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Arkham speed runner.
360 saves on external storage is in some weird hidden set of folders with lots of folder names like 0000000A853RT39583, don't think it's pc friendly but you never know.
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honorableJay: 2014-01-21 04:37:52 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
Sounds to me like the saves are tied to your XBox Live account. If so, then there should be a way to convert them back and forth pretty easily. I know there are a bunch of tutorials on how to convert the GFWL saves. From what I understand, a chunk of the save file is dedicated to your XBox Live account, and the rest is the actual save. For the newer Steam saves, the chunk related to the account is removed completely and all you have left is the actual save.

Robo: If you can grab one of your save files and post it here I'll see if one of these conversion tools will work (and possible transfer a save back to you). Btw, I'm going by the info found here.
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RoboSparkle: 2014-01-21 06:41:55 pm
RoboSparkle: 2014-01-21 06:41:35 pm
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
The saves are definitely tied to your XBox Live account.  I have to sign in in order to use the files.  That's why I also had a copy of my profile on the stick.  Unfortunately I can't send you the file, this is what it looks like on the stick.  Three of the files are over 1GB in size even though I don't have anything that big on there.

The Dork Knight himself.

Follow that guide and see if there are any saves for Arkham Asylum on the stick.
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Diablohead: 2014-02-03 05:10:57 pm
Arkham speed runner.
Made a highlight of the 1:47:09 console run tonight

*edit* Now have a 1:46:03 console run!
Arkham speed runner.
New tiny skip for the thugs just before croc, if you take out the 3 thugs near the booby trapped terminal so the thugs below stay unalearted you can just about zip above their heads and exit at the door just before they spot you.

It's a minor one because of setup but it would help a little bit on hard runs.

Also in the walk of shame at the start, just before joker says "boo!" and bales walks backwards, stand behind him, stops him moving backwards and you save like, half a second.
The Dork Knight himself.
So, I made a few discoveries tonight while playing on hard.

1. There is such a thing as a Super Thug (don't worry, he survived)
2. This game can be oh so cruel

That is all.
Arkham speed runner.
interesting bump for stuff I leaned tonight messing with potential skips using a pc trailer, typing on my phone at 3am so I will be quick.

if you can find a way to the bat cave fmv before going to intensive treatment 2 you can head to croc from the bat age and continue the game but free, skipping scarecrow 3! but the real block to this right now is getting past Ivy's vines to access the cave.

you can head to the visitor center before doctors and clip behind the glass where the dummy joker is and... load the final battle without a problem! but ever though you can enter the Titan joker battle that early you NEED the ultra claw to win. to note the middle glass panel in the visitors center actually has no collision at all, only the tiny wall segment below it is stopping batman progressing.

there was another but I've forgotten heh.
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Wait, I'm confused, how do you clip behind the glass to the Titan Joker fight?  This is huge!
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honorableJay: 2014-05-10 10:00:29 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
So what happens when you stop playing the game for a month? You get a new Hard Any% WR!!! Finish time was 1:57.50.36 according to WSplit. Hopefully I'll beat this in the near future.

Come at me Brobo!!
Arkham Speedrunner
Grats on the PB Jay Smiley I also saw that you skipped the walk at the start. I think that we should let that be allowed in asylum. I have seen in other runs, like skyrim, where they all agreed that you can skip the seven minute or so intro at the start of the game. If we all agree that it's fine then it would certainly make asylum resets easier Tongue
The Dork Knight himself.
I like the idea, but how to handle the timing is the hard part. For that run I actually did do the intro walk, I just cut it out of the highlight since it's so boring to watch.
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OllieJS100: 2014-05-12 03:06:01 am
Arkham Speedrunner
I guess we would have to give it a set time or we just skip timing that bit and start our timers when we load a save or when we first hear joker speak or something?

EDIT: or possibly when we see that black screen after loading the save for that first fight as there will be loading time differences from loading the save from the main menu
Arkham speed runner.
Quote from OllieJS100:
Grats on the PB Jay Smiley I also saw that you skipped the walk at the start. I think that we should let that be allowed in asylum. I have seen in other runs, like skyrim, where they all agreed that you can skip the seven minute or so intro at the start of the game. If we all agree that it's fine then it would certainly make asylum resets easier Tongue

Thing with asylum is that you are playing the game from the very beginning although limited to walking, in skyrim at least you are just skipping a pre-animated intro with character creation menu. You also have to take into account that a PC will load faster thus allowing you to pass the intro video's faster meaning that by the time you get to the first set of thugs the start time is different, finally you can slow down the walk at the beginning making starting times change again.
Arkham speed runner.
To update about some skips i've been looking into:

Early titan joker - I don't think this is a valid beat the game method, the game will only load up the credits if you fight joker in chapter 7 (fireworks outside) and while beating him early does unlock you the armoured bat, the game has to be hard reset from a black screen where pausing doesn't work and all you can do is toggle detective vision on and off.

