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Professional Second Banana

Team Y Burn:

Team EGG!:

Team Waterfall:

Team Ralse:

Start Time: Saturday, February 8th, 10AM EST (GMT-5)

4-Way Race View:
日本のミラー (Japanese Restream):



FF4: SNES version (FF2US) - Full Game RTA (Mist clip and any glitches except 64-layer OK)
FF5: SFC version with RPGe 1.10 English patch (Item duplication/Kiss of Blessing glitches OK)
FF6: SNES version (FF3US) - Any%


Direct airship landing at Troia (-1 minute)
Defeat Calbrena (merged doll) (-3 minutes)
Final hit on Zeromus with direct attack/spell (no reflected spells) (-2 minutes)

Direct airship landing at Crescent Island Base (1st visit) (-1 minute)
Avoid all skippable Big Bridge battles without stopping (-2 minutes)
Defeat NeoExdeath (no Kiss of Blessing on either form) (-5 minutes)

Direct airship landing at Kefka's Tower (-1 minute)
1st try Reverse Joker Doom on Ultros/Chupon (including hitting all 3 reels the 1st time they spin past) (-2 minutes)
The Spooniest Bard (viewers vote for best opera performance - no tool-assistance allowed MV Wink ) (-3 minutes for 1st place, -1 minute for 2nd place)

Something I saw on Nico Live earlier this year that looked like tons of fun was a 4-way SNES Final Fantasy relay race - 4 teams of 3 runners racing FF4-6 back to back with 1 stream rebroadcasting all 4 teams, with the skill levels so close that the spread between 1st and 4th place was only about 90 minutes; and with a fun scoring system that helped determine the winning team along with the final run times (each game had around 5 ways to get bonus points, like for the FF4/5 runners being able to make tight airship landings like Touria/Crescent Island Base directly without having to stop for minor adjustments).

I've heard some interest in trying a similar relay in the Western FF community; and with the the success of Joka's recent Mega Man relay race I thought I'd pitch the idea here to gauge interest at least for a 2-way relay.  As I see it the main challenges to having such an event would be finding a day that works for enough runners (which will be a lot more difficult for 4-6 hour Final Fantasy runs compared to 30-45 minute Mega Man runs), finding enough FF5 runners (FF5 isn't as popular in SDA/SRL as 4/6 and the runners I know largely do different versions/categories), and matching skill levels well enough to keep the race close.

So what do you all think?
Thread title:  
I'm by no means an authority on the SNES runs, and VI is the only one I've ever even had interest in learning. But the thread goal here is clearly to gauge interest in both this as a concept as well as a format for fun competition so for whatever it's worth,  yeah this is interesting to me.
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mistermv: 2013-12-16 09:32:49 am
life remixer
This an awesome idea! Would be a good occasion for a few people to pick up FFV or derust/try FFIV which isn't the hardest to learn (even though I haven't tried diehard% but a French runner has been practicing it offline and tol me it was cool/easy  after you understood it).
This is really interesting to me, the main issue would be to find enough FF4/FF5 runners but this should be definitely doable.
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Incalex: 2013-12-16 09:36:54 am
Incalex: 2013-12-16 09:35:17 am
I'm a scrubby noob
I would be really interessed for this as I'm one of the few that speedruns FF5, but do I need having SFC + real cart' needed or is playing on emulator allowed? I only ran that game on emulator so far so I guess I wouldn't be able to run a full japanese version as I would need to learn the japanese texts (I would be able to buy an SFC + the cart' if needed).
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Sounds like it would be awesome! I can think of enough FFIV runners right off hand (myself, obdajr, crumps, brossentia, rane) just depends on what category we would be running. I also would like to make the suggestion to have a different runner for each game (no repeat runners). Basically so Puwexil doesn't have a team that goes Obdajr, puwexil, puwexil haha
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puwexil: 2013-12-16 10:23:46 am
Professional Second Banana
Emulator would be fine if that's how a runner normally runs their game.  For FF5 I'd kind of prefer one of English versions for the audience's benefit (SFC version with RPGe English patch, GBA, or PSX), but the most important thing is finding runners able to run the same version.

For FF4 a good question would be if runners would prefer to do full game or 64-floor glitch (I'd prefer full game to make the relay more 'complete', though I wouldn't be running FF4 Tongue ).

FF6 would definitely be Any% since I don't know of any other categories with multiple runners.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I think doing full game would be better - DieHard% is a big draw for viewers though. I'm sure the majority of people will want to do RTA runs, they are more consistent, easier, and faster.
I'm a scrubby noob
If emulator is fine, then I'm in for FF5! Also I have the same opinion for the SFC Version + English patch. GBA shouldn't be used though (for the missing glitches) and PSX is way slower (except for running in towns and eating walls I guess)
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Look at all these relay races  ~(˘⌣˘~)
Can I just relay myself? Lol just kidding. This seems like a thing, but ffuv is a hard pick.  Ff2us is convoluted but I'd almost prefer the j/hard version. But 2us is spread out.
Though I think the dream team would be me, puwexil and essentia.

