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Adikar: 2014-07-09 06:31:58 pm
Adikar: 2014-07-09 06:30:23 pm
Adikar: 2014-07-09 06:27:02 pm
So, in order to do a run, we much have FRAPS on, to show our Framerate at all times, while having VSync Lock on?
Well, if having V sync on keeps the playing field level, I think we should all have it on. I don't think we need to go as far as showing our frame rates at all times.
I think we do, because with Vsync off, you get a few higher frames, giving you much faster seconds. So to prove that the rules are met. You should need FRAPS shown during your run. It's nice, because when you enter chapters, it does a reset from 0 back to 60 FPS. Showing that you're actually using it, instead of just putting a number 60 there.
What about those who do not use FRAPS?
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tcsduo: 2014-07-09 07:21:52 pm
. sorry computer double posted
FRAPS is free when it comes to seeing FPS. Shouldnt be an Issue.
you dont actually have to record using fraps, jut have fraps open so you get the framerate counter.
You guys are over-thinking it, using fraps to show frame-rate is completely pointless when you can prove it by video comparison. You could also display the video options menu before the run starts.
1:38:21 Showing with Vsync On. Showing my Frames were 60 as well.
I think its better if the proof is just there, showing that Vsync is on. Anyone can edit that Vsync is on during there videos. It's pretty easy to say. "I had it on." even though its not.
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Adikar: 2014-07-10 01:30:53 am
With Monkiboy's 1:37:19 run, Time his Chapter 1 from when he enters the Chapter by pressing Y, to as he touches the Key. The time is 7:47. Im uploading a Flawless run, with 1 very minor mistake that is 7:50. If you compare the 2, you can see that the 1:37.19 run was played with Vsync Off.
oh shit seems like someone has a stick up his ass, all you have ever said even from me having a time of 1:45 is that i have cheated somehow, tbh all this drama over me maybe having it off by accident take my run down go claim it with you 3 hour run or whatever you did and never posted i dont care i was running for fun and if you want to go all fucktard on everything i do then fuck you and this game i wont be runnning no more and posting my times i will run with or without vsync on now and not give 2 fucks what other are thinking i do it for fun not to be called out on every little thing cya all have fun with this little fuck trying to change every little thing just so he gets his way
Just trying to make the records fair. When I tried talking to you about it, you never wanted to tell me what you were running with. Vertical Sync gives an unfair advantage in all Speedruns for PC, and the setting isnt allowed. Having more frames then other runners isnt fair. Giving you an extra 7%+ speed advantage for your whole run. You told me you had Vsync on during your runs, if you didnt lie to me, I wouldnt have to prove it.
because i never thought of that being a thing untill you said it saved you 30 seconds and i have never said anything about vsync so pls again stop talking shit about things you have bno clue about untill yesterday i didnt know it was defaulted to on so if i did turn it off and started my game back up i would still have thought it was off just funnt how you make shit up all the time
again im done with this game just because of fucktards like you that make shit up all the time
wonder who you will go hound next? pj just because he will break the fuck out of the game and destroy any times that are posted? or someone else just because they do something better than you? like i said go back to lets plays on youtube orr something i for one will be glad i am out of this game if the community fills with people like you that make things up all the times
oh and again yes i prolly did turn it off without thinking it would do anything but i have never said i had it on or off to anyone take my times and remove them i couldnt give 2 fucks just be warned wen you have people that are just here to find things wrong with runs that are faster than they have done this community wont last long have fun while it lasts
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Adikar: 2014-07-10 01:43:31 am
Everytime you restart the game, the Vertical Sync is Re-Enabled, so it is obviously intentional that you continuously turned it off each time you started the game.
You didnt really do anything "better" than me. Your times were invalid due to higher FPS than me.
So obviously your times are going to beat everyones.
haha i didnt know it was defaulted to on untill last night but ok you know what i am thinking 24/7 right? also who was it that was saying they will run with it turned off? oh thats right it was you or have you edited that post so you dont look even more stupid

i couldnt care if you think i cheated it wasnt intentional but all you have done from the very second you joined this thread was try to change rules and start points just to get my runs taken down, also who was it that said i must be new to this thing? oh you did and from what i can see you have been here about a month but wait im the one that has never seen a speedrun of anything ever and you are the almighty wizard that is law on all pls go back to thinking up stories i really cant wait to see what bullshit you come up with about pj and others that are running this game
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Adikar: 2014-07-10 01:53:53 am
Stop thinking this is all about you. This is about creating guidelines, rules and regulations for a WR to be eligible. If everyone agrees that it doesnt matter if Vsync is off. Then I guess it won't matter.
Everyone I had talked to has said it's an unfair advantage, and that it should be turned on at all times.
Yes, I said that I will play with Vsync off, but that was before I knew that it would mess up other runners with below average computers. Ever since I saw posts about how it was making there screens blurry and making there eyes hurt, I had started to understand that having it on at all times makes it fair for everyone that is running the game, and gives no one an advantage. Do you think it's fair to have Vsync off, and be running the game faster than everyone else so you get faster times?
please go through every sinbgle post i have made and find where i said it to be fair to have it turned off go do it if you can i will go jump off a bridge right now.

and its not just about me? you was the one trying to get people to change the rules of where the game starts, saying NG+ is not valid and that all should be on NG and that NG is with weapons just because thats what you want. im sure there are a few people that cn back me up on you saying that just because you wanted to make my time invalid and get yours to be the one ran when you hd something 2 mins slower but you know lets forget about things like that because we have something new that wassnt intentional, like i said take my time off of here delete me from sda i couldnt give 2 fucks i can still have fun playing the game and other without having to be around idiots like you. and if you want that WR sooo fucking much you should hurry up and get a decent time that is recorded so you can back it up because all these other runs you have had that was supposed to be faster than mine have never been seen

im done in here now so goodbye all and have fun with this kid
1:06:31 Any% Level Skips. Did some mistakes that can take about 2-4 minutes off. Would be nice to get those soon.
Will be uploading when I go to sleep.
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Adikar: 2014-07-10 06:28:17 am
So... I just realized, with my Any% Level Skip Run, I thought I had to play all of Chapter 8... You dont. So I will be redoing that run.
Quote from Adikar:
So... I just realized, with my Any% Level Skip Run, I thought I had to play all of Chapter 8... You dont. So I will be redoing that run.

Interesting, I thought this would of been patched for the steam version - I forgot to check on my playthrough.
For anyone who is curious - The time trial levels are unlocked in Chapter 8 before you beat any levels... Pretty big skip, lol!
Found a pretty nice route for 7-6
Looks pretty cool, is it any faster than just getting the secret and exiting (~27 seconds)?
Oh wow, I was so intrigued by the long vertical section at the start I didn't even bother to look around the level, didn't know there was a secret, lol!
I think 27 seconds plus no stamps would be quicker