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Is what using secret levels?
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Hey guys, so I was wondering how do people feel about the COOP mode and speedrunning? It would be its own category of course. COOP any% COOP any% No level skip, coop 100%.

The any% No level skip should just be called No Level Skip or No Levels Early instead of any% No level skip.

How different are the xbox and pc versions? If they're different enough we might want to have all of the categories with Xbox in front of them. Xbox any%, etc.

Also, I think that 100% should include secret levels and the level that the secret is in. It is 100%. That means everything.

So basically, the categories I propose are:

-NLE (No levels early)
-Any% Insane
-NLE Insane
-100% Insane

-Coop Any%
-Coop NLE (No levels early)
-Coop 100%
-Coop Any% Insane
-Coop NLE Insane
-Coop 100% Insane

-Xbox Any%
-Xbox NLE (No levels early)
-Xbox 100%
-Xbox Any% Insane
-Xbox NLE Insane
-Xbox 100% Insane

I don't know if xbox has coop but if it does then I think you get the naming scheme. I just suggested this stuff here, because there doesn't really appear to be a speedrunning community for BBT yet, and this was the closest I could find. I'm going to start routing this game now, tell me what you think about all this stuff.

Edit: It may seem a bit weird to have this many categories, but this is how many there actually are. If someone want to run Coop any% insane, we can't just tell them to put that run into the non insane category because that's not fair. We also can't tell them, no you can't play insane mode because we didn't make that a category. It's best if we have all of these categories to cover everything. Its also best that xbox and pc be seperate categories.
new to speedrunning but been lurking the streams for a while now and I think this is the game I'd like to get a route down for. Will definitely be checking into this thread and trying to get a route nailed down.
Hey everyone. A friend and I decided to start speed running this game. "His idea. lol" I have been really enjoying the runs i've been doing and learning. I feel to do the speed run, you must complete the game fully and buy everything before starting to think of full strategies because weapons may greatly reduce speed. Been doing segment runs and hopefully next week have a full run up. I may start a Youtube Channel up to start recording my best Chapter Segment runs and my full run later on when I feel comfortable. Get ready for some insane runs everyone. xD Especially Chapter 7. Good luck and have fun with the runs.
Got this game from the steam sale and have been learning the speed run for it. Currently have about half the game learned but haven't really timed too much yet. Hoping to start doing runs within a week from now!
This is a great game too run, so much room for creativity in routes. - I'll upload some vids in the near future Cheesy
I'm currently working on a NLE run

Quote from TLGorilla:
How different are the xbox and pc versions?

Fairly different - in the steam version, you can switch between two weapons in-game (you have to pause to change weapon on the 360), also the cats have a new attack.
Cheese It
Surprised this game doesn't have more interest. I've seen gameplay and it looks perfect for speedrunning, what with the technical platforming and easy ways to practice ILs. Pretty sure I got it in the Steam sale, so I'll play it soon and more than likely jump in to running it with you guys! (Co-op would also be super fun to play/route/run if anyone wants to team up.)
Just got done doing my first attempt at a run. Ended up with a 1:58:39. sadly no video or stream. Probably will have both next time. Definitely could use some more practice on the second half.

I'd definitely be interested in co-op runs just because of all the strats for it that simply aren't possible in solo. I actually haven't even played co-op yet though.
Got 3 great Segment runs in today. With Chapter 1 getting an 8:35.8 from as you enter the Chapter 1 door pressing Y, to as you touch the key in the time trial. Once I get my Youtube stuff going, I will upload it. If anyone wants to help me with it, my skype is Endless PoE. Good luck on the runs everyone.
This game is where im gonna start my streaming/speedrunning adventure.... Through about act 3 with fairly consistent A++ 100% speed.
I'm Starting to work on any%, i saw some talk by pj and others earlier in the thread about using a fresh save file or using the trick to just wipe your level progress but keep stats and such do we have a verdict on this yet?
I should have edited my post earlier in this thread when i found out but i just forgot that trick i posted to reset your story progress does in fact reset all your stats once you play a level and collect items, I thought it didn't because i only looked without going and doing anything so it is just a new save but as your weapons and heads are stored in steam you still have them.

Glad to see people picking this game up though and hope to be seeing some good times soon Smiley
Nothing too tricky here, pretty sure not much can be improved - Maybe using the electric ball on 1-3 at the last gem is slower than proceeding normally?
I think it's gonna take around 3 - 5 months to get a good optimised full game run, I haven't really played since the 360 release so had to re-familiarise myself with the levels and stuff. Looking forward to seeing everyones routes Smiley

@Scottm, I like how you did Act 1, but you need the Dart and Toad for the rest of Chapter 1, is changing weapons going to be faster or slower running the Boomerang and the Shock?
why do you need the dart or toad for the rest of chapter 1?
Saves A LOT of time. Water skips, boat skips.
hmmmm, boat skips would be nice. im working on any% level skip i still haven't figured out what the best item set up will be. is anyone else working on level skip? seems like most people are doing no skip.
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scottm: 2014-06-30 05:02:51 pm
@Adikar, you're right, dart and toad are vital as well. - I run Boomerang/Electric up until 1-6 where I change Boomerang for Dart (6 to the right), and then change dart for toad at 1-8 (3 to the right) that's it for Chapter 1 for me. Maybe there are quicker routes, as I haven't really gave the other weapons a chance  , not sure there are any places where they're worth the change though.
Hey I just picked this game up off the steam summer sale through a friend, and beat it not too long ago. I am looking to make this my first speedrun game. @darkfox36 I have started working on an any% level skip run, and can see the dart and frog still being good for the later chapter 1. I do want to try dart and orb see if that can work instead of the frog.
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Adikar: 2014-06-30 05:34:08 pm
Scott, if you can add me on Steam/Skype, that would be cool. We can talk about the routes for the chapters/acts.
Anyone feel free to add me, i would like to talk to anyone running this game that needs help or would like to help me on the runs.
Skype: Endless PoE
Steam: adikar27 / Hayley Williams
1-4 sometimes you'll get lucky at the start with the cat firing the golf ball to the left, but it's safer to just delay your run a little and jump off the second exploding platform, it's like half a second slower. Tongue

(Sorry for the ad, matched third party content Roll Eyes )

@Adikar will do
for 1-4 you can also double jump into the bottom of the cloud part and then double jump onto the three exploding platforms. If he fires right (which it seems he normally does) you will land on top of it and can jump onto his head from there.
Quote from scottm:
I think it's gonna take around 3 - 5 months to get a good optimised full game run, I haven't really played since the 360 release so had to re-familiarise myself with the levels and stuff. Looking forward to seeing everyones routes Smiley

This game is really simple execution-wise, honestly.  I'd be very very surprised if it took more than 2 weeks of grinding to record a highly optimized run after routing is finished.  That being said, routing could definitely take a long time.

I really like your use of boomerang in these videos.  That's a very underappreciated weapon.  Your basic movement needs work in some places (just better planning on single/double jumps, when to jump vs when to walk off a ledge, etc), but I like your weapon use.
Wow, there's a lot more people interested from when I first checked this thread. I did a lot of routing on my own in this game game a couple weeks ago; probably going to check the earlier levels again for some missed orb strategies. Many of my later levels use spike jumps, so that could be interesting.
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Adikar: 2014-07-01 03:32:19 am
With no practice on Chapters 4/5/6/7/8, I just got done with "any%, no level skip" run, getting 2:39:14.1. With practice on the rest of the chapters, I feel I can get maybe around 1:40. Give me another week. I should get it going with youtube videos as well.
Goodluck with your runs everyone, and dont forget to buckle your pants!