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Also somehow I broke one of this skips...... No idea how I did this.
Nice run and time, but you can do the skip to that helicopter guy much earlier.

You started it at the crane, and your time is about 2hr 10mins at the end of the call with Edge. The earlier skip can be done around 5 mins earlier in your run.
It's really hard to do though because there's no room to run and if you move an inch from the part where you climb in, the door closes permanently.

Also, the one that starts at the crane was discovered by me too. I didn't make a video because I found the faster method not long after that. In my first post in this topic, the video named Another Huge Skip. The description on YT explains in detail and includes how it's an improvement over the crane skip.

Sub 3:59 should easily be possible by activating the glitch before the crane and improving on those parts where you had to reload or encountered a random glitch like what happened with the elevator skip. You could save about 3-4 minutes on the helicopter skip alone though.

Interesting flying glitch. Are you playing on PC?

About getting into Memorize HQ early, I've spent time wandering in the void and found a point where you can see the hallway high above. No way to reach it that I know of but interesting that it's actually there and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a cut-scene trigger up there too.

Another potential is in the sewers. I activated the OOB/airwalk at the ledge before you drop down and fight some leapers, the part with the electrified water or whatever it is. Never had any luck because all around the entire sewer area locks into fixed camera angles. But I managed to find the train where you meet Johnny, just floating in the air. I entered it from the fixed angle and got the Edge call you normally get in that area. Sadly the cutscene didn't start.

I still feel something is possible here. I never made a video of this as I found after and stopped bothering recording and uploading every OOB point I'd found. One thing that's cool and funny about it is, you can find a group of leapers near the train standing together in t-pose.

If you're still playing this these might be worth a look. I've got a huge list of old videos that I'm now considering uploading. Though useless for actually skipping anything they may be useful for ideas or just to show where not it do and save someone the time of trying every ledge.
I am indeed playing on PC. And Sub 3:59 is is actually pretty easy to get, I can get probably a sub 3:57 or more just one having a few better fights, getting the falling platform skip, and not thinking I fucked up the chapter 3 split the first time.

Yea, The early skip with the door I haven't been able to get consistently enough to try in a run so I just didn't.

I've messed around a bit with the skip but I was taking a break from the game for a while, just decided to get back into it, that was my second run attempting the skips.

Also I made sure to post credit to you and Pewable when I posted the run on the speedrun reddit, and I should have credit on the video. Somewhere.
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zero shift: 2014-12-22 02:10:42 am
That's totally cool. No problem.

Yeah that part is hard to do consistently but there is a point where it becomes easier. I'm not good at explaining it, much like when I first tried to explain this crap, but there's like a way to do it then it happens all the time. But yeah once that door closes, instant checkpoint and restart if you want more practice.

I just can't stand to run long games, but I'm considering doing this segmented at some point. One segment or depending on how long or troublesome, possible two chapters before saving.

I'm pretty sure that flying thing wouldn't happen on console. Does it still happen to you or just that one time? Could seriously be useful if triggered anytime.

By the way the French voices sound really good and kind of makes more sense considering the setting.
I don't like Edge's voice though.
It just happened that one time, but I might be able to find a way to recreate it,

Yea, Edges is ehh in French, but the rest are so much better than the English IMO. And it just makes sense to me that they would speak French in Paris xD.

And I feel you about long runs, I like, had to work my way up with hour long runs then 2 hours then 3 before I could come back to Remember Me without hating running it. Part of the reason I put it off for so long.
The game wouldn't be so bad single segment if cut-scenes could be skipped. I can't stand them normally so in a run they're even worse.
I feel you. It's really painful at time, way too much downtime, only good if you stream and have a decent chat going so you can just chill and communicate. I don't get that kind of chat usually though xD Got a 4:08:03 on NG. Awful run. Crazy how it's only like a 10 minutes difference between the two categories. I'm done with this game for now unless we find more skips. Or unless someone routes 100% or something. But I just need to take a break. The 4 Hour runs are too harsh.
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zero shift: 2014-12-30 01:06:47 am
I wish there were maps available so we could mark triggers and places to start airwalking from as well as SAT stations. Would be incredibly useful for the parts where the camera gets fixed.

I think I've posted this one before, but right before the minefield and Zorn boss, I was able to airwalk over there past the buildings though it was from a fixed angle and Nilin just died. Wouln't be useful anyway near as I can tell since activating the remembranes seem to be the trigger to Zorn appearing.

Maybe if we were low enough to be under the manhole cover that could trigger something but there's nowhere to start it around there.

There's a few suspicious areas like this. I'm planning on doing another sweep of the game soon. When I was first testing I was at it constantly for hours after work extensively, but it's the kind of thing you can come back to later and still find something new.

The 'holy grail' would be activating the glitch on ledges from walls, and somehow being able to cancel the glitch anytime. It doesn't seem to work on long jumps either that cause that different animation where Nilin slams into the legde on her side. I want to test that all over again though I already did in the past. I'm think it's not possible BUT I wouldn't be surprised if it just was somehow.