Though I'd want team bad luck with someone on 4, me on 5, and mv on6 lol
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puwexil: 2013-12-16 10:00:34 am
Professional Second Banana
Nice to see so much early interest!  I'll let this thread cook the rest of the day and then start a sign-up/availability list tomorrow or Wednesday so we can start trying to figure out a date to do this and how many teams there can be.

@Rane: Need to get Rom on that team for the full monty.
I must simply laugh.
awesome idea, awesome, awesome, did i mention awesome?
also this should be at least an annual thing if not more often.
Everything's better with Magitek
I'd be up for this! Besides FF6, I could learn FF4 if we need more runners for it.
Obscure games ftw
I like FF5 but haven't learned the route, but from having seen puwexil do several runs I can safely say it wouldn't take too much extra for me to learn (consider me interested in FFV, though I'm not 100% certain I can commit to any dates in the near future)
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Deln: 2013-12-16 12:02:31 pm
that sound like a good idea

but like dream said, there isnt alot of FFV runners

Edit: this sound like i need to derust and improve... fast
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Khobahi: 2013-12-16 12:47:34 pm
Would love to see something like this.

Just learning to speed run myself (deciding main game as well but most likely FFVI) so seeing this with a bunch of different perspectives could give me alot of insight!

(im sure a bunch of you have seen me in your twitch streams lately =) )
Professional Second Banana
Let's go ahead and start getting some info together, so I can see if there's a date that works for enough people to make at least 2 teams of 3.  Since we're dealing with multi-hour games and runners from all over the world (who might end up having to play late night/early morning), I think a Saturday would work best, probably starting FF4 in the morning, FF5 in the afternoon, and FF6 in the evening (North American time zones).  As far as dates I think late January or February would be ideal, both to avoid conflicting with AGDQ and to give newer or rusty runners amble time to practice.

For versions/categories, let's plan on the following (VC, emulator, or flash/repro cart OK)
FF4: SNES version (FF2US) - Full Game RTA (Mist clip and any glitches except 64-layer OK)
FF5: SFC version with RPGe 1.10 English patch (Item duplication/Kiss of Blessing glitches OK)
FF6: SNES version (FF3US) - Any%

I don't want to overcomplicate this; but given the lengths of FF4-6 and the inevitability of a large spread between the teams because of RNG and player skill differences, I think we'd have a more interesting relay if the 'winner' was decided by more than just 1st place finish.  Points would go to the team who finishes the relay 1st/2nd/etc, maybe along with which team finishes each individual game 1st/2nd/etc.  On top of this, there'd also be some fun challenges within each game that would be worth bonus points (challenges based primarily on player skill, which don't change the route much to attempt - maybe 3-5 per game).  Here's a couple quick ideas I came up with - let me know if you have ideas for more of these. 

Direct airship landing at Toria (no stopping/position adjustments)
Rydia-less Golbez battle
Final hit on Zeromus with a non-reflected spell

Direct airship landing at Crescent Island Base 1st visit (no stopping/position adjustments)
Quicksand Desert without stopping (after Sandworm battle to southern exit)
Fighting NeoExdeath (ie no Kiss of Blessing on 1st form)

Direct airship landing at Kefka's Tower (no stopping/position adjustments)
Thamasa burning house with 2 or fewer Balloon battles
"Perfect" Reverse Joker Doom on Ultros 4 (hitting each reel at 1st chance without letting any of them spin around again)

So if you're interested in the relay, go ahead and post the following info by next Monday (12/23), and spread the word to other SNES FF runners you know that don't check this forum regularly.

TwitchTV name (if different):
Games, and PBs if you have one (will use to try to balance teams by overall skill):
Availability (1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22 - will add some March dates if these don't work for enough runners):
Professional Second Banana
And to use myself as an example... Tongue

Name/TwitchTV name: puwexil
Games: FF5 (4:18:37)
Availability (1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22): All, though would prefer not 2/1
Name/TwitchTV name: Deln
Games: FF5 (4:57:45)
Availability (anytime after AGDQ until  mid Feb)
I want off the ride....
Name/TwitchTV Name: RaneofSoTN
Games: FF4 (3:39-3:40 non mist skip/etc), ff5 (~5:12ish), ff6 (not good enough to list yet)
Availability: I'll say i'll match Puwex except 2/8 instead of 2/1 (bro birthday may want to visit him) but i'll work around.
I'm a scrubby noob
Name/TwitchTV name: inkalex
Games: FF5 (4:34:37) (I think I have some routes updates to do plus I lost about 5min because I died, forgot Smoke Bomb in the Pyramid)
Availability (1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22): All of them!
Twitch name - crumps2
Game - FF4 (3:36:51 Any %, 3:39:11 SS%, 2:11:09 DieHard%)
Availability - any time, any hour
I must simply laugh.
TwitchTv name: eLmaGus
Games: FF4 (3:50:55 SS), FF6(learning any% atm, new to it though)
AVailability - anytime
Professional Second Banana
Wow, looking good!  Just need 3 FF6 runners now to make 3 full teams - 4 would work too if people keep signing up, though I think any more than 4 teams would be too difficult to rebroadcast in a viewable format (I thought about something like MultiTwitch or SpeedrunTV, but due to the nature of the relay I think a rebroadcast is the way to go, so it's much easier for viewers to follow the active players).