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Alright, well in that case maybe you wouldn't even need to beat the minigames for 100%.
Yeah I've never won the Ga-Koro minigame. I had a super good time in the Ta-Koro minigame (39 seconds).
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 12:07:34 pm
I'm pretty sure this is all the copper mask is:

It's just a slightly different results screen on the last minigame.

EDIT: Here is the normal results screen (I played the Koli minigame):

Note that I exited out of every other minigame on my first file and still got the different results screen. I didn't have Ga-Koro Skip at the time so I had to exit out of that minigame, but I doubt it would make a difference.
What a great reward.
This would probably be better than picking up the boulder or switching to hammer of onewa and back to the launcher:
Definitely. May try a 100% run latter.
Real question is do you count turagas and toa stones towards it?
I assume so. I was thinking all turaga, all toa stones, all crystals and all health pickups (though I'm not actually sure if I know where all of them are right now). No need to bother with the minigames.
This will allow for a lot more use and abuse of stuff like the boundary jumping.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 12:56:23 pm
I know some health upgrades are obtained by giving both crystals to the green villagers with the pot thing for every village. A couple others are obtained by helping out certain matoran. The rest can be found hidden.

Le-Koro Tree Crystal 1:

The next Le-Koro tree crystal is in the section where you need to give the bird the boulders. It's hidden behind a tree and near a bunch of boulders to the upper right of the transition.

EDIT: Should full inventory be a requirement as well (excluding expendables such as fruits, snowballs, rocks, etc.). That would mean the trident (lol it does nothing), and the second disc (I think it might be in Ko-Koro?)
Yeah it should.

Yea, though there is a way to get the second disc without going to Ko-Koro. I've had the glitch happen to me a few times, I think it is a frame perfect (or really percise throw of the disk as soon as it comes back). It gives you another disc. Can't do it consistently though.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 01:23:29 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-04 01:21:15 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-04 01:14:48 pm
I saw that glitch in your run, seems to think you haven't thrown the disc or something when you have and glitches out the counter. I wonder if you could throw 3 discs if you get the second real disc that way.

Messing around with the bird:
Lets boundary hop to the nest when the babies are still active:

Lets see if I can get close to the nest from ab--- Oh hi there:

EDIT: Lets see what happens when I feed it 3 rocks:

EDIT2: not too much interesting happens after 4, I don't get stuck I simply just get flung back

EDIT3: Don't even trigger it after boundary hopping after 5 either.
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Vibex: 2015-10-04 01:40:06 pm
Possibly, gonna try and do it again.

Here are a few ways to get past the bird without riding him. It's not useful, but fun.

Also you can get back to the bird from Le-Koro, it's just not marked anywhere.

EDIT: Another Bird Being Dumb
Yeah I just had that happen to me if you move as far left the bird seems to detect you as not there.

Second disc was actually here in the Le-Koro Toa Stone section:

Just up the walkway and use the launcher.
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Vibex: 2015-10-04 01:51:50 pm
Yeah, thats what I was thinking too.
Oh, I'm pretty sure there is one in Ko-Koro as well. Let me check.
EDIT: Yep, here it is.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 02:14:37 pm

EDIT: Not a glitch, apparently just throwing the disc at it period grabs it. Wonder what else it grabs
Wooooo, thats super cool. have you tried it on other things yet? If not I'll get on that now.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 03:45:15 pm
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 02:52:10 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-04 02:46:22 pm
I tried it on the unlocking discs of the level but nothing happened. Same with the toa stone.

EDIT: Le-Koro Toa Stone Section 100% without the axe:

I think it would actually be better to boundary hop from the right middle disc to the top right disc, then go back and get the left disc.

EDIT 2: They don't grab crystals or the energy berrys. Kinda makes you wonder why some energy berries are just floating in the middle of nothing.

EDIT 3: this should be the fastest way to get this assuming you don't stumble around for a million years:

EDIT 4: I had actually forgotten what nuju's pick did outside of Ta-Koro. It acts as an object to use the launcher on. Not sure if this could be abused in any way.
Yeah, I have found so many berrys just floating in the abyss.
It might be, but I don't think that boundary jumping there is that much slower, and it is way more consistent.
Yeah I haven't found any other places to abuse it yet, but it's super versatile, and there are bound to be some nice skips because of it.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 04:53:40 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-04 04:25:57 pm
Le-Koro Toa Stone Section improved:

Usually the jump to the left disc goes way better than that. Also it is best to hold up to orbit around the tree. EDIT Actually it might be better to hold down. Diagonals seem bad period.

Something weird I noticed about boundary jumping:

EDIT: Tried knockback manipulation along the boundary in that state, didn't work.
Thats so weird? I have literally no idea why that would happen. It's not even just that wall that you can't boundary jump on, I couldn't get it to work on the bottom wall either. I'm gonna play around and see if I can come up with a reason for why this happens.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 07:24:23 pm
Quote from Vibex:
Thats so weird? I have literally no idea why that would happen. It's not even just that wall that you can't boundary jump on, I couldn't get it to work on the bottom wall either. I'm gonna play around and see if I can come up with a reason for why this happens.

It happens in Le-Koro too, I expect it to hold true for anywhere.

EDIT: I think it might have to do with making sure you don't get stuck inside npc's or pick them up when you talk to them? idk.
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Vibex: 2015-10-04 08:02:45 pm
Vibex: 2015-10-04 07:48:29 pm
Vibex: 2015-10-04 07:45:05 pm
Vibex: 2015-10-04 07:39:42 pm
Vibex: 2015-10-04 07:39:37 pm
I was just testing it out myself, yeah happens in Le-Koro, gonna try Ga-Koro now.
Maybe, still seems really weird.
EDIT: Happens in Ga-Koro, so yeah probably happens everywhere.
EDIT: And happens on the island, though only on a second time talking to Jaller

EDIT: I was just playing around on the island, and had a turtle swim super fast from the water onto the beach, and then continue swimming into the trees and disappear.
EDIT: It works with signs as well, so it probably is coded for when a textbox appears.
I don't think it's specifically textboxes, otherwise you couldn't do it after getting items or other events that trigger textboxes. Signs are probably programmed as static NPCs or something.
Yeah, thats a possibility too. Though aren't the textboxes different for getting an item?
I have no idea.
Nevermind there not. Though the textbook for jaller and the intro textboxes are different. so it is the npc's and not the textboxes since he has a different textbox.