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Hey Guys, sorry if i interrupt the discussion. My english isnt that good so i had trouble to figure out if you play on console or via emulator. If its the last, could you please tell me how you get the game working? If not, dont mind me Smiley
I go fast I guess
We run on the American version of the game on console. Finding and perfect tricks on emulator most of the time. Body Harvest is kinda buggy on Emulator.
Thansk for the response, i know its very buggy for ages now. i managed to get to java to the cable car-building without glitches (thats my only real problem) but then i glitch through it again. i thought you might be more succesfull than me. thanks anyway
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I've been messing around with the TNT launch. My best result got me to land pretty much on top of the saloon that I would run to after the impossible bike jump which saves about 30 seconds of walking. If I can get max distance at the right trajectory however I think that it might be possible to launch from the pointer statue to the Winthropp Airfield on the fly(I have got enough distance but in the wrong direction.

BTW I did some Greece runs with the TNT launch and I don't know where you cut your time but my best was 10:54(actual game time was 10:08 but I added time for when I was inside buildings) after touchdown in Java prob 10:29ish when I landed the kill shot on the crab and it could still be improved.

Continuing test run at start of America time is 23:08 game time prolly 23:55ish real time. Probably could save at least a minute on Java but I'm just trying to get an idea of a time to shoot for in a SS with TNT launch so Im willing to live with some mistakes.

Start Siberia 34:01 game tme. 35:13 real time approximate. Definte time to be saved in America although the boss fight was almost perfect.
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Stopping it just to say I am following this. Please keep posting
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I finished my little test run. Assuming that my understanding of this games timer is correct the test run was about 1:06 real time. The game timer was 1:02.28. So level by level discussion:

GREECE 1: Getting the TNT here loses a full minute. Also getting the Saloon saves literally 2-4 seconds which is nowhere near as much as I thought it would be.
                I did test and it is absolutely worth getting the machine gun from the bunker with the TNT. It saves 6 seconds on this stages Processor.

GREECE 2: There is a little trick that you can use to jump over the river at the beginning to skip the bridge and save a couple seconds but I do it   
                consistently. The machine gun saves 14-15 seconds on this Processor mainly due to it having huge range compared to the pistol
                allowing you to take a direct route across the island to the boat and just stop halfway across to blast the processor.

GREECE 3: There is a trick to get a bike into this stage at the start that apparently saves 8-10 seconds but I don't know how to do it yet. I do
                intend to learn it. Anyway TNT launch versus the Impossible Bike Jump. All told my best version so far of the TNT launch is about 15
                - 20 seconds slower than the an optimal bike jump with the setup and backing up the hill as I do it in the video. Personally I have
                NEVER made that jump without driving to the cliff and lining it up first. If you did that it would be 33-38 seconds faster to do the jump
                that way. The reason I'm using the TNT launch despite it being slower is that I will be able to optimize the rest of the game much better
                by being able to get through Greece more than once in every 300-500 attempts which is the approx success rate for the jump.

GREECE TOWER: It's faster to just take the tower with the plane which leaves 2 TNT charges to play with.

GREECE BOSS: I hate this f'ing random crab so much.           

JAVA 1: It seems that if you swim in a way so that the bomb chucking fish are not on screen they have a significantly lower chance of hitting you.
            The processor should be fought with the pistol. Shorewalking to the airboat is faster.

JAVA 2: I will be blasting through the Roach Gunners here. It is faster pretty consistent with practice but you have to know exactly what the hell
            your doing. Contrary to popular belief the processor is easy.

JAVA 3/4: Using the same Gyrocopter all the way through the Shield Tower would probably save 45-60 seconds. For the Tower the idea is to take out 3 pods with
              the weakened chopper and at least get near the fourth one before losing it and then take the fourth out with the pistol. The turrets/roach gunners will
              then proceed to wipe out the tower portion in literally a second or two without you doing anything. The problem here at least for me is that the
              processor never seems to drop any health and his health is absolutely necessary to escape with the Gyro.  This probably has something to do with the
              total number of enemies on the map so hopefully there is some route that I can fly to avoid spawning enough aliens so that the proc drops his health
              relatively consistently otherwise many runs are going to end here.
              EDIT: Got the processor to drop his health 6 times in a row by flying on the same route. I feel like whether he spawns has to do with how many Jellies
                        Roach Gunners you spawn on the flight down. The path also puts you in great position to blast the proc in the face literally on sight.  Rushing the
                        shield tower with a beaten up Gyrocopter is also surprisingly simple. All that I have to do is just dodge the rockets until I'm in range and then do
                        launch a barrage of rockets right to left using the red crosshair as a guide. Boom 3 pods down. At that point as long as I land near the final pod
                        it doesn't matter if I lose the copter cause my pistol plus friendly fire on the tower from the aliens brings it down literally in seconds.

