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For real, why did 7 eat 9?
If you still add people to this, I'd like to be added
Currently running SM64 and Star Fox 64 probably will learn other games eventually
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Hey BMN, I switched back to Twitch a while back (I forgot to post here) as I wasn't really getting what I wanted on Hitbox, please change me to (same description) Thanks bud!
When I try to use the address with Chrome I get an error. It's been doing it for the past two or three days. "NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID" I like seeing the different streams. Sorry, if this isn't the right place for this but it looks like it is.
The site works for me, your error could also mean that chrome doesn't support your windows if it is really old (like XP SP2), you may have tinkered with some browser certificates or your system clock may be wrong or something. Maybe try around if it works with a different browser if nothing helps.
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We recently switched the site to using HTTPS, which is what's triggered this problem for you. The certificate we use has a lifetime of 3 months, so if your system clock is more than a couple of days slow, or 3 months or more fast, certificate verification will fail and give you the error you've gotten.

You could try the new URL (which the old one redirects to),, but I don't think that will make a difference on its own.

Our Certificate Authority/technology combination is known to not work with Windows XP SP2 and earlier, any browser than relies on Windows certificate management on Windows XP SP3 (the only major browser that is unaffected is Firefox afaik), iOS lower than 3.1 and Android lower than 2.3.6. On XP SP3 you should be able to use Firefox without problems, or on Chrome I believe you can use the Advanced link on the error page to accept the certificate even though Chrome thinks it's invalid.  I'm going to look into whether we can, say, reenable HTTP for these systems, but I don't have a timeline for that.

The issue isn't so much that the cert is invalid. In very old browsers, and in XP SP2 and earlier, they don't support a critical technology that allows us to run multiple secure sites from a single server. In old versions of package-based OSes (Linux, iOS, Android etc), they don't have a recent-enough listing of CAs, so our CA is rejected. In XP SP3, Windows is basically nitpicking on a technicality in the certificate, and our CA is working on figuring out a way to handle it currently.

In all cases, from a security point of view, the certificate is trustworthy - if you want to check it in your browser, the serial number is 01:43:FE:D7:B6:58:C2:2C:77:80:9E:C4:9E:61:0E:65:15:14 for the next couple of months - and you can use it without having to worry about that.
I think your site has a few configuration issues, because it seems the only way I can get to the w00ty page is if I explicitly go to

Here is a quick rundown of which address gets me where. I get a "Welcome to nginx!" page. (This also happens when I only type in "" or "" as well). I get a redirect to which is a non HTTPS 404 page. I get to the actual w00ty page. I get the actual w00ty page.

I've tried this on both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and I get the same results on both. For the past few days I thought the site was down...
Wow, I actually made two mistakes in the config. Thanks for catching it Smiley