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Hey, I was going to do my own advertising in due time Tongue But since the cat's out of the bag, here's a peek:
If all goes well, the first batch of hardware should be ready in 3 weeks or so, as said.  (that's an optimistic guess... don't mark it on your calendar or anything).

It'll be sold as a self-install kit -- board + screwdriver + usb cable.  I'm too poor to manufacture plastics, you get to carve an opening in the DS case yourself for the USB plug.  I haven't settled on a price yet, maybe $50-60? (how much would YOU be willing to pay?).  This is a small first run I'm making by hand, price could change if demand picks up.
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The video outputs through usb? Nice. No capture card needed.

I'd pay around $40-50 for it as an early adopter of the tech(and just the fact that I'm saving $120 over buying a 3DS, and then the cost of new capture tech). I'm fine with chopping a hole in my DS as well, I'm good with a dremel and sandpaper. Making them by hand is impressive though, knowing how small those resistors are I have trouble even contemplating soldering one on.
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Sorry in case I've leaked your Advertisement to early.
Only if it was usable on a DS Lite too, I'd buy it.
Not to be able to capture (I already am, as you know), just to re-use my DS Lite, and at the same time, I can use it for multiplayer purposes as well.
Fucking Weeaboo
I think $50-60 is a fair price, since we have to self install it.  If somebody else was installing it for me, then I'd pay more, closer to $100.
I am highly interested in this device. The $40-50 price range would be quite near irresistible, though I would probably be willing to pay $50-60 anyway. A real pity that you cant get them working on ds lites, though that is understandable as the LCD screens are quite different and would need to be reverse engineered all over again.

Well time to start looking for a ds phat Tongue
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AniMeowzerz: 2011-08-25 09:58:44 am
A straight up 50 + S&H sounds perfect to me, I'd be willing to fork out a little more if not the case. Looks like I'll be snagging that DS phat from my little brother after all :3

This also works out really well because I was considering getting an 80 dollar webcam to stream my ds footage... this is MUCH better =P
Waiting hurts my soul...
I'm definitely interested in a kit. Finally I'll be able to stream DS games.
You can count me in.  I'd be more than willing to pay extra to help you cover costs. 
Main Work!!!
Too bad it doesn't work either on a DS lite or a 3DS(My DS phat is broken) but if I find a way to repair it, I would be quite interested in this. like everyone seem to be saying between 50 to 60$ is a fair price if everything is nice with you.
DS Dictator

Nothing much spectacular, but it gives you an idea on how to move the brown cable (screen connector) by using a toothpick, it happens at 2:58 of the video.  I'm guessing that empty screen connector slot is how you connect the passthrough board?
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Hmm, if I have to tear open my DS to do this, does anyone know how these cases look in comparison to the originals? My DS was dropped a few times and has some minor scratches. If this color doesn't appear like the official blue DS, I'll just stick with my regular silver and deal with the scratches.

Anyway, my DS somehow still works after the abuse it has been through. It was used so often that the serial number sticker was actually worn off, it is blank white now.

Oh, how easy is it to make the USB hole in the case. I would assume it is simple, but I don't even know exactly where it goes. It looks to go on the silver section(above the black bottom piece) but I could be wrong.
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loopy: 2011-08-27 01:09:32 pm
The USB port is by the wrist strap hole.  Here are a few more pics. You can see the stylus holder also needs to be removed.
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ExtremeYoshiFan: 2011-08-27 11:00:42 pm
ExtremeYoshiFan: 2011-08-27 10:58:39 pm
That is depressing as I would lose my stylus all the time, but I guess I can deal with it. I'd go for some capture hardware over a stylus holder.

It looks salvageable if I sand the case and holder down and mount it on the top piece(the one with the buttons on it) as opposed to the bottom black panel. Think it is doable?

And yes, I actually would go through the trouble of doing that for something as trivial as a stylus holder.
It's a tight fit, it's PROBABLY still not going to work.  It sounds like you're determined enough to try anyway though Wink
DS Dictator
I am probably going to buy another DS Phat because my other PHAT model is recently getting calibration problems on the touch screen and it has a busted hinge. So sending it in to some repair service isn't cheap (Roughly £70+ to fix both of those problems) or do a D.I.Y and buy a replacement shell and touch screen.

usbDS/05.jpg & usbDS/06.jpg
Interesting, showing us the difference with and without the passthrough add on. How did you crack the big black case? It looks like it's been whacked by a hammer.