JAVA BOSS: I have a awesome strat for this guy this fight goes the exact same way pretty much every time.

AMERICA: This is all about America 1. There is a specific path to fly north to the shield portal that will spawn the helicopter things pretty close so that you don't
                have to stand and wait for them as long. Other than that, having the helicopters/UFO just destroys the whole area.

SIBERIA 2: I found a way to manipulate the hoveros to get stuck on my boat so that it destroys the iceberg pretty quick so that I can get to the nuke plant 15 
                  about 10-15 seconds faster than the shorewalk but it seems that destroying the iceberg starts off a timer that causes a harvester wave to spawn
                  which basically screws you over at the nuke plant sequence so this is out.

SIBERIA 3: All about Sub Lift. I just need to come up with a quick and consistent setup for this.

SIBERIA 4: Basically this stage is all about knowing where to fly in order to avoid spawning aliens. On the initial flight to the base there is a very tight path you
                have to follow that will result in either 2 hoveros things or a harvester wave if messed up. I will err on the side of spawning the hoveros' however
                because they really don't pose that much of a threat ever. This is also the case when retrieving the scud launcher with the hangman B. One wrong
                line and you will spawn helicopter bug things which are really really bad news aka youre screwed.

SIBERIA TOWER: Its worth pointing out that a 3 minute timer starts after you defeat the 4th processor and if youre not on the Alien Comet already when it
                          expires its game over. That being said rushing this tower is absolutely ridiculous. Basically its kind of like the Java tower except that the way
                          the VTOL fires rockets makes it harder to hit the pods. Also I can't lose the VTOL so basically the strategy here is to fly in and destroy 3 pods
                        in one pass and then do a tight loop around for the fourth and the tower itself. Unfortunately, a ton of helicopter bugs spawn right next to the
                        tower and if they all decide to turn their machine guns on you instead of shooting pulse balls and flying off you're almost certainly going to die
                        and there really isn't anything you can do about it.
SIBERIA BOSS: I will be practicing this guy literally all the time because there is a strategy to get a quick kill against him that I will need to be able to pull off
                        100% of the time due to the timer.

COMET: Up to the acid river jump its all about taking the proper path to avoid spawning aliens. Done correctly, only 2 flying things and one suppressor will
            spawn and they are easily dealt with. I plan to luck manipulate getting the resonators from the crystal in the acid river to give me 6. 2 for the black
            Alpha Command thing and 1 each for each engine(this will save at least 30 seconds and maybe as much as a minute). Also to avoid having to collect
            massive amounts of extraneous lazer missle drops from the engines I will be save/quit/restarting at the save point before fighting Scorpio in order to
            get his drops. Basically this is what I will need ammo wise for the whole comet.
                    One crystal in the first area(10 Fragcannon,10 Lazer Missles)
                    Two Green Crystals near acid river jump(6 Resonator)
                    4 Lazer Missle pickups total from the engines(1 for each engine)
                    Scorpios's drops.
Usage 10-15 Lazer Missles(2 Suppressors on way to acid fiver jump and destroying Crystals)
          10 Fragcannon for Acid River Jump
          2 Resonator for Dark Alpha Command Fight.
          4 Resonator + 16 Lazer Missles for engine.
        ~ 40 Lazer Missles for Scorpio.
          Scorpio will drop plenty of stuff to fight the final boss with.

FINAL BOSS: Resonator(from Scorpio) first set of arms. One of the arms will drop resonator for the second set of arms. Then Fragcannon to face to
                    finish him.         

Willing to teach you the impossible
Way to cut over half the time off this game. I know it took a long time and a bunch of people.

Personal request: Any chance of you making a generalized single segment run? Or are most of the strats now require way too much luck? I really just want to see the current route, single video or segmented. I just prefer ss.
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leftysheroes: 2015-05-29 09:08:28 pm
Actually there really isn't a whole lot of luck associated with this game at least the route I will be using. I am doing it Single Segment with one quit/restart on the Alien Comet so I can get Scorpio's drops( so it will be I guess SS/resets or RTA which I'm pretty sure is allowed here now).

