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I have been trying to pick up this game doing NG+ any% NLS as well. I haven't speedrun anything before but I'm enjoying myself so far, mostly trying to imitate the videos in this thread. Since I got a time I was quite content with for chapter 2 I thought I would post it here and see if I could get some feedback on the run and the video. For example, I only use my secondary tool once (the frog at the start of the first finale level), so it wouldn't be much of a loss to switch that out for something else. Anyway I had one death and my time was 9:07 unless I've made some error in my timing.

I'll leave detailed comments to one of the any% runners, but I do see a couple places where you could shave a little time with frog. For instance, you can skip waiting for the blocks to break in 2-1 (at 0:28 or so) by jumping off a frog, and it's possible (although difficult) to skip releasing the fuzzy bear at the start of 2-4 by using a couple of frogs. I would assume that energy ball/frog is probably the best weapon combo for most stages in any%.

Also, not sure if this is known but I figured out an easy way to do the conveyor belt skips! For some reason, you gain significantly more distance if you jump while crouching. So you just slide/dunk onto the conveyor, hold down-right or down-left and mash jump, and presto. Should make some strats more consistent, or possible.
I will make sure to try those frog jumps next time I sit down to play. Thanks! And I didn't know about crouch-jumping so I will keep that in mind going forward.
Just got a decent run on chapter 3 so I figured I would share that as well. As noted in the video description I made use of this neat little trick here and there:
Quote from OrangeCrix:
Movable blocks under 1 block high ceiling: Jumping and grabbing these floating blocks will make the bridges disappear for a little bit letting the player fall through. A bunch of time can be saved in various places with this. One place I can think of is 3-5, where it looks like it saves a bunch of time.

With about five deaths the timer stops at 9:50. Still NG+ any% NLS.
I started running the game a week ago. Streaming it on if you guys wanna hang out.

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I hope it's all right that I continue to post these videos. I actually have a question this time as well. For this chapter I am using a third party software to bind the left mouse button to LB on my controller. I do this so that I can click "Exit Level" (having positioned the mouse cursor over it in advance) without reaching for the actual mouse. Is there any rule against such a thing?

Anyway, it took me way too long to get a decent run of chapter 4 because whenever I would get a run going I kept trying to do scottm's 4-9 route and dying on the second bridge skip. So I cut that out and eventually got a time of 9:18 with a bunch of smaller mistakes here and there.

EDIT: Just finished chapters 5&6 as well.

Obscure games ftw
I was going to ask approximately how fast you had to mash to get past conveyor belts the wrong direction in 1 tile high hallways (as when zorasknight was showing me speedrun strats, he mashed through).  But then I started messing with alternatives and found that around 7-8 PPS jump-air attack could get through.  Faster was still faster, but then near the end of a testing conveyor I found something even better (probably already known, but it's good to document these things.
I accidentally held down and went as fast as zora was going.
Now, I'm bad at mashing (10 per second max), but I was able to effortless cross backwards conveyor via repeated duck jumps.
Shouldn't save too much time in any runs, but it should make the run a bit easier and more accessible Tongue
Mecha Richter and I finished a 100% run on Wednesday.  Final time: 2:27:07.  This is NG+ co-op 100% normal mode.  That includes secret stages.

There are a lot of mistakes and really really shit luck in several places.  However, we had a few very strong saves and improv recoveries, in addition to demolishing the hardest stages.  This is definitely improvable, but it is a 2.5 hour run with a large RNG factor and we don't have much time for attempts so we are submitting this for now.  We will likely return to it in the future.
anybody speedrunning this, maybe even streaming it?
i just started running it casually and would love to share routes/etc.
This thread has been essentially dead for a while, but there is a pretty solid community of runners as well as a discord server, and you'll find all that here:

Hope that helps.