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I go fast I guess
Ugh, I really hope this Bike Jump is not faster than the TNT explosion trick. The bike jump is just far too tedious with a really low success rate... Well if somebody finds a way to make it easier then I will happily do it...

Hang on.. be right back... gonna test something.
I go fast I guess
Right, last contribution before I chuck myself out the window.

No offense to the bike jump, but since this TNT explosion thing has grabbed my interest I am doing everything to avoid doing the bike jump. It's just not for me.

I am going to grind locations to use this TNT trick, and I shall return when I either have completed a run of Greece, or discovered something new... or given up... trying to translate these trick onto console is proving a task and a half.
wow awesome find on TNT launching over the tunnel. I was able to do it a few times with no problem, sometimes completely to the other side without even landing on the roof. it should be very possible in a single segment run. the detour to get the TNT may mean the bike jump is still faster for segmented though, needs to be timed
I go fast I guess
Now this, is much better.

I will be using this trick from now on in my Runs. It is easier than the bike jump, faster than the previous TNT explosion trick, and usually works 100% of the time as long as you follow the same setup as I do. Smiley
I go fast I guess
Just completed my First Any% Run of Greece. I got a time of 15:05.79. Here is what I did and my splits

Bridge: Lower the Bridge in the first area
Split Time: 0:55 Overall Time: 0:55
Note: This was pretty much perfect.

Split Time: 1:05 Overall Time: 2:00
Note: Pretty much perfect too

Processer 1: Kill the First Processer
Split Time: 1:41 Overall Time: 3:42
Note: I grabbed the Machine Gun from the TNT cave, which costs about 10 second, but it greatly speeds up the killing of Processers 1 and 2

Processer 2: Kill the Second Processer
Split Time: 1:31 Overall Time: 5:13
Note: I thought this went well, could probably go faster

Plane: Get to the hanger and grab the Plane
Split Time: 4:57 Overall Time: 10:11
Note: This is the split where I preform the new TNT explosion trick seen in my post above, I managed to achieve a speedy setup but I landed in a peculiar area, but it might have been faster as there was already a car close to me as I landed.

Processer 3: Kill the Third Processer
Split Time: 1:19 Overall Time: 11:31
Note: Killed the Proc in 1 cycle, so pretty much perfect

Shield Generator: Destroy the Shield Generator
Split Time: 1:40 Overall Time: 13:11
Note: I grabbed the green tank from the east shore of the Shield Gen island as I think it is fast, not sure.

Boss: Defeat the Boss
Split Time: 1:54 Overall Time: 15:05
Note: I can defiantly go faster on this Split. Not my best performance.

So there you go, I will post a run at some point, this was just my first try. Now if somebody could try a run with the bike jump and see if that is faster, that would be great.
I just did a whole bunch of timings on emulator, here are the methods from fastest to slowest as best as I could do them. the common starting point for timing is at the intersection in the road leading into the big Mixapolous town, riding a motorcycle:

classic bike jump: 1:17 to airport door
goliath push bike jump: 1:25 to airport door
tnt bike launch over tunnel: 1:05 to airport door + :50 detour to get tnt in stage 1 = 1:55
tnt door launch from house, straight north and landing by motorcycle and drive to airport door: 1:17 + :50 to get tnt = 2:07
tnt door launch from pointer statue->nico's truck->airport door: 1:35 to airport + :50 to get tnt = 2:25

so from these basic timings it seems the classic bike jump is still the king of them all. but for sanity, the tnt-bike launch over the tunnel is the fastest and can maybe even be consistent enough for single segment too.
hmm getting the machine gun by the tnt I timed at 11 or 12 extra seconds. to kill processors 1 and 2 with pistol is 9 seconds each, with machine gun about 3 seconds. so you spend 12 seconds to save 12 seconds, it evens out but maybe the machine gun is good for easier more consistent kills.
I go fast I guess
How on earth does one get the classic Bike Jump down on an console consistently? The sucsess rate of the classic bike jump is just far too risky, like you said, for single segment runs. The Jump from the house is consistent also. On a scale, the different types of atlantis skips are like this

Classic Bike jump: 5%
Goliath Bike Jump: Haven't tried but I'm guessing 50%
TNT Door launch from house: 90%
TNT Bike Launch: 50% (you have to jump on the bike pretty near the end of the fuse to get the full boost
TNT Door launch from Statue: 100% with the correct setup.

