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Is there a list of those who signed up so I can spread hype for a few runs?
Submitted a few potential runs. Never really done any sort of marathon before but it seems awesome and fun and for a good cause! Even if not accepted I'll be sure to drop by, I hope the marathon goes swell!
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Okay. I went and submitted two games. and thanks for the reply.
Submitted the only game I currently know >.<
may use a few too many Kappas
Welp, I've submitted. The last two marathons I submitted to got cancelled. Please don't let this be next.
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Submitted a few games. First time submitting for an online marathon so am looking forward to playing for/helping the marathon if possible Smiley
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If it weren't for several factors I'd be willing to help.
1. My computer is not at all fit for streaming.
2. College life adjustments. (basically I won't have time to focus on video games)
3. If I do have time for video games I'd be with a group minecraft server on saturday/sunday.
4. I'm out of practice.

I'd still try to attend. If we are suggesting charities Doctor's without border/médecins sans frontières is always a viable option. Some "Charities" I've seen did some shady things with the money better to play it safe.
submitted my stuff
So I gotta ask, this marathon will not be on one single stream, but instead switch between a few? Or am I missing something here.
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Pottoww: 2014-08-19 08:41:29 am
ignore this post, why can you not make posts "undone" like 1 minute after you posted them?
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Quote from Tezur0:
submitted my stuff

awwww yis, thats what I wanted to read
Quote from Pottoww:
So I gotta ask, this marathon will not be on one single stream, but instead switch between a few? Or am I missing something here.

yes i too would like to know if this is a event held somewhere or is it a shared stream channel? if its a shared stream i would love to offer a run.
The marathon is going to be an online marathon. The streaming setup is yet to be determined fully. Still trying to figure out how to exactly improve on what we did last time so there are less hiccups this year. I might just host the stream off my PC who knows. I need to plan it all out first.
Signed up :-)
well i went ahead and signed up. i hope to be of some service!
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Submitted two games.  Let's hope this all goes well.
nanachan, just so you are aware, I switched my twitch to SteveMassey.
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SteveMassey: 2014-08-28 12:06:19 am
SteveMassey: 2014-08-28 12:05:49 am
From SteveGamesHD, lol forgot to add that...
I submitted Remember Me, but some major skips and glitches were just found. I should be able to get it all down before the marathon but I just thought I'd mention it because IF accepted. It will most likely be much shorter of a run then I initially predicted. Also because glitches and stuff it should be more exciting as well.
okokokok.  I still need to find a host computer, and I'm hoping to have the first schedule draft done by this next weekend D:  I'm working like 40 hours a week + 6 hours of school on top of that, but dammit, this marathon will go on! 
ok, going to be trying to put together restreamer/commentator chats, and see what all your schedules are and what not ^_^  probably on skype....  so if you get a random add, more than likely it's me haha
Ok i would like to change my estimation for diablo 3. I vulajin suggested i install the game on my hard drive to reduce loading times and it made a big difference. My PB is 2:46:33 and i am confident in getting sub 3 hours for a marathon run. its been very consistent for me.
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Submitted two games earlier today towards a bad games block. Because I only play the best (worst) games possible.
Sorry to do this close-ish to the marathon but I'm gonna drop out, I was just in a charity marathon a little over a week ago and I need to study anyways (Been a while since I've thought about school and stuff it slipped my mind when I submitted my game.)

I'll still promote the marathon when it gets closer to it though, so I'm not going to be completely out of it, just don't think I'll have the stamina to do another marathon run so close to a past one.
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I just checked, and the Jewish High Holidays start two days AFTER the marathon finishes, so that will work out.