Nice, now I can see how roughly big the usb slot is.
Quote from loopy:
It's a tight fit, it's PROBABLY still not going to work.  It sounds like you're determined enough to try anyway though Wink

Micro USB? I have a lot of those cables, nice. And, I can probably make that fit fine from what I can see. Just a little bit of sanding and I'll be good to go.

Can you tell me what is the purpose of that massive hole?
I cut that big hole to check the board fitting.  It's easier to see the board placement, see obstructions, etc. when everything's exposed like that.
Fucking Weeaboo
Thanks for the update and pics loopy.  Can't wait to have one of these in hand!

Just leave us a nice set of instructions, ok?  Thanks.  Smiley
I´m very interested in purchase the gadget. I coudln´t record the runs of NSMB because I haven´t got the camera that I used to record the AllBosses run.
I was solving money and I could pay about 80 euros (100-110 dollars more or less).
Fortunately, I have a DS-i, a DS Lite and I Original DS in my home =)
Quote from ExtremeYoshiFan:
Hmm, if I have to tear open my DS to do this, does anyone know how these cases look in comparison to the originals?

the cases that dealextreme sells aren't too bad, but a couple things for you to watch out for when doing a case swap on the original ds system are as follows:
- be very careful of the flexible cable that runs from the motherboard to the daughter board connecting the upper display. it is very delicate and easily damaged.
- be careful when reassembling the bottom half of the system, making sure not to short out the back of the lower display with components on the motherboard. unlike the ds lite's, the backs of the displays (which are interchangable), are not protected with a foam insulation and you can easily blow one of the fuses.

I'm definately interested in obtaining a few of these kits from you (they look to be a lot more install-friendly than the chameleon usb board kits).
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If the guess is correct, it means the first cameraless DS Speedruns are going to pop-up on this site, next week.
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Greenalink: 2011-09-06 08:47:34 am
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DS Dictator
If the guess is correct, it means the first cameraless DS Speedruns are going to pop-up on this site, next week.

Waiting for the product to be delivered, modifiying DS Phat and posting some quality tests yes. Run published on the front page, not for a while (but there are a few reasons why.  For instance loads of new runs getting encoded in LQ-HQ, for some runs Insane Quality and trying to add new pages for the first ever published run).

If I haven't got myself a new PC yet by then, I will try and record some 5 minute samples (like quality, framerate and sound fully synched), I know a game that can be completed in less than 5 minutes thanks to a bug I've discovered, the hint of the game I'm recording is: One of the highest rated portable games in 2009 and it's certainly not aimed for youngsters!

Interesting trivia for cameraless DS runs:
Some runner did a Castlevania Portrait of Ruin run with direct footage months before these passthrough devices were announced, it used the old method where it had loads of cables coming from the GBA slot:
"There is some mention of the runner's recording setup. He actually uses a video mod that lets you capture the DS directly, which is explained here. Contrary to what the verifiers are saying, a video mod IS legal."

But it got rejected because of both the route planning and not using the Quest Glitch (getting loads of the same item to sell for big cash = better weapon). I did PM Mikuyama to see what the direct footage looked like, I think there was a few missing frames and the layout was 1 giant touch screen on the left with the dual screens on the right.
This version of the run was a big 6 - 10 minute improvement.
I didn't PM Flip (took over Mikuyama's role) to see the verification copy because the run was accepted but there were quotes like this:
Quality of course is gdlk. Who did he have to kill to get one of those things anyway? I want one so bad

I kinda like thumbs in the view, to get a look at what the runner is doing physically, but there's no denying that the picture on this is better than a camera capture.
Green, is it 999?
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Greenalink: 2011-09-06 04:12:54 pm
DS Dictator
No, to be honest I've never heard of 999 until this year.
Development wise, it's the most complex DS game (as of 2009) with over 800,000/900,000 lines of code.
Now I really want to know what game it is. Looks like I'll be waiting a while.