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Use \ before commas in usernames
I'm moving to a new domain registrar. There may be some downtime later while the transfer takes place.
The Speedrunning Teacher
Time to join the bandwagon:

Please update, and thanks for making the page and updating it bmn!
SDA Represent!
Please change mine as well please.
I’m switching to too.

(Username changes from TheOnlyZero to TheOnly0)

Thanks so much!
Willing to teach you the impossible
Please ad
Won't be around for the next few days, away in London for Summer of Sonic. Peaceout.
I want off the ride....
I'm taking a jump to jtv this change of constant ads on ustream sucks!

Get 'er Done!
I've decided to go to.

Please add me.
Edit history:
bmn: 2011-07-04 08:18:00 pm
Justin apparently thinks it's fun to make huge changes to the layout of their API response, and not tell anyone about it.
from red to blue
hey babes can you change it so it doesn't say iji and hero core because i haven't played those in like 1/2 a year.

instead can it be Mega Man Xtreme 2 and Casual, thanks babes <33333
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Eisenefaust: 2011-07-11 03:17:13 pm
please add my stream to the list:
[EDIT] for the sub text, could it please read "FF2 and random games" Thanks again.
We all scream for Eyes Cream

Kingdom Hearts 2 and random stuff.
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DJS: 2011-07-11 03:18:56 pm
torch slug since 2006
this looked pretty funny to me.

edit: also, instead of our stream accounts names, couldnt we have our sda names? i know this would be a pain for you to edit but still Smiley

Please add me:

I have a small TV in my room now so streaming is much easier for me and I plan to do more of it :).
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bmn: 2011-07-18 08:22:46 am
Quote from DJS:
edit: also, instead of our stream accounts names, couldnt we have our sda names? i know this would be a pain for you to edit but still Smiley

If you'd like your SDA name, then let me know and I'll endeavour to make it happen.

In other news, the list now stands at 140 channels. May have to do some spring cleaning soon.
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Axel Ryman: 2011-07-20 09:48:27 am
We all scream for Eyes Cream
I just noticed my link is wrong on the w00ty page and it's set for JustinTV instead of Ustream.

Quote from Axel Ryman:

Kingdom Hearts 2 and random stuff.
I just noticed my stream isn't on w00ty.  I thought I asked earlier.  Anyway,  Thanks, bmn!
SEGA Junkie
Switched over to Justin:
sda loyalist
Switched over to Justin:
I'm currently testing a class for Justin's new gaming site, Twitch. Currently the only difference I can see is that plain text links go to Twitch, but that will probably change in the near future.

If you like Twitch and want your channel to be changed to it on SDA, let me know.
Just to let everyone know, will in the future switch all game streams to anyway.
fucking .gif....
sorry to do this, but I also switched over to
With the marathon on right now I'm going to take advantage of w00ty's relative inactivity to do some server work. I'm setting up a new server to move my organisation's stuff over, and my own site will be the guinea pig. One of the aims is to have no downtime at all, but time will tell whether that actually happens.
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bmn: 2011-08-21 01:01:50 am
bmn: 2011-08-21 01:01:49 am
The most recent change to the site code now makes custom screennames possible. If anyone would like their SDA username displayed instead of their stream name, let me know.

In other news, with this page now being over a year old and the channel count reaching 150, I'll be doing some spring cleaning over the next couple weeks to remove those streams that have been inactive or haven't streamed speedrunning for a long time.
It's time for some HEErooooOOOOHi cs!
Doing the unthinkable for me, but I too have made the jump to