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Alright would be awesome if I could be added to this  page.

Description: F-Zero X, Wipeout series, Shadow Man and other retro games
I've been working out Gyruss on NES in my stream at

Aside from being an avid viewer I have not submitted any runs so I understand if you don't list,

Thank you!
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Kingnahum18: 2013-04-08 02:16:41 am
Kingnahum18: 2013-04-08 02:16:09 am
Get 'er Done!
I see that my old Twitch account that I forgot about, Kingnahum18, is up on that W00ty page. Do you think you could replace it with my new one that is active: Kingnahum17? It'd be awesome if I could be added at

Working with Metroid Fusion (I've talked a bit in the casual forum which is where all the actual talking is. Nobody talks in general these days), Dark Souls, Tomb Raider, Bioshock series, and perhaps Splinter Cell: Conviction
The artist formerly known as Qxy
I would love to be added if possible

I'm attempting to get a submittable Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories SS.

Description: KH: Chain of Memories, KH2, 3rd gen Pokemon, Mega Man 9, and other RPGs
I was wondering if I could be removed from Wooty, I won't be streaming much and I'm going to be closing my twitch account soon and don't want someone not me getting on the wooty page.
Final Fantasy VII Fanatic
I would like to be added to the page if possible

Working on Final Fantasy VII at the moment.

Description: Final Fantasy Speed runs
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KVD: 2013-04-17 07:17:41 am
KVD: 2013-04-17 07:17:05 am
KVD: 2013-04-17 07:16:29 am
I would like the stream channel of NLG to be added here if possible:

Description: NLG is an organisation of gamers/friends that semi regurarly stream the following games of interest: Super Mario Kart, GoldenEye007, Donkey Kong Country Returns & other retro games.

Those are the games that we run most regurarly (at least at the moment). We also held a marathon event last summer and various of our members have contributed to SDA (most notably WMJ). Our posse represents World Champions (or close to) in the games they play. Currently some of us are training for the ESA event this summer.
Guess I should finally get myself added here. ^^;

Currently trying to get a submittable run of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, starting up Star Ocean 4 SS attempts and Star Ocean 2 segmented attempts.

Description: Final Fantasy & Star Ocean speed runs
I'm addicted to games
I finally created a twitch...

So far all I've done is a little ff11 testing, and I'm sure nobody would really want to watch me play that game, it's pretty boring (and not at all speed running related), but maybe someday I'll do Quake runs or get some hardware to capture 360.
Freeze! Proceed to be Awesome!
Name: Shintiku
Description: Resident Evil, FF games, and LoZ
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exe: 2013-05-12 03:44:53 pm
from PAListan

i wrote also a PM but you told us to make a post in this thread, too.

Nick: exe (it would be nice to place this nick over the stream because "Exe_de" is only my stream name and "exe" the nick which i use on every site)
My Stream:
Description: Gex series and other Games

Thank you very much
My turn! I'd also like to be added to the streams list if possible. I've recently (yesterday) had a run accepted to SDA, awaiting publishing, and now that I've finally done that...

Name: MrBean35000vr
Description: Crash Bandicoot 2, Mario Kart Wii, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Many thanks!
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KanBan85: 2013-06-05 12:29:20 am
We both like money! Friends?
Please add

Name: KanBan85
Game: Braid.

I would like to be added.
Name: LivingLooneyBin
Game: Dead space 2 and 3
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Apparition: 2013-06-17 03:37:52 am
I'm making some really good progress on Mercenaries and I would really appreciate if you added my channel:

Name: Appar1tion
Description: Mercenaries, Super Smash Bros. 64

Deal with it!

I would like to be added to the page if possible:

My main projoct is Final Fantasy 6 at the moment.

Description: Final Fantasy 6, 7 & 10, The Walking Dead (Telltale)
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Saint Connor: 2013-08-02 05:11:57 pm
Would like to be added as well. The mighty Contra army must rise!

Name: Saint Connor
Games: Blasto, Contra and Super C, and drinking beer while doing so.
i would like to be added

name: lurkchan
description: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Batman the video game, and more!
Wells have eye sockets
I would love to be added to the ranks. I'm fairly new to the scene and I only recently started posting on the SDA forums, but I've got a run of the game Sacrifice being routed and fleshed out right now, and I'm the current WR holder of Commander Keen 4. Raelcun and I also bounce routing ideas off each other while we play and stream.

Name: Cane
Games & Description: Sacrifice, Commander Keen Series, DOS Games, Platformers
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BioSpark: 2013-07-30 10:29:13 pm
name: biospark
games: mostly metroid fusion
Only Offense Will Survive
Now I can demand an add either.

Name: Sunblade
Discription: Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime
Hi, would like to be added.

Name: Micson
Games: Mostly NES games
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exe: 2013-08-05 04:49:54 am
exe: 2013-08-05 04:49:36 am
exe: 2013-08-05 04:49:02 am
from PAListan
Hello bmn,

i send you a PM last month where i wanted offer to help you.
If there is a way to type in this data in a "model" and send it to you, so that you only need to put it into the system, than i can help you.
When it's more difficult (with HTML or something), than maybe another member can support you with this work.

You did an amazing job and so it will be very sad, if the w00ty page "died". The last update was around April.
I know that this is a lot of work, but here are many good people that can help you to manage the w00ty page i think.

Greetings exe
Would love to join the community!!

Name: Kalorie
Games: Resident Evil 4, Random others (some MMO's as well)
name: Mitch13
Games: Mario 3, Mega Man 10, far Wink