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I would appreciate it if you could add me to the stream page. I started practicing for a run and I'll be streaming that a lot and I also stream other games.

Name: Xelotath
Description: Rollergames and other games

Waiting hurts my soul...
Please change my description to "RPGs, Speedruns, and Backloggery Shenanigans" ? Thank you.
SGL Scrublord
Hey, I think I've got the stream working (the sound might be another issue...) and I'm finally ready to hop on Justin. Whenever you get the chance, I'd be grateful to be a Lazy Bum on the bottom of Wooty.
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I would also like to be on this w00ty so that I can get people aware that I exist!

Name: Shiden
Description: Ys & Mega Man 6 plus other stuff.

I've participated in a few game threads, I hang out in IRC and I donated during the last marathon. Does that count? Cheesy I am planning my Ys Origin run as well,
I need to switch my Ustream with my twitch. My twitch is

I would like to also ask that my description be changed too 'Skyrim speedrunning and other bowl clippory!'

Please change my description to "Speedruns & Races, the Smörgåsbord of Life!"

Thanks a million!
I'm restating my question here:  could we get a static link to the SDA TwitchTV Team Page on the w00ty page?
Obscure games ftw
Name: I have no name
Description: PlayStation Platformers and/or challenge runs

I can't guarantee the frequency of streaming, but I can try to consistently.
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André: 2012-02-16 08:12:20 am
Main Work!!!
Name: AndréLucLévesque
Description: Amnesia, Super Meat Boy, Paper Mario, Tales of Symphonia, Mario Sunshine and Lost Kingdoms 2

I don't have any speedrun on this site but I'm pretty active on it(I probably have around 400 posts) and I went to a Marathon(AGDQ12)

If you could add me to the stream page that would be awesome :)! I joined SRL about 2 months ago, and am working on 'A Link to the Past' currently. I stream most days!

Name: Chris 'ChristosOwen' Owen
Stream URL:
List of 5 Games: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Banjo Kazooie, Resident Evil, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
Description: Speedruns & Races


Name: Lemon
Description: Terranigma and other RPG's
Sorry I've taken so long to get this stuff sorted out.

Quote from mitch13:
i noticed im still not on the lie streams page :s

I'm trying to keep the number of channels on the stream page down at the moment, and your channel has basically no activity, so I'm afraid I'll have to say no at the moment.

Quote from snorlax:
I'm restating my question here:  could we get a static link to the SDA TwitchTV Team Page on the w00ty page?

Not my thing. I don't actually know who runs the team so probably best going into the team topic for that.
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Pirate109: 2012-02-23 04:01:58 pm
Name: Pirate109
Description: Super Meat Boy speedrunning, other random games occasionally

I mostly do any% runs of SMB. I'm not sure if I'll ever get close to Exo's recent run, but the game is ridiculously fun to speed run and I'm not bad. I'll also play random custom chapters from the level portal from time to time.

Note: I'm not active on the forum but I do have a Metroid Prime run on SDA Tongue
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bmn: 2012-02-24 12:32:22 pm
A handful of updates to the page:

* Disable automatic updates by clicking the green arrow in the top right corner (thx Carcinogen for the suggestion)
* New channels have "new" markers when they appear.
* Update frequency is now 1 minute, matching that of Justin/Twitch.
* Bugfix: The offline stream list is now ordered alphabetically.
Claimh Happy
Quote from bmn:
Quote from snorlax:
I'm restating my question here:  could we get a static link to the SDA TwitchTV Team Page on the w00ty page?

Not my thing. I don't actually know who runs the team so probably best going into the team topic for that.

1) Puwexil runs the team page.

2) He's asking about putting a link to the team page on the w00ty, like the links you have to game pages or the ones you put up to marathon pages when those are just around the corner.
Not sure where I'd put such a link. All the corners are already in use.

Another update: The latest update section updates the same way the streams do. It checks with the SDA site every 15 minutes.
Claimh Happy
hm...maybe put it above "Streaming Now"? Could just be a small line of text like "Visit the SDA Team Page on TwitchTV" with a hyperlink. Wouldn't have to be any bigger than you see it here. Not sure if Puwexil is trying to limit the members as much as you are, but perhaps you could work it out with him so that the team page could take up some of the people you are unsure of for the w00ty?
Professional Second Banana
Standards for the TwitchTV team page are the same as for w00ty - I'm only adding people that are reasonably active in the SDA forum and/or IRC and who stream a decent amount of speedrun practice/attempts in addition to casual play.

I'll put a link to w00ty on the Info section of the team page next time I update it (IMO it's the stronger way to casually watch streams due to being able to have multiple streams up on the same page), though unfortunately I don't have an option to default page views to Info instead of Videos (like you can do on individual TwitchTV stream pages).
puwexil, im waiting to get the link so i can start streaming. unless you are including me :p
Professional Second Banana
w00ty link is added to the team page Info tab.
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Shiden: 2012-03-06 01:07:18 pm
I have some feature requests if you don't mind, bmn. Adding 2 buttons on a persons stream, one being for chat popout and another being for stream popout. I made a prototype picture, I'm not a good artist or anything special like that, it's just an idea I put down on a screenshot. Tongue The link for popouts is obviously and for chat

Not like I had to put those here since they are easy enough to find anyways. Perhaps a condensed popout window that would contain both the stream and chat for better viewing. An example would be like what MANvsGAME has, [url][/url] but in a popout window. Just typing my ideas out in this thread! Cheesy

Oh my what is this...

ok now i just need someone on ustream to get online so i can test it...
ew ustream, who uses that anymore? Sad