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August 2014: is now supported as a stream provider.

The Page

This page shows which of the people listed on this forum are streaming at the current time. Leave it open and it will update itself every 2 minutes. It also shows the games included in the latest SDA update.

Get your stream on

If you want your stream to be added, the synopsis changed, or to be removed, feel free to contact me with one of these methods

  • /msg bmn on the SDA IRC server
  • Contact bmn on the #speedrunslive IRC channel
  • Post in this topic (you won't receive a reply though)
  • PM bmn on this forum

If you've already contacted me via PM about this, please reuse that thread if possible. I got like 10 pages of PMs about this page.

In order to add you, I need the URL of your stream and a list of up to five games, genres, systems etc (whichever is most relevant) to add under your name. The script supports streams on Hitbox, Twitch and Ustream.

I've been getting an increasing number of add requests from people who have no connection to SDA. Please note that I will ignore requests from people that don't apply to any of the following:

  • Taken part in speedrunning discussion on this forum
  • Have (or have previously had) a run published on the site
  • Contributed to an SDA event such as a speedrun marathon

Also, SpeedRunsLive is not Speed Demos Archive. Being part of SRL doesn't make you part of SDA - that's what SRL's stream page is for. The two sites' associations means they do share users, but if you want to be on SDA's stream page you need to be part of SDA.

I rarely remove channels, but I may do so if: The channel is no longer available; You don't stream any speedrunning content for an extended period; You stream any inappropriate content (the usual: porn, hate material etc); You leave the SDA community; You enforce an access code on your channel full-time; Drama occurs within the SDA community involving you or your channel; other stuff I can't think of right now.

Software updates

The scripts for this page are all open source. The page's code is at Github: bmn/sda_stream_site. It uses an aggregation and caching script called sda_stream which is at Github: bmn/sda_stream2. Both sets of code are free to use under a Creative Commons Share-Alike licence.

Updates are made to the code at times, and can be followed on those two GitHub projects. I also mention notable updates in this topic.

Because this page is designed to be open for an extended period, and updated frequently, an update may break the loaded page. If this happens, refresh the page and all should be well.
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Jolly good show!
I vote this page be linked to on the SDA homepage.
bmn, you mentioned somewhere before that you needed to work out some kinks on the wooty site before it would be front-page ready.

If it's good to go then I'll mention it in my next update but if not let me know.
Yeah, it's been solid for a while. I'd appreciate it.
I demand all hail shall go to the mighty b-man for making this awesome page!
Jolly good show!
spread the dirt to the populace
go, go, bmn!
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Stickied because bmn shares "the man" status with Breakdown.
The Running Failure
I use the Livestream service, not Ustream, so that link for mine is kinda defunct.
Indeed. Not sure why I added it... or why the Ustream API didn't make it fail out.
Well I've finally got my stream setup working, so could you please add to the w0ty page?  Preferably under the name Flip if possible.  Thanks!
Also I don't know if this is intentional but I noticed that Chaddical is listed twice on the streaming page.
I am bumpa.

Chaddical's listed twice because he has two channels, btw.

PS Everyone go and vote in poll or forever be suck.
I didn't realise it until during the marathon, but w00ty has a topbar link on the main site. How did that happen o_O

Random bit of news, I just took a look at the ol' Google Analytics:
  • During the New Year period, it averaged about 1000 visits a day.
  • On the day the marathon started, visits spiked at about 1700.
  • The next day, it dropped to about 500... and stayed there until Tuesday (gee, I wonder why?)
  • Marathon hangover brought visits to 1300 the next day, a rise of 300 on the previous average.
  • Since then, it's been climbing very slowly, and now averages around 1500 a day.

So, being the methodical man I am, I'm going to use a single set of data and say that, in the short term, the marathon has increased the level of viewing activity for live streams by about 50%. Which is of course good for the people manning those streams; I've noticed a fair few new faces in my own poor example of a stream.
SDA Represent!
Could you add [url][/url]

Hi guys,

There's been a jump in the number of people asking me to add their stream. However I recently found a nasty little bug in the code of sda_stream (the library in the background that does most of the work) that seems to break the results for any stream past the 69th. As there's currently 81 in the list, I've gotten by by disabling those that haven't done anything recently, but that's become difficult with more and more people wanting on.

My attempts to fix this bug have come to naught, so I'm taking this opportunity to program a new version of sda_stream, having a better idea of the requirements now. The main new feature is that it'll have a modular approach to querying APIs, meaning it'll support other streaming sites that have them. Obviously the first will be Ustream; it should be followed by Justin shortly after. I haven't really researched any other APIs but that might happen later.

Now, I mention all this because about 5 people (including Caleb above) have sent me PMs asking me to add them. Because of that bug, I can't do that right now, but I'm hoping to have this new code in place in a week or so, and I'll sort them all out then. Thanks for being patient with my incompetent self, and all that.
No problem, bmn!  Take your time.  W00ty is awesome enough to wait for.  ^_^

Thanks again for making this page.  It's been absolutely invaluable.
Fucking Weeaboo
What would happen if you just split things into two pages?
My name is unpronounceable
Quote from PJ:
No problem, bmn!  Take your time.  W00ty is awesome enough to wait for.  ^_^

Thanks again for making this page.  It's been absolutely invaluable.

I completely agree.  If it weren't for the w00ty page, I wouldn't have nearly as many viewers, so take however long you need.  Just know that we all appreciate it very much.
just wanna echo pj and mocliamtoh above, w00ty has been an awesome addition to the site's services
very awesome indeed.  This is the next step for SDA -- live-streaming in general. 
SDA Represent!
Hey man, that's more practice we can get to impress our viewers.
Willing to teach you the impossible
if it helps, you can take me off wooty and add me back on when it is all fixed.
Thanks for the support, guys. TBH when the Taiga Ustream stuff came along I expected this to become redundant, but seems not.

I caved in and found another set of streams to disable to fit people in, so yeah, you're on there now.
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Getting there ...slowly >_>

Error handling's basically nonexistent right now, need an authentication framework for Livestream (assuming they even let me use their API, haven't gotten a reply back yet), caching isn't started yet (basically a must-have), and need to remake the client-side stuff (HTML/CSS/Javascript). It slow man.

Unrelated aside: it's pretty weird that all the streaming sites I've looked at have APIs that work in pretty different ways, and all have definite strengths and weaknesses that the others don't. Justin, for example, doesn't have Ustream's 10-channels-per-request limit, doesn't fail out completely if a channel doesn't exist, and provides way more data, but on the flip side it doesn't return anything for channels that are offline, and doesn't have anything to query more than one offline channel at once.