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Wow very nice. That's those green rooftops I was talking about. I thought I was stuck and reloaded. Super find.

What else is there to do after this? I feel we've covered every chapter. I'm really glad the sewers turned out something awesome.

So how long would a run be now?
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Well, I have no idea how many minutes you could shave off total of the current WR without these skips and without any mistakes, but all these new skips and strats should save, if done first try, approximately 24 minutes.
So under 3:18:00 should be definitely possible now - even more than that probably.

I have no idea if jumping is actually faster than running.. It feels faster, but I haven't timed it yet. Also at least I'm thinking that longer combos should save a few minutes in the end.

By the way, I haven't touched and tested episode 2, 4 and 5 yet, so there might still be some stuff to find.

Update: Timed jumping and running speeds now. I've started running and jumping from the door in the beginning of episode 8 to the stairs, which took me 12,69 seconds while running and 12,26 seconds while jumping, so jumping wins in terms of speed. It's not much, but it adds up in a 3 hour run. Also, obviously jumping down stairs and jumping uphill is much faster than running down or running up.

Also there are parts like the sewers where you'll get 75% high jumps, so it's just faster running the whole way through except for uphill and downhill parts.
High jumps are slower than running normally.
I think those chapters are mostly indoors. I remember going through one of them recently, like the one in the prison. No jumps at all.

If ep 2 is the one where you follow Bad Request's remembranes, I once got a small skip there. You know the part where you jump over and avoid the security bots, climb some up then jump through the glass roof? I was able to airwalk from the jump before, and run over to the room and the cutscene of jumping through the glass happened. I posted this info earlier in this topic. I couldn't get it to work again but didn't spend too much time on it. It's definitely a height thing so the highest possible airwalk should do it, though I remember that not working either. Worth looking into though.

Also, in that same area in the apartment, there is an SAT station. From the same airwalk point outside you can go right into the apartment, but it has tinted windows so you can't see in. I've messed around here but could not activate the SAT even though I'm sure I was touching it. It might not have loaded. Maybe stuff like that doesn't load unless we can see it?
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Most episodes are indoors, but if you mean with "no jumps at all" that there are almost no ledges at all, then that's fair, but there might still be some possibilities where you can use the airjump or jump on stuff to skip something.
Also, I'm still very unfamiliar with the idea of knowing where camera locks are overridden by other camera scripts, so there still might be some good unknown potential.

I'll look into it. If the SAT station is inside the apartment where you're falling through the glass roof to get in, then it's loaded, because it's loaded by a cutscene, but if and only if you airwalk over there while not being inside of a camera lock.

SAT stations are loading, some other things to press B at don't load. Also some actors don't seem to load, like Tommy Headache in episode 1, because he's triggered by the cart that transports you over there, which isn't loaded unfortunately.
Also I'm not sure if mnesists, focus boosts and scaramechs are loading, because I've already collected them all. Should be easy to check though.
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Found the debug code binding to unlock locked cameras.


Bindings=(Name="one",Command="Camera Adrift_Walk")

So this only works on PC, unless you somehow find a way to modify the file.

You put this into your BaseInput.ini file in the RememberMe/Engine/Config folder. If you get a locked camera somewhere, press 1 on your keyboard and it will get unlocked. You can change the keybinding, if you don't like it. You could even bind it to any controller button you like.

This makes looking into the void easier at least, but you can't use it in a run obviously, because you'd have a huge advantage. Also, fixed camera ledges would actually become useful this way, which unfortunately isn't really the case right now.

Also the camera movements are still locked, but they're at least locked to Nilin's position, so you can't use mouse movements or the right analog stick to move the camera manually.
Yea 5 is pretty much already broken to shit as well. The thing about jumping is you can't turn if you need to at all so it's really only fasted in a straight line since there's some landing lag in buffering running afterwards. Also it may be a 3 hour but half of that is still cutscenes lel.
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Quote from DeadRobots:
Also it may be a 3 hour but half of that is still cutscenes lel.

That's fair, that's more than fair.
Umm... why don't you just start jumping in cutscenes? Gosh Roll Eyes

Quote from DeadRobots:
The thing about jumping is you can't turn if you need to at all so it's really only fasted in a straight line since there's some landing lag in buffering running afterwards.