Scarecrow 3 skip - possible but no valid way to do it normally without using a cheat trainer, until someone manages to clip through ivy's vines some how this will never happen.

Scarecrow 1 skip - in testing you can go straight to bane and skip the scarecrow 1 area if you can get past the locked double door the thugs break through, like scarecrow 3 you can only do this with cheats and there is no valid way to pass the door right now.

Pumps room fight - again using clips you can completely skip the pump rooms if you get the ultra batclaw, clip through the lift door at the bottom of the shaft you climb, get to the top and leave the game will progress you to chapter 6 (gardens 2) but until we can clip through that lift door it's not going to happen. The way the game handles that lift climb is that it will disable all ledge grabs as the titan spawns and breaks the door down and then re-enables ledge grabs as you rip the walls down, so breaking the walls down early will softlock you there if you let the titan fight start.
The Dork Knight himself.
So I was goofing off on Hard yesterday, and I think my upgrade path is gonna change a bit. I'm swapping Combo Batarangs for Combo Criticals, and I'm gonna get the Combo Bats after I get the double bats. Since I can brawl much better on Hard than trying to get good ground pound positioning, this upgrade path makes more sense. And during testing I was only a few seconds slower in the first climbing section (after Harley drops the elevator on your head) compared to my Easy run. A good Easy route will finish ripping the grate just as Joker finishes saying, "Another valuable employee for the organization." Using Combo Criticals on Hard for that fight I can finish the fight just as Joker finishes that same line.
The Dork Knight himself.
So for those who've been keeping score, apparently DarthKnight got an Any% Hard run in 1:53:52 about 4 months ago. I'm gonna tear through this and see where his time savings come from. Considering the huge amount of time he saved over my run I'm hoping it's from more than just better playing.

I do hope in the future that DarthKnight posts his best times (and hopefully videos) so that we know exactly what the best times are and can more accurately compare strategies.
Arkham Speedrunner
Congrats on the PB darth Smiley We still have leaderboards right? they'll need to be updated for this time
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honorableJay: 2014-05-13 10:40:21 pm
honorableJay: 2014-05-13 10:31:40 pm
honorableJay: 2014-05-13 10:22:54 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
Funny how after all this time, we can still dig up newer/revised strats for areas thought to be on complete lockdown. While testing out the nVidia encoder option for OBS (which btw is now my goto encoder, no system performance hit at all) I found out, pretty much on the spot, the hands down quickest method for the initial fight in the game. For the attached video, ignore the audio desync, that's caused by my on-board audio, which won't be a problem in the future since I'll be using my X-Fi primarily.

So the strat goes: Counter/attack the first enemy (for some reason I can't attack in time on hard, always have to counter), knock down the next two. Do 2 ground pounds (try to get them in order starting from the first guy knocked down) then knock out the 3rd enemy. Rip the grate as usual (grab the trophy if time permits). Now the important part: Immediately run to the far cell, and just after the gate drops, attack the first thug for a jump kick, get perfect timing on the second enemy, and ground pound both. The ground pounds are key because you need perfect timing on the first one (which skips the jumping animation) to give enough time for the other 2 thugs (getting perfect timing on both initial pounds is even better). Once the ground pounds are done, attack the closest thug (since the combo is still active it's an immediate knockdown), cape stun the second, ground pound, then knockout on the last thug. If executed properly, you should finish just as Joker begins saying, "Sorry Bats, gotta run. I've got places to go, people to slay."

Aside from the fight ending as quickly as possible, Gordon will begin his own conversation immediately after Joker finishes. You'll see in the highlight video that Joker doesn't even get out of the booth before Gordon starts speaking.

Another trick I found, partly inspired by Robo's death during our AGDQ race and my own "stupidity," is a good fallback strat for Beta Titan if you take damage before getting to him. If your health is just under half (just enough to take 1 punch from the Titan), the pattern will be Punch > Charge > Pound > Heart Attack.
The Dork Knight himself.
Here's the Beta Titan fallback strat. Considering how much time it saves (fight is completed in 13-ish seconds) it might be worth investigating how much time is lost from the damage setup.

That's not all, one last trick: the Boles Whiskey scan convo skip is a LOT easier now. After taking out the 2 goons at the door, hug the right wall. When you're at a 45-ish degree angle, do a roll into the control room and activate detective mode. If your timing/positioning are right, you'll immediately be able to start the scan. The key for the second skip is getting out of the room and getting far enough away from the door to begin running. Once Batman runs the chances of the conversation interrupted is very high (although not 100%).
Arkham Speedrunner
awesome finds Jay!
I've always wondered how to get that whiskey convo skip happen consistently. Nice finds.
Arkham Speedrunner
So can anyone figure out how i did this to croc on my 100% run? I am looking at you Diab and Jay Wink
What happens if you slow down near that concrete section where he jumps out? Would it force him to jump out quicker if you are closer?
Arkham speed runner.
Seems like a glitch maybe, can't see why he would jump up early like that.