The only real truly luck dependent part of the run will be getting the Resonator from the crystal in the river in the Alien Comet because there really is no way to manipulate where the pick-me-up goes after you destroy the crystal.

That being said Heidrage I'm thinking about setting up a twitch account to stream attempts after I get up to speed on all the tricks. I still need to find a setup to do the sub lift consistently but if that's something you would be interested in I should probably be only need another week or so of practice before I will be ready to start making legit attempts at this.

EDIT: I just practiced sub-lift for 4 hours and I found a setup for it. There is a little atoll under water that I can park the sub on that makes grabbing it with the hangman very easy. Its too far to swim but there is a boat nearby that I can pick up with the hangman and place it over where I will park the sub. I still need tons of practice on it but on my successes I was on average saving 25-30 seconds over my most aggressive strats just driving the sub to the processor. I still would like to find a way to climb the icy shore to save another 20 seconds but that seems pretty unlikely at this point.
Alright got all of the equipment I need(I think) so barring any technical difficulties first stream of this game should be Friday evening starting around 8-9pmish if anyones interested. I will probably do a full route demo at the very least.
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I'm interested to see how this can be pulled off in a single sitting run.
I'm assuming that I will die at least once in the full run demo but the game saves at the start of every main area so if/when that happens(Siberia Tower anyone) I won't have to start at the beginning of the game again. I do think that I will be able to get a legit SS run of this at some point now that I there is a trick that is close enough in speed to the impossible bike jump that I don't have to do it but it will probably take at least a month or two of trying, maybe more but that comes with the territory for getting an SDA quality run.

I have completed this game in one shot with every trick that I will be using in this run with the exception of the atlantous temple skip before but that was before TNT launch was discovered so when I did it it was impossible bike jump or temple and just to see if I could actually get through the game with everything else I just did the damn temple and I was able to get through with the rest of the tricks in one go so it is absolutely possible it will just take time.
Here is the link to my new channel. I still have no idea what the hell I'm doing so for now its going to be a real good product but as of now this is the best I can do. I will be starting the full game route demo at 10pm Eastern Time.
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leftysheroes: 2015-06-11 03:56:29 pm
I have a recorded run that I got through Siberia 4 and was heading for the Shield Tower and then my game froze OUCH.

Luckily I would not have submitted it because the TNT launch landed me in not the best spot and the Goliath in Java 1 really trolled me but I did all of the tricks including:
Greece 2 bike jump
TNT launch
Java 1 Goliath Boost I need to practice this because I'm pretty sure that the bad Goliath luck Im getting is due to me doing something wrong.
Java 2 Hill climb first try
Java 4 Gyrocopter storm skip. I should have just rushed the tower with my crippled copter instead of switching here but I wanted to get through Java for once.
Siberia 3 Sub Lift.

The only real bad execution error that I can thinking of was triggering a pair of Hoveros' flying through the start of Siberia 4. There were a couple bad lick things that happened as well. I got stuck on an alien helicopter on America 1 flying back to the processor. The Siberia 2 processor fight I got terrible luck and almost lost the VTOL so I had to back off and kill a scorpion for health.

If anyone wants to watch this let me know and I will post it up.
Willing to teach you the impossible
I dont see any past broadcasts on your twitch page.
Heidrage I still have quite a bit to learn about streaming I'm kind of a not tech person.

The good news is that I got another really good run which actually didn't freeze on me this time but the Siberia boss decided to be a dick and I panicked due to the fact that I knew the game over timer was counting down and he killed me. Sad I redid the boss fight and actually got a very good fight against him which is pretty much what the fight is supposed to look like so I will put that run up on my youtube tomorrow after work and link it here.
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leftysheroes: 2015-06-14 09:51:43 pm
Part 1

The TNT launch was pretty good but still could have been a few seconds faster.

Shield Tower should have been better by going counterclockwise around it with the plane is kind of a new strategy for me.

There are slightly faster ways to set up the Goliath trick in Java 1 but what I do here is 100% guaranteed success.

I should have just ignored the mutant on Java 2 and just hoped for the best but I wanted to actually get to the later stages for once.

There is a faster way to get onto the rocky area in Java 3 leading to the Gyro that saves something like 5-10 seconds but it happens randomly and didn't here.

