go! Cheesy

a new but useless (for now) acid river jump at the start of the comet. it doesn't take you to the alien city entrance.
I go fast I guess
Cool, I'm going to hop on the Emulator and take a wizz at the Comet, I also want to do a run of Greece on Emulator, just to see how fast it is.
I go fast I guess

Fragcannoning from the mark spot will get you to the spot where I am. there is a hill and a large elevated platform. You get good height off it. there is a hill there so you need to drive up and down it to gain good backwards momentum, then you Frag off the cliff and continue to Frag until you exit the Acid, and you can refill you HP at the save point. I do not know if it is faster than jumping at the North-East of the map, somebody needs to time it.

Also, YESH NTSC on Emulator is TOO FAST. Mother of god xD I'll take Console anyday
That seems to be the spot leftysheroes discovered years ago
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To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Quote from bh guy:

ok here's a not-super-great quality video of my greece run, it comes in around 11:37 but can be a lot faster still.

Great run anyway bh guy! Interesting about the scud missile, funny. Thanks for the encouragement on building a 100% (?) run. I think it will take at least 6 months or so considering I will be doing the texture pack in tandem. SGDQ 2015? Unlikely, but I can hope and try.

Today, I am going to try my first full Greece runs too. If I get an OK time I will post a vid.  I woke up wanting too, but I just re-watched bh guys' vid (since the first time I read through the thread) and now I have even more enthusiasm to try all these new any% strats out and join in on the fun!

bb64, computing is good! 40 seconds.. nice! I have my brother who runs a game store/stand on the weekends bringing home another copy of BH today, so go ahead and send me your addy'. I'm interested in your reaction to the speed of the NTSC on console too!

I've got some ideas that I came up with while retexturing... lol. Standing still and wanting to spend as little time as possible walking around with Adam to position the camera so I can get a good view of say, a window, for retexturing has led me to think rolling could be faster than walking if done correctly. The distance of the roll can be short or long, and if you can maintain "long rolls" in the correct direction it may be faster than just walking. I'm going to test this today too. 

I'm curious about your new explosion boost strat bb64?

Oh, and I AM new to SR'ing and am unfamiliar with software that does the split timing/recording/streaming, etc. Anyone got some links to give me a good start? Thanks. Smiley

Ok, I need to start running now..

Update: Rolling consecutively is slower than walking I think. Timed it and it's 5 seconds slower running from the first message box to the edge of the new textures on the other shoreline. Too bad. I think it may still be useful in certain situations where you could save a few turning or sliding animation frames trying to say, get to a door that's close but at a bad angle.
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blackbox64: 2014-09-06 02:45:13 pm
blackbox64: 2014-09-06 02:43:38 pm
I go fast I guess
Thanks GI, I'll send you a PM

As for the Explosion boost, if you watch my first recorded run, the 14 minute one, you'll see the explosion boost sent me to west towards the tunnel, the one that I used to to get the time above was a boost to the North-East landing me in the area just a bit ahead of where you land after the impossible bike jump. I just then hop into a Sallon and drive to the Airport. I'll try and upload a video tonight, but if not tonight I will get it up tommorow.

Something also occurred to me, Body Harvest doesn't really have that many Glitches, so to say. All of the tricks in the game are just heavy sequence breaks. Sure, the TNT boost is a glitch, and perhaps walling over high hills is a glitch but the run really is just sequence breaks.

