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Professional Shaq Fu Speedrunner
Well I'm not one to use Skype much at all, but I finally remembered to log on and look at it (I pretty much only use Mumble). So yeah, I finally accepted the contact request.

As for Shaq Fu practice, my worst runs have been under 12:30, so every thing is looking good there. is my Skype if someone can add me to the Skype group, please.
OK!!!  Schedule is FINALLY done!  Let me know at least 24 hours before your run if you're able to make it or not please!!!!!  Also, need to add the commentators and donation incentives still....  but the runs are done.
Works for me, is there a certain amount of time that we need to be online by? and are we using raidcall again like last year?
ummm.... try to be online like at least an hour or so before your run.  And we're going to be using mumble this year.
I can make both of my runs, hopefully I derust quickly before they become train wrecks.
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Quote from nanachan09:
ummm.... try to be online like at least an hour or so before your run.  And we're going to be using mumble this year.

eh... I thought we are gonna use skype, not because I have problem with Mumble, its just I never used it before.
Professional Shaq Fu Speedrunner
Mumble's pretty easy to use. Plus you don't have to worry about getting DDOS'd through Skype.
I should be good for all the times I've been given. :3 Looking forward to it. Never used Mumble before so that will be tricky. Also Symm broke his copy of Silent Hill 3 So if he can't get that fixed in the next day or two I'll let you know and it will have to be just a race between me and Hshroom. But for now we're holding onto hope that we can fix it or get a new working copy. He's still able to race PPG for certain though.
Ruling the cosmos!
Anybody who hasn't used Mumble before can be assured that there'll be plenty of people ready and willing to help out with any problems you have. It can be a bit tricky to figure out at first, but it's basically nothing if you've got someone who knows how it works.
Okay so yea, Symm's SH3 game is broken and will not be able to be fixed before the marathon. So it will have to be a race just between me and Hshroom. He can still race PPG DOT though.
any chance the Mumble server is set? with the marathon approaching we should be getting that info out to the runners.
Is there any chance I could have my run pushed back to Saturday night/Sunday afternoon?
For Power Pamplona, make a donation war between top, bottom, and middle paths.
aka theenglishman
A donation incentive for Epic Mickey 2 - I will sing one of the Mad Doctor's songs (I'm Falling Apart) if a total of $200 gets donated during my run.
Quote from nanachan09:
PinkPajamas, oh noes D:  just let me know as soon as you can if you can still do the run or not Smiley

Just got back from oral surgery.

I'm 99% sure I can do my run on Sunday just fine.
Kefka will be running Kirby 64 instead of myself for the marathon. I will still be doing my restreaming and do co-commentary during the game.
Quote from Bbforky:
Kefka will be running Kirby 64 instead of myself for the marathon. I will still be doing my restreaming and do co-commentary during the game.

I can confirm this.
Ok, I super apologize for all the lateness for this....  I just got sick, and I have to leave for work in like 3 mins lol....  But I will have all of this done and updated before tomorrow!!!!!!!!
I was debating doing this, but I'm gonna have to. I recently got married (this past Sunday on the 14th) between all that I haven't had much a chance to practice Crystal Chronicles. I was gonna do a two day grind fest up to my run and make sure it would be good, then my disc doesn't work (I was having issues out of it before). I apologize heavily. I have other games I can do to fill some of the gap or whatever is needed. This being said, I'm still good for Kirby and Wii Music, as well as restreaming. This is the first time I've ever dropped a game, so I feel pretty shitty about it. Sorry.
Historically a really great donation incentive for Super Metroid has always been save vs. kill the animals, so I'd highly recommend having that.  Also is there a background image/standardized layout that we should be using?
One hand is enough.
Just going to make a note for the Vanquish donation incentives.

Soda%- hold a soda during the run - at least $50
Dialogue language bid war- English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Japanese

Alright so last minute survey things to clamp down on tech issues. Fill this audio survey out so I can plan for the majority of runners. A streaming instruction guide is also being written up and a guide for people on host pc streaming duties. Also we have an RTMP server now so everything will be super nice and easy.
I know it's last minute, but unfortunatly I won't be able to make it for this years Speedathon. My kids are sick and I don't know when it will be better and might actually need hospitalization. Due to the case of uncertainty, I will unfortunatly have to retract myself from the marathon which makes me sad, but real life first. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this might cause to you.
If we don't have a way to fill in Ikarius's 55 min time slot i can offer some runs to fill the gap nicely. I can do sonic adventure tails, and knuckles runs that will work into it nicely. i can stay up a little late to help. and maybe if we are ahead of schedule we can offer a donation incentive for a Big the Cat run. Big is only 12 mins long btw.