As for actually runnig this, why not try segmented, one chapter per segment or more depending on how it goes? If I did do anything, I'd only ever do segmented on this.
ILs or Segmented could work well for this. I'm just more of a fan of SS. I'll come back to it eventually I think. But I've hit my goals for SS for now. I want to focus more on some of my other games for a while.
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DeadRobots: 2015-01-29 05:59:58 pm Apparently you can skip cutscenes on 360 version using a kinect. I'm going to try to get a cheap one online and then a copy and test this. Also if anyone remember that flying video. I recreated it and recorded it so if anyone wants to mess with it. I described what I did on the VODs description.

Also Olystice figured out how to get the debug open in the game, if anyone is interested at looking at the glitches while using that.

"So the debug stuff doesn't really help TOO much, from what I gathered. Not sure exactly how it works, but it lists info. My save file was in the middle of a fight, so I couldn't really test it because I hate the combat system. Anyhow.

To get the debug stuff working, you need to go to your SteamApps folder. Common, Remember Me, Engine, then Config.
"path\to\Steam\SteamApps\common\Remember Me\Engine\Config"

There are a lot of files in there, the only one I messed with was "BaseInput.ini".

In that file in the "[Engine.PlayerInput]" section (don't think it matters, honestly), I added the following:

Bindings=(Name="NumPadTwo",Command="ShowDebug NET",Desc="")
Bindings=(Name="NumPadFour",Command="ShowDebug PHYSICS",Desc="")
Bindings=(Name="NumPadFive",Command="ShowDebug COLLISION",Desc="")
Bindings=(Name="NumPadSix",Command="ShowDebug AI",Desc="")
Bindings=(Name="NumPadSeven",Command="ShowDebug CAMERA",Desc="")
Bindings=(Name="NumPadEight",Command="ShowDebug WEAPON",Desc="")
Bindings=(Name="NumPadNine",Command="ShowDebug ANIMATION",Desc="")
Bindings=(Name="Tilde",Command="ShowDebug INPUT",Desc="")

Those are NumPad 2,4,5,6,7,8,9, and ~. Each shows a different part of the debug info.

I however couldn't get actual bounding boxes or collision or anything to work, yet."
I saw you're learning Fatal Frame. Me and Kakka were running this a while ago.
I knew Kakka was, I was learning it off his video, I never realized you were, wtf zero literally every game I have any interest in suddenly you're there. It's weird. But yea, I really enjoy survival horror runs. I've been running SH3 for a while and decided to expand a bit. I've only learned like 30 minutes of the run so far, I'm just curious, why don't you use IGT?
haha, I guess we have the same taste in games to some extent.

Yeah, there's a thread here we we had a bit of discussion, and more on skype calls while he was streaming. I got around 1:23 then he beat that and I guess we quit for a while. I've got the PSN version now and I'm testing for any differences in that at the moment. Loading times seems much better and will be consistent.

I used to run the Japanese PS2 version and probably still will. It has some little differences. Different door codes, no 180 turn.

I don't mind IGT.
Cuz yea if the PSN loads are faster IGT might be a bit more stable. I don't have a PS3 or up and just run it on PS2 in English.... I'll go find the page here so we don't keep cluttering up the Remember Me page Tongue
Yo my boy apparently found another skip in Chapter 5 to skip straight from the Trace fight to Scylla, so I linked him here and told him to post a video once he records one.
Okay so the video is finally uploaded (thanks for shoutout Robots ^^)
here it is, I perform the glitch around 29:00 (I recorded the whole chapter for training myself)
And I encountered this weird bug with the crane glitch where after failing the "glass bridge" it would keep in memeory that the glass was broken, solved by going back to the main menu and then hit "continue story"

That's really hype for this run! Chapter 5 is pretty much completely skipped. DeadRobots said it took him about 12 minutes to get to the remix from the start of the episode.
Very nice find. I could never get enough height to reach that part.

Is no one going to bother with the earlier skip, before the crane? I know it's a little harder but not that bad.
If you made a video of it, and explained it like that it would be easier for me to understand.
Yes, it should be in the first of this thread. The video is named Another Huge Skip.

It's harder to get the jump but way before the crane and can go straight to Trace from there and also causes his helicopter to vanish and can't fire at you so you don't have to wait as long for him to look away though that point is only a few seconds anyway.

AnimatedWhale, is there any reason why you climb the crane then jump back down and activate the glitch? I can't hear your voice clearly in the video. To activate that checkpoint so you can practice?

Nice to see this game getting destroyed Tongue Still surprised with all these skips you guys found, its not too much faster than a glitchless run. (My PB was like.. 4:30 with minimum routing, practice)

Too bad cutscenes are unskippable, makes it a bore to run Sad
zeroshift, yes it is so I can respawn the nearest possible in case of fail (and I never tried it whithout activating the checkpoint on top of the crane, does it still work ?)

Oh and I tried the "Another Huge Skip" and it is really hard to perform and quite unforgiving ifyou messed it up but rewarding if you pull it off
I am still training to get it in just a few trys but man this is exhausting ^^

And Acefrog, I am glad that these gamebreaks entertained you. But you say your PB glitchless run was about 4:30 ?
Do you have a record of that ? I would love to give it look to see details of your routing
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I think we have 5-6 runners which is pretty hype!

Make sure that when you complete a run that you add it to !
On that topic I am having trouble using Livesplit while playing the game cause my binding to start splits is no longer active when the game window is the one active
Anyone would know how to help ?