Not killing the Jelly to trigger the cutscene where the Roach Gunners are destroyed causes the game to soft lock after you take the shield tower so that really sucks.

The scorpions not cooperating in America 1 was actually my fault cause they can actually be led around pretty effectively if done properly.
I've always thought this would be a neat speedgame and I'm glad to see it getting properly routed.
for the lulz:

Willing to teach you the impossible
still following
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bh guy: 2015-12-23 02:19:37 pm

here's the culmination of a bunch of messing around in america 1, a way to destroy the cactus 40+ seconds faster. it's nowhere near as hard as the greece bike jump but it's still not recommended for a single segment run either.

i think if you really got lucky, it could be faster by some seconds to lure the goliath (ramming bug) down the canyon to take down the cactus instead of luring the helicopter enemies. but the helicopter guys are at least *somewhat* consistent, whereas the goliath easily trips over his own feet. maybe a TAS someday could optimize it.
bh guy if you can I want you to look into something for me.

I've been having issues with Siberia that are extremely problematic. Basically there are 3 different places in the stage where I'm basically having the game freeze on me.
-There are 2 occasions one in Siberia 3 and one in Siberia 4 where I transfer from the Spectre VTOL into a Hangman B. For both of these situations there is an ~15% chance that
Adam will be magically warped into suspended animation at the top of the map effectively softlocking the game and ending the run.
The second is after killing the Siberia 4 Processor there is a ~60% chance the game will just freeze on me outright en route to the shield tower.
To sum it up the 12 of the last 15 runs that I managed to make it to Siberia on were ended by the game freezing/soft locking Sad

This would have to be done on an actual game cart and not emulator because I want to know if the issues with game freezing that I am having are unique to my cart : not.
The following tricks would need to be used: Siberia 1 hill climb to proc. Siberia 2 iceberg skip/shore walk/Siberia 3 sub lift(I have  a fairly easy way to do this and I can make a video if you need help with it).
I have tried to find a replacement cart but to this point I haven't been able to find one anywhere. The reason that I wonder this is that marshmallow mentioned in the comments for his run that he had major issues with his cart freezing on America 2 and that just doesn't happen on mine so maybe I wont have the problem with a different cart.

It is worth pointing out, however, that the Siberia 4 freezing didn't start happening until I started doing sub lift so maybe that has something to do with it but I really don't know.

Your America 1 route looks interesting but there is one possible problem. I don't think its possible to knock down the white gates with the police truck on console. That's the biggest reason that I just get the hotrod in runs. It's easier and I have to get the dumptruck thing to knock down the gate anyway.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Im willing to trade carts, I think my local shop has a few copies as well. Let me know if i can help.
ive had that warp/soft lock bug happen even on emulator a few times. but i can't look into any cart issues because i dont have one. they seem to be plentiful on ebay for fairly cheap though.
I did some experimenting and it turns out that it is possible to knock down the fence down with the police truck on console but you have to be going full speed while brakeboosting like a crazy person to make it work. Even with this if you ram the edge of one of the fence sections there is a chance that it still just won't work.

This basically means that using the police truck for the two jumps saves 45+ seconds on this stage. The first jump is really easy as long as I stop breakboosting right after driving through the fence I make it pretty much every time. The second jump, however, is quite difficult. I think how the trick works is that there is something in the programming to make a vehicle go into a jump animation if it hits the edge of a gap while traveling at a certain speed(that being the max speed of the hotrod).

The problem is that there isn't a visual marker to determine where to stop breakboosting when approaching the second jump and the window to stop to make sure you are at a proper speed doesn't seem to be that big. On the positive note if the second jump doesn't work correctly there is a very high percentage chance (95+%) that you'll hit the wall in a way that you can pop out and just walk to the building with the processor. The walk takes ~45 seconds so it still doesn't end up being slower than grabbing the hotrod.

Quote from Heidrage:
Im willing to trade carts, I think my local shop has a few copies as well. Let me know if i can help.

I probably won't be start seriously grinding this game again until after spring semester in school ends in may(right now I'm just working on the America 1 thing trying to get it consistent and its probably going to take a while.) There is also some comet strategies that I really need to work on so there really is no rush to make a decision about this right now. If you end up coming through Pittsburgh maybe you could bring your cart and let me test my route on it to see if the freezing still happens.