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I'd like to be added to the page

Running Dark Souls 2
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DeMoNFLiP84: 2014-04-22 04:47:01 pm
DeMoNFLiP84: 2014-04-21 10:38:56 pm
A Serious Noob
I've been streaming quite a bit lately so I would like to be added to the page. Thanks in advance!

Running Obscured & Classic Games

I already have submitted a few runs here on SDA that passed verifications.
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Shiden: 2014-05-30 04:11:29 pm
EDIT: Disregard this post.. >_>
Get over here!
I'd like to be added aswell

Running various PC games including the Amnesia franchise, Broforce, Anodyne and The Ship.
Hi guys. Really sorry about how long I've taken getting to updating; been stressing over finals a bit too much. Going to try to get up to date over the next day or two.
A Serious Noob
Quote from bmn:
Hi guys. Really sorry about how long I've taken getting to updating; been stressing over finals a bit too much. Going to try to get up to date over the next day or two.

it's all good bmn! do what you gotta do! thumbsup
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Shiden: 2014-05-24 11:59:02 am
Something happened to the Twitch chat embed because it keeps saying "this channel has been removed" when using the video/chat popout. But when visiting a channel normally chat works just fine. bmn, use investigate! Was it super effective?

EDIT: Seems to be fixed. Not sure what happened though.
I run Luigi's Mansion, Tak and the Power of Juju, NES games, and some casual stuff.
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Could you add my stream to the page? I've been a part of the community for a while now, and a run of mine just passed verification

I mainly run NES and PS1 games.
That Guy

Half-Minute Hero 2 is my main speedrunning game right now; other stuff happens there too (both speedrunning and not).
Highly Evolved
Is it just me, or has the w00ty not been working today?
I'm not doing this right am i?
I'd like to be on this list.

thanks. Cheesy
Don't think.
w00ty hasn't been working for me since at least yesterday
If nothing goes right, go left
I´d like to be added to the list too:

I am running different games like:

GTA 3 + Vice City
Super Mario 64 / DS
Tomb Raider 1 + Underworld
Zelda OOT
Pokemon Green
Portal 1
Kingdom Hearts series
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bmn: 2014-08-09 11:38:12 am
bmn: 2014-08-09 11:23:41 am
Quote from Megaton Samurai:
w00ty hasn't been working for me since at least yesterday

Thanks, this is due to shutting down. The page's Twitch data uses the Justin API (as they ran on the same system), so I'll see about coding a proper Twitch module soon as I can.

Edit: OK done. Will get to updating channels in a bit.

Edit 2: Funnily enough, Twitch's API is easier to work with than Justin's, and usually only needs one request as well. Shouldn't randomly go wrong for seemingly no reason like Justin's did, too Shocked
Don't think.
Thanks for the fix! I use this page a lot. is now supported as a stream provider, so if your channel is on that site it can now be listed.
It was asked of me why I wasn't on w00ty, so I thought I'd ask to join.  Hopefully, I meet your criteria for joining.  Here's a link to my stream.  I currently only run Splatterhouse 3 for Sega Genesis.
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bmn: 2014-08-15 10:44:57 am
I'm so sorry, guys, I hadn't realised how far behind I'd gotten. Everything's now up to date.

If any information has changed since you requested to be added, please, let me know and I'll get it changed.

As always, if you posted here in the topic and aren't on the page, then either I don't think you meet the criteria stated in the opening post, or I made a mistake.
Dapper as fuck.
I will throw my hat in.  My stream is and right now I am mainly a Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers runner.  I have a run that just got accepted here for 100% that isn't posted yet. 

I am looking to potentially learn some new stuff beyond just RR, just not entirely sure what yet.
I wish Kumatora was my waifu </3
Meh, why the heck not? I'd like to be added to the page. (I stream Donkey Kong Country 3 related stuff).
Two small changes:

As with SpeedRunsLive, if you include the BBcode [NoSDA] (whether the letters are uppercase or lowercase doesn't matter) in your stream description, it won't show up here.

The listing page will now not perform updates in the background, if you're not looking at the page at the time. Once you switch to that tab, it will update immediately, and you may notice a short delay before an up to date listing is shown.
Flopping Lunky since 2015.
I'd love to be added if it's possible! Smiley

Currently I'm able to run 3 games, which are: Bastion, Evoland and Willow (NES).
Thanks in advance!
I would love to be added to this, if I am eligible. I've been running Sonic 1 quite often, and am only going to stream more often as I get more gear/skills.

Thank you in advance, and for doing this in the first place, as it has introduced me to some great runs/runners. Thanks bmn!
I'd like to be added Cheesy The Horde is a game I had owned on 3do (before my console broke). For some reason, this 20 year old game doesn't seem to have anyone running it.

Reasons people are probably not running it:
- 3DOs and Sega Saturns are somewhat obscure (expensive to procure)
- The PC port sucks (wtf happened to the music)
- Harvesting trees can be time consuming (speedrunners dilemna)
- Random events can swing your playthrough (flood? meteorite? tax break?)

I still want to run it because:
- Amazing music (banjokazooielike)
- Amazing developers (ever heard of star control 2?)
- I want to learn what's good (moats? traps? hirelings?)

I'll stream my progress: