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Ok I know I'm kinda late, hopefully my submission will go in. I know I'm still new to the SDA forums and all, but I thought I'd tryout for your marathon, I remember watching it and I loved it ! Smiley
Aww thanks everybody for all the submissions and love for Speedathon!!!

Bad games are always accepted here :).  Last year, we had a My Little Pony game run xDDD  and it was beautiful.

Also, playe, sorry to hear about it, but I understand completely Smiley  Maybe next year?

I've been working on the schedule, too, but I'm not too far.  I'm going to put it up on the first post!
I forgpt that when I submitted the form earlier, there was no spot for availability. I'm free to start a run all 24 hours (EDT) of both Saturday and Sunday. I'm also free from 12 AM-3 AM EDT the other nights of the marathon.
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aka theenglishman
*opens the mini-schedule and F5s it every ten seconds*

I just really want to know if either (or both) Epic Mickey games are likely to make the cut, as I'm going to have to plan the rest of my schedule this month around speedathon.
Not sure if co-commentary is gonna be a thing, but if it is, I would love to do so for BbForky's Kirby 64 run. I run the game as well and we've even talked a few times. That is, if he is okay with it etc.
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My situation has kind of changed, so I'm unfortunately not able to do any runs.
Quote from nanachan09:
Also, playe, sorry to hear about it, but I understand completely Smiley  Maybe next year?

Yeah I'll definitely make sure I can get a run or two in next year, it's just a bit too busy for me this year is all.
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I don't think I've said my availability, but it's after 7PM on the Friday or the Monday, anytime Saturday, and anytime up to 10PM Sunday Smiley
Okay, im for sure cant do smb2 story all levels. Monkey Ball deluxe is still a maybe, i'll keep you posted. I can still do any other categories I submitted Smiley
OK, so how this worked last year is that we had 5 different Twitch accounts that we rotated out to all the streamers.  Then, using a host computer (which i'm still looking for D:), either myself or someone using Teamviewer took a window capture of one of the Twitch accounts that was being used for the runs, and we streamed that through the main channel (speedathon).  Hope that clarifies some questions...  Also, I am still looking for some restreamers.  How I'm tryingto make that work right now is to just do rotations of like 5 hours of restreams per shift.  I would really appreciate the extra help!! 

If anyone has any questions or want to volunteer for restreaming, please do not hesitate to contact me either here through PMs or through Twitch (nanachan09)!!  Thank you !!!
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What if we were to use the host commands on twitch?
Would that be enough or no?
Hosting has a wide variety of limitations that make it less than optimal for hosting an online charity marathon.
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I hope it's not a problem, but I just submitted a second game, separate form. My apologies if it is a problem.
Hmmm....  Thanks for the suggestion for host commands.  I would still have to probably have a schedule or something for people to log into the main account, though....  Does anyone know what some cons and pros are of doing the hosting?  Cause that might work a lot better actually
Just checked the time for my run, and it is perfect!!! Cheesy
Also, it's SteveMassey, not SteveGamesHD, anymore ^_^
i have no problems with my current time slot. Let me know if you need an extra mod for chat or anything of the sort for the marathon. my schedule is open for as long as i can stay awake. thumbsup Just send me a message on twitch or my sda account to contact me as always.
I would strongly recommend against trying to use hosting for the event. Here's a brief list of some of the drawbacks:

- The stream doing the hosting does not appear online. Followers don't see you as being online and don't get e-mail notifications.
- You can't apply an overlay to all of the hosted streams yourself. If you want a consistent visual appearance, you have to distribute the graphics to every person who will stream in the event.
- You can't control the audio yourself. You're at the mercy of every individual streamer being able to figure out how to make Mumble/Skype and game audible on their own stream. (Lots of people have trouble with this.)
- You cannot have races, or at least can't make multiple players visible simultaneously.

Hosting is not a panacea for online marathons. Just stick with the restream setup, it will work fine.
Quote from SteveMassey:
Also, it's SteveMassey, not SteveGamesHD, anymore ^_^

dammit, I knew you had a different name now, and I couldn't find it D:  It's fixed now though!

osey, that would be awesome!  I'll add you as a mod ASAP.

and vulajin, thanks for that Smiley  So, we'll still have to go the restreamer route, and I still need restreamers D:
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osey889: 2014-09-06 10:32:47 pm
Glad to be of some help! sadly i wouldn't be a good choice for a restreamer. I fear my laptop wouldn't be able to handle all of it while maintaining quality. Just promise me to keep me in the loop if something important happens happy

EDIT: at the very least i'll be sure to advertise the marathon while i stream and on my youtube channel. can't promise huge numbers but hey anything helps eh? Any chance i can get like a banner img for the marathon to post?
well the thing with restreaming is that the person doing it would be using teamviewer which gives them control of the host computer, and they'll just use that to change out stream windows through the host computer.
oh i thought it would be something much more complicated then that. possibly consider me a restreamer then. (i just started my stream so if you want to speak to me directly feel free) 
that would be amazing Smiley  thank you so much! I literally can't do anything friday or monday
aka theenglishman
I really wish I could help out with the actual streaming process, but I've got so much stuff going on this month.  I only just barely have time for the marathon slots as it is Sad