Hmm I don't know. I feel like if you have a feeling of the landing lag, you could always jump earlier, so the jump would end at the moment where you would need to turn, because you can basically jump in one direction, start the next jump, turn 90° to 180° and jump to jump in any other direction if you need to, so turning shouldn't be a problem if you start the next jump immediately. Guess someone should just try and see if it matters time wise.

Quote from DeadRobots:
Yea 5 is pretty much already broken to shit as well.

Speaking of that, I just found another skip in episode 5 lol. You guys are just judging too quickly ;P
Unfortunately, I'm yet unable to recreate it 100% because, and I don't know why, one area isn't loading even if it did before.
It would save about 1 minute over the usual skip at the flooded area. Also it's not the door skip, if you're thinking that.

The area is the final appearence of Trace in this chapter, where you're jumping at his helicopter and stealing his memory etc.

If you find any way to get this area to load, because I know it's possible 'cause I did it literally an hour ago, then please let me know.
I mean, we skip even getting his memory at all right now. I think Whale has found that skip before. If I'm thinking of what you're thinking of.
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I just found the way to get the game to load the area. Now I only need to get like 1 inch more height somewhere to get enough height to gain height at the stairs and we have a new skip.

Wow, that's actually like the perfect way to describe this game minus the stairs part.
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So, while I'm looking for a way to get a tiny bit more height, could someone list all the stuff that did happen once but then never again?

I've actually collected almost every possible checkpoint savegame, except for episodes 2 and 4, so I can easily swap them out if necessary to test stuff like that. Would anyone be interested if I put them all inside a .rar and upload them somewhere, so people can easily load to a certain point in any episode to test stuff or to practice specific things?

The only minor annoyance would be, that if you use my save file, you will probably get all the steam achievements that I've already unlocked.
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This is what I have so far. I like this except for the fact that you have to run back to the flooded airwalk area to gain height, which is such a time waste, also the mini height gain on the side of the stairs is really awkward. I think you have to get in that spot before the collision part loads, so you get height, otherwise you won't.

If you wouldn't have to run back to the flooded area, where you normally do the airwalk from, then you would save about 1 minute over the whale skip.

I don't know, would be really nice if someone could look for more possible points to gain height on in episode 5, because right now this is about 10 seconds slower than the whale skip, harder and complicated, but has much potential.

Also you only need a little bit of height, which I seem to be unable to get in the near areas. Nilin is at 4070 height when at the stairs and has to get to 4100 to 4120, which still wouldn't be enough to get into Scylla's office, but you can actually gain height at the side of Scylla's office, if you have about 4110 height.
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Alright, Robots has found the way to victory. I'll see if I can upload it in the next few hours.
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Enjoy. It took quite a while to find everything to make this possible. I feel like I know the whole map now and where everything is, also what height everything is lol
Thanks DeadRobots for your help.

One thing that I didn't mention in the video is, that you can get stuck in a little area by the stairs, where changing the camera angle doesn't help. You can still get out of it if you run against a wall with a certain angle, it just doesn't seem like it would work.

Door skip should still be a little faster though, if you can somehow gain enough height to reach Scylla's office with that. Haven't really tested it yet. Edit: Scratch that, door skip has a no collision airwalk.
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Another edition of Random funnies and useless bitses, where I basically just show you some more or less useless maneuvers and oversights, you probably have never seen before, and random, weird moments while testing this game/looking for skips and glitches. It also has a little part in it, where I'm showing another instance of misplaced checkpoints when you airwalk.

This happened while I was testing episode 7:

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Okay, I found a little cutscene skip in episode 4, which saves about 20 seconds minus whatever time it takes for you to reload a checkpoint. So for me it would save 17 seconds.

After the brain drainer, you start a remembrane with Vaughan in a cell, where you have to activate something on a toilet. After you've done that, a cutscene plays and you'll get a checkpoint. Load this checkpoint and you've skipped the whole cutscene.

I'll probably make some kind of video later where I show all the instances where it's just faster to reload a checkpoint.

