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I'm really sorry about this, but it turns out I have a mandatory trip for my Environmental Sciences class from 9-12pm est on Saturday the 20th. So this means I won't be available until probably 2pm, accounting for my drive home and any possible delays.
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Actually I'm dumb, and I'm unavailable on Friday night - going to a concert.
Is there a Skype group or something to make communication easier?

There may always be stuff happening on short notice.
i heard there was going to be a skype group for the restreamers to help coordinate better. but  this has yet to be done. i am sure it will be done when Nanachan has a moment to do so. i imagine putting the schedule together has taken alot of time and focus.
I'm super sorry for all the delays....  Things came up yesterday, and I had class and work today...  I'm gonna start skype groups and whatnot; also, I have a host computer!
Nice. Crystal Chronicles got in. I was curious as to why it got in and not a shorter game I submitted? Usually shorter games are the "go to" ones. Thanks for having me regardless though!
aka theenglishman
Hooray, Epic Mickey 2 got in!  I wasn't expecting the first game to get in due to its length, but I prefer running 2 anyway Wink

Also, I hate to be picky, nanachan, but it's "Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two" not "Disney'S Epic Mickey 2".  I don't know why, but that's the name.  Blame Warren Spector.
NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
Well, I'm excited both of my games made it in back to back.  I've been practicing mean bean machine,  my time may come in much shorter than estimate.  Fun about running puzzle games, you always expect the absolute worst.
not to nitpick but is there a reason why Bbforky is doing Pokemon Puzzle League and then 5 hours later cards of the heart is also playing Pokemon Puzzle League?
ok, I'll get everything updated and whatnot, but I gotta get ready for work :/  and haha, I didn't even notice 2 people were running pokemon puzzle league D:  If it helps, I was super tired putting it together D:  I also have 2 people running chip n dale rescue rangers :/
its ok nanachan! i imagined sleepyness had a hand in that. Don't be afraid to ask me for some help to lessen the load. i have the time for it.
Thank you!!  That's why I'm trying to do all this stuff, cause I know I'm not going to be able to handle the restreaming :/  I think I'm going to keep the 2 runners doing it because for some of them, that was the only game they submitted :/  I think it should be ok?  Some people might want to watch that game, but the timeslot doesn't work for them, but they have one later they can watch Cheesy
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Could also entertain making them races if the runners are ok with it, but I know that cuts out some time you'd have to fill.  I'm cool with whatever you decide.
i'm assuming the chip n dale rescue rangers could possibly be a race?  i don't mind at all.  and i was wondering if i had put a submission to run part chip n dale rescue rangers 2 but it didn't make the cut.  i'm looking forward to participating in this.  Should be fun. 
Dapper as fuck.
I wouldn't mind racing you infinite.  I wouldn't really be able to duing your 2ish PM saturday slot though.  Our PBs look to be about a minute apart, so if you're cool with it I am too.
do you have a particular day/time in mind...on the weekend? if theres any more room on saturday or sunday? 
Dapper as fuck.
My current slot is Sunday at 9:45am.. while that's a little early, I was planning on making that.  I can do Saturday just fine after about.. say.. hmm.. 5 pm.
well 9:45 cst slot, i would be a hour ahead my time, if i sleep enough, i can make that on sunday if a adjustment is made for the race. yeah i can do your slot, and just make my cnd 1 cnd2 if possible
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That slot looks great, glad to see that Barney's Hide and Seek will get its day in the sun. Smiley
Dapper as fuck.
Good call infinite.  I forgot the time was all in CDT.  hahah.  I was naming all my times in EDT.
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Quote from osey889:
not to nitpick but is there a reason why Bbforky is doing Pokemon Puzzle League and then 5 hours later cards of the heart is also playing Pokemon Puzzle League?

Yeah, forky and I were having fun with that one on Twitter.

We'd rather have a race, if we could help it. Please move me into forky's slot. (Not like that, perverts.)
Woo, So excited to get some games in. I hope to do my best!
i was looking at the schedule for my slots, can the little mermaid estimate be 15 instead of 10, only because rng bosses just in case.  and if cn2 takes place of cnd1 since i'm racing philosoraptor42 on sunday, then that estimate is 25 min.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) rolmander ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Since I can't help you with being one of the restreamer I can at least provide you with a RTMP server if you need one for restreaming Smiley

And the timeslot looks great btw. (12:40 AM CST => 17:40 CEST, right?)
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Dapper as fuck.
Quote from icedpingu:
And the timeslot looks great btw. (12:40 AM CST => 17:40 CEST, right?)

No, that would be 07:40 AM CEST.  You are +7 hours from USA Central Time.