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I started routing any%, did the first two chapters. Does anyone know how you can delete your save without losing it forever?
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Eszik: 2014-07-01 10:03:07 am
Eszik: 2014-07-01 10:03:02 am
Eszik: 2014-07-01 10:02:58 am
So here is a quick video of my strats for Chapters 1&2. They're not fully optimized (I even died once) so any comments/suggestions is appreciated Cheesy

If you're are doing any%, remember you have to enter the first 2 levels of each act, then leave the level to open the next level. Also, dont forget to use weapons.
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Adikar: 2014-07-04 05:13:57 pm
Adikar: 2014-07-01 10:03:46 pm
Hey Everyone, just got an almost optimal Chapter 1 run, about to upload to youtube, and Ill be putting it up here as well. 8:10.4, I can shave up to 5 seconds off this run I believe. Dont think anymore then that. Chapter 2 I will be switching to bubble from Dart for the rest of Chapters 2 through 5. Still getting every Chapter down before I do another Any% NLS. If you have any ideas on how I can save time, let me know. Goodluck on your runs everyone. (:

Skype: Endless PoE
Steam: Adikar27 / Hayley Williams
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tcsduo: 2014-07-01 10:16:44 pm
Nice adikar
Quote from Adikar:
If you're are doing any%, remember you have to enter the first 2 levels of each act, then leave the level to open the next level. Also, dont forget to use weapons.

I guess any% will run in NG because the levels skip doesn't make any sense in NG+. Do you think using weapons would be worth it in NG?
I never testing how to do the NG glitch, to reset everything. I dont want to lose anything I already got. So I never did it.
If you know how the levels work, doing it in NG+ wont be a problem, because it doesnt add or take away any cutscenes you would have to watch. So just entering and exiting the level, will show that you would have done the glitch, making the run a legit run I believe.
Well... Doing the glitch without any effect sounds a bit weird to me, plus I don't really like running games in NG+. It feels like you're already overpowered at the beginning of the game.
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Red_Buddha: 2014-07-02 09:45:31 am
Red_Buddha: 2014-07-02 09:45:20 am
Corrupting your save only removes level progress and stats i believe. You still keep all of your heads and weapons.
Can't you just copy/paste your save file and delete it from the game folder, then paste it back if you want to get your main save? That's what I do for Super Meat Boy but I don't know if it works for this game.
for me i think all categories should be ran on a new file as all you lose are level progress and stats and there is nothing stopping you from making a backup if you don't want to lose anything
Agreed with Monkiboy, by the way there's a gameplay section after the intro that you can't do in NG+.
Alright Everyone, get ready for a Full run Benchmark on Friday. Im going to do Any% No level Skips all day and put a record benchmark for people to beat.
Whos ready for a record to beat on SDA? (: thats a link to my any% no level skips of 1:46:47 not sure if it meets the requirements that SDA want as its from my stream and no clue how to edit voice chat and things out but its proof of my time, also just finished messing around doing a solo co-op run with a 2:57:42 my god im not doing that again lol
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scottm: 2014-07-03 03:21:28 pm
Nice run Monkiboy! I think you should state that it is an all weapon run. Weapons are pretty redundant in a normal NG run, as you have to unlock 12 of them in a random order, 60 yarn in total - it is almost definitely quicker to just go on without.

Adikar, looking forward to it - do you stream? (Good chapter 1 time btw)
Edit: Nice technique at the start of the first challenge
not quite sure why you was thinking i was doing NG unless having the level progress reset made you think that just a thing i have done with any game i have ran, also not starting with weapons will just flood the steam market place and would take up alot of time between runs if thats what was wanted as i dont see another way to get rid of them
oh sorry, yeah I thought it was NG, my bad.
Nice timesaver on 8-6 btw
Oh wow that is awesome Scott.
Thanks, I think it was found by Monkiboy though Tongue
I learned a death skip in 7-5. I dont know if anyone else found it.
Im gonna be doing my Any% No Level Skips Friday. It will be in that run.
nice, I haven't found it - will have a look later.
Found a pretty nice route for 6-1, uploading soon Smiley
there are quite a few places where the death warps are good think in my run i posted i screwed almost all of them up D:
It didn't even cross my mind to use death warps until I watched your run, haha.. Gonna have a good look for some soon.

Here's an interesting route for 6-1 (sorry about the music, at least it was an instrumental Tongue )
nice didnt think of using that glitch to get through there, might have to try see if there are any more places to use that
just finished an any% with a 1:09:22 and any% no level skip with a 1:44:39 alot more time to save and a few more new strats to work on to get more consistent will highlight the runs later or tomorrow