EDIT: As for streaming and splits software, the SRL website has links to different software that you can use. I record my proper runs with a Dazzle DVC100 and Pinnacle DVD software
Rolling is definitely slower,  but something I looked at is doing that weird slide where you snap the joystick back and forward again. Over a long flat distance it seems like it is about the same as walking, maybe even a tenth of a second faster. But on steep up hills it seems significantly faster, like in my Siberia 1 video. This needs further looking into imo
I go fast I guess
Video response too GITech

IMO 3rd Fastest Atlantis Skip. Beaten of course by the Bike Jump
I go fast I guess
Hmm, while doing a run of Greece, after I killed the second processer the message with Daisy telling me that she was sending a becon was active while I still had control of Adam... don't ask me how to replicate it, but it certainly was interesting
To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Nice ALL! Did a ton of running and trick trying today too. Busy now. Be back tomo.. Wink
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Jack of all Trades
We have a bustling little BH community here. Warms my heart.

bh guy:

Your America 1 video doesn't work anymore. I want to see it because people are talking about doing it without the hotrod, which I thought was required for the big jumps.

How do you make such sharp turns in the flying vehicles? Is that related to keyboard use in an emulator or can you do that on console too?


Those TNT tricks are god tier, had me rolling. Reminded me of the HL2 trick where you bounce across a canyon using a little electrical ball enemy.

Praise Leon Oliveira.

Quote from GITech:
I thought I had a huge skip in America 3 by first getting one of the military jeeps that goes fast with the Nitro Fuel, taking it directly to the hanger to get the Nitro fuel, then immediately using it to drive south for a hard right-then left, through that gate that can be knocked down now that you have the turbo speed inertia to break through it. Did you guys know about that one? Just curious.

Do you mean this?

Starts about 0:45.

Outstanding issues:

Will the runs be done by real time or ingame time? Ingame is super goofy, especially with the title screen and loading the file. I think the only major change with ingame time would be having to do this instead of going through the tunnel because the rig countdown timer doesn't go down indoors.

That's kinda tough, or at least it was for me at the time. I remember lefty or someone said they used to know another way that involved going up an ice shore, but I never found anything.

I don't think anyone has confirmed shooting the Java 2 proc in the head with a grenade from the jeep kills it instantly yet.

Has anyone done any tests to see if getting better FPS helps you go faster, similar to looking down in GE/PD? Maybe only marginal benefits. I thought flying really high and letting everything be shrouded by fog might help, but maybe not. I noticed in some vids you guys travel with the camera right behind the vehicle which to me is awkward so I was wondering if that was just your preference or did frame conservation come into it, like maybe if you're zoomed in the engine doesn't have to render as much maybe.
I go fast I guess
The sharp turns are from the Emulator control plugins, different plugins give different turn angles and I think BH guy is using the default plugin which has the strongest turning angle.

I am no sure about the FPS thing, I do certainly see when I run that in areas where a large number of enemies are on screen at once (for example the start of greece 3) that the game does lag a bit, so I do try and keep them out of frame so they don't cause the lag. I don't know how much time it saves.

I tested to see if the Saloon could make the jump in Greece 2 in an attempt to skip getting the bike, but no luck, it does not make it far enough.
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blackbox64: 2014-09-07 09:25:45 am
I go fast I guess

That was a nearly a perfect boss fight! Simple amazing. I truly believe that Sub 10 on NTSC is a possibility. Of course, this run can still be improved slightly, my sum of best reads 12:25... sub 12 on PAL? Nah... that's too much to ask for.
I go fast I guess
I have been messing around on the Emulator, and I've come across some interesting details.

When you shoot the Pistol in a vehicle, you get pushed back a small amount, so I took the Bike to a long stretch of road, and I combined reverse brake boosting (or in this case forward boosting... it's weird) with shooting the pistol and... well, I'm not sure. I was looking to see if it gave you longer distance on the Greece 2 jump, and I attempted the Impossible Bike jump with it but still no luck.

Also, if anybody wants to follow my Twitch, it's
I have bad internet and I live in the UK so I don't imagine Streaming will be a common thing. I might try at night or early morning when the internet is faster.
I go fast I guess

SOLID, That was one lucky Shield Generator.

Greece is getting preatty tight, not much room for error anymore. I can still do it slightly faster. Sum of best reads 12:14. But that time comes from the Processer 3 split... what :/, How am I losing 9 seconds on that split, interesting.