So far, there are 2 that I know. First one is in episode 1 where you can reload the checkpoint at the second phase of the first ever skinner fight, where he's joined by normal leapers and gets invincible for the first time. The second one is what I've explained above.
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The small drone skip from Kolvacs in episode 2 saves 13 seconds minus whatever time it takes you to load a checkpoint, so it would save 10 seconds for me.
Probably not worth it, because you're losing all your focus.

I haven't gotten it to work to airwalk directly into the "falling through the glass"-cutscene. You can actually get a airwalk, whose height is changable, but I can only seem to find spots where I loose height and none where I actually gain height. It would probably start the cutscene if you were a bit higher.
When I first did that skip, the height looked exactly the same. Never got it to work again. I'm pretty sure you don't need much height. When it happened for me I was still below the point where you go through the glass.

There's another part with drones in this chapter but the entire area is solid. You can get some height on pieces of the environment but I was never able to get out.
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Traivlin: 2015-04-22 07:26:15 pm
Yeah, you can get out of that, but there's not really a reason since all the other areas are unloaded, because they aren't loaded by cutscenes normally.

I think the only place that would be loaded is the rooftop with the Kid X-Mas fight, but it's too high unfortunately.
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Well, I think I'm done testing the whole game. Only thing left now is to load checkpoints and see if they skip anything.
Speaking of checkpoints - there isn't really any way to see if you got a checkpoint, that wasn't shown with the spinning icon in the bottom right corner, is there?
Because I know there are a couple of them, but I don't know exactly where they are...

Also it's really unfortunate, but I don't think there is any way to use one of the ledges, which hasn't a locked camera, in the climbing part right before you first meet Bad Request. The only area that would be low enough is the one with the Kolvacs drone skip, but unfortunately this area doesn't seem to load.

This is the area that I mean:

If it would load, we could save about 4 minutes.
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When you first see the Leaking Brain and before Nilin says "Finally - the Leaking Brain", you get a checkpoint and can reload that checkpoint to skip a cutscene showing you the area. (Episode 1)
This saves 5 seconds minus whatever time it takes you to reload a checkpoint. So for me, it would save 2 seconds.

I'm grabbing at straws, folks xD Save the frames!

By the way, the timing for the skinner reload is, that you get the checkpoint when Nilin stops movement. Before that, you won't get a checkpoint and will actually reload to the beginning of the skinner fight.
Some very weird stuff happened in episode 6:

I'm also demonstrating a very precise jump, which would save a few seconds, but unfortunately it's a dead end. Also, it's almost impossible to pull off consistently, but whatevs, right..?
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By the way, I was looking through a few youtube videos, and do you know how to recreate this?

If we could somehow recreate this, there might be some more time saves possible, depending on how you can activate it.
The first video description said: "I jumped before a scripted animation sequence was fully completed. Then this happened."
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Traivlin: 2015-04-24 02:39:42 pm
In episode 0, after you've completed the Zorn chase, you'll drop down to the sanitation pit and get a checkpoinit. A cutscene will play of Nilin dropping down into the sanitation pit and a call from Edge right after, which you can skip if you load the checkpoint.
This saves about 16 seconds minus whatever time it takes you to load a checkpoint, so for me it saves 13 seconds.
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Traivlin: 2015-04-24 07:02:20 pm
In episode 4, directly at the beginning, you'll get a call from Edge, wait about 2 seconds to get a checkpoint, and then you can skip this call by loading the checkpoint.
This saves about 9 seconds minus whatever time it takes for you to load a checkpoint, so for me it would save 6 seconds.

In episode 4, when you first use a cell as an elevator, the cell sprays Nilin with water, you'll get a cutscene of the elevator going up, the camera will go back to Nilin and then you'll get a checkpoint, which you can load to skip Nilin saying "This cell... it reminds me of... something really bad".
This saves about 10 seconds minus whatever time it takes for you to load a checkpoint, so for me it would save 7 seconds.
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... and that's it. I've just completed the last achievement for my steam account, which was playing the game through on the hardest difficulty. That way, I could practice a little and test if checkpoints skip anything.

I'll probably make a video in the next few days with these checkpoint skips. Most of them are time savers, I think one of them is questionable, because you lose focus.