I dunno, I don't plan on segmented runs, I plan on single segment or single level runs, so I will take the consistent strats. Now all I gotta do is import a NTSC N64 and Body Harvest Copy so I can actually do full game runs.
classic bike jump seems more like <1%.. goliath bike jump is still maybe less than 5 or 10%, it took me many many save states on emulator to get it to work. the angle is everything there just like for the classic bike jump.

the tnt launches definitely seem ok for single segments, the time lost isn't a ton. but it's a depressing fact that the classic bike jump still trumps all, for a "perfect" run. for a TAS it would be trivial though
I go fast I guess
Most defiantly, I have only every got the Bike Jump once out of... I don't know how many tries. I always wondered if the TNT Door launch could launch you over the Shield Wall, but I got up really high once and the blue texture stops, but the shield itself doesn't stop
I go fast I guess
Just did some more runs of Greece, slightly intoxicated but whatever. Turns out my first attempt was... well, complete rear end material.

How the hell did I improve 30 seconds...
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Galindo: 2014-07-19 01:26:54 pm
Hail to the King
Edit:  Nevermind, looking through the thread I answered my own question.  I'm going to casually play through the game again and decide if I want to speedrun it.  I have a lot of nostalgia for this game.
one thing i noticed is that if you do any of the atlantis skips, the cutscene by the airport won't trigger, where the man in black blows up the planes and warps away. so i tested and it seems the actual trigger for making that cutscene appear is picking up the hieroglyphic piece in atlantis. but you don't actually have to use it or go through the tunnel itself, if you skip over the tunnel somehow again after getting it you'll still trigger the cutscene.

one other thing, i wanted to mention an idea i tried but failed... so i was thinking about the locked planes on the southern airport island and how you could possibly steal one. well i remembered how sometimes if you park a car right by a door and go inside, then when you come back out you'll just automatically jump into the vehicle since the space is so tight. so i thought maybe this could work with a locked airplane. i pushed one of them over by the door of the hangar building and went in. but when you come back outside, you still get the "vehicle is locked" message-- but since the space is so tight you'll just clip into the plane and get kind of stuck standing in it. with some wiggling you can usually get out of it though. oh well, it seemed like a decent idea at least ;p
I go fast I guess
I was attempting to TNT door launch myself from the Pointer Statues, and you are able to launch yourself to the west insted of the east, and land over where you can just drive up too the hanger, but the setup is a lot tighter and most of the time you end up in the water, I might look into it a bit more, it is defiantly faster than launching from the original position as you don't need to bike jump over the small gap
I go fast I guess
I also might have an irrational fear of moving onto Java... lol
I go fast I guess
Did a 14:17.10 in Greece just now, so sub 14 should be possible using the classic bike jump. I will now practice stages in Greece, test out routes and strats, THEN perhaps move onto Java, me and Java don't get along too well :/
i've recorded some good greece stuff on emulator including a full run, i used the Mirillis Action recording software but can't figure out how to get it converted or uploaded just yet :/
I go fast I guess
Fraps my friend, that's what I use for emulator purposes.
i was using fraps but the free version only records 30s at a time and it causes the game to slowdown
I go fast I guess
Oh, well I have the full version, I forgot that happened. Can't really think on an alternative.

ok here's a not-super-great quality video of my greece run, it comes in around 11:37 but can be a lot faster still.
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blackbox64: 2014-07-23 04:22:54 pm
I go fast I guess
Oh my god, that rustles my jimmies.

A few notes, since this is on Emulator, you need to account for console lag as on an emulator the game runs a lot smoother. I think the console losses about a minute and a half in lag time. I also don't know how much faster getting the yellow car from Greece 1 is than just keeping the Niko's Transport, although that route you took to the first processer is different to I took. Also. HOW DID YOU NOT GET TROLLED BY THE TROLL BRIDGE? That bridge in stage 3 is a sucker for me getting stuck on and I hate it Sad

I will test your route on an console at some point, minus jumping over the tunnel as I prefer the pointer statues for now, and see how much lag time is truly lost
i don't have the game on console anymore but i don't remember there being that much lag?

i think the yellow car is faster if you're going for the tnt, but if you were just going straight to the motorcycle i think it wouldn't be worth it.
I go fast I guess
Seriously, it lags. you have to wait 9 seconds before entering a building with the TNT explosion on an emulator, and 9.5 seconds on console, well, my console at least.
hmm i dont know. maybe you can minimize lag if you keep the camera zoomed in close most of the time at least. but the video is just for demonstration purposes and discussion anyway