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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 09:24:08 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-04 09:12:08 pm
This might be faster in the intro?

Also I just died and triggered Whenua escape at the same time, will see what happens when I advance through the cutscene.

EDIT: Dang the game just put me back at 1 when I left.

EDIT 2: Should be able to get into position while the launcher projectile is still flying:
I've stopped using the launcher their. I think it is faster to do the jumps as long as you do it perfectly, because you don't have to poen the menu.
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Vibex: 2015-10-04 10:14:52 pm
Thats weird that it didn't count. You can die to the bug boss (not the scorpion) in Po-Koro after youve triggered the cage, and it still counts.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-04 10:18:05 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-04 10:15:37 pm
Quote from Vibex:
Thats weird that it didn't count. You can die to the bug boss (not the scorpion) in Po-Koro after youve triggered the end, and it still counts.

The death or the win? Because it still counted as me winning.

Also you're going to have to open the menu to launcher before Ga-Koro though, unless the end of the pre-ga-koro section has changed.

EDIT: Oh wait, I forgot that you have to pull out the explosive fruit at the end of that section anyways.
Once you've triggered the cage in Po-Koro even if you lose all your health, you get the Turaga and are teleported back to the village regardless of the fact that you have no health, and you can't die in villages, so if you pick up the health up he gives you you are fine.

You do, but this saves one open since you have to open it to add the explosive fruits on the floor above. Honestly, I would need to do a bunch of timing to see which one is best, but for now I prefer the jump strat.
You struggled a little bit with putting the rock in the geyser at the end of your run, you can actually simply drop boulders with the jump button. It's still a little finnicky to put it in though.
Thats another thing that I'm usually super consistent on, that was actually the first time I've messed that up since I started seriously running the game. But thanks for the tip.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 09:36:14 am
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 09:36:14 am
Mechanics of Wall Hopping + Boundary Hopping: You may have noticed that you can do short hops along walls (Which I define as things you cannot long jump over) similar to boundary hopping. I think it's pretty much the same glitch. The difference is that boundaries only are in cardinal directions, and never have 45 degree angles, only 90 degrees. When you short jump into a boundary or a wall you will land there if and only if you jump in a direction that is heading into the collision. This means perpendicularly or from an angle. However, if you are jumping parallel to the direction of the collision where you land, you will fall.

I believe why jumping from an angle works with the Ga-Koro Skip is because you aren't actually jumping onto the boundary at first. You're jumping onto a wall that sticks out slightly from the boundary. Then where I fell in the water is where you actually jump to the boundary. I believe the position obtained from hopping from an angle or hopping dead on must be different enough to where when you make that hop, you land on the boundary as opposed to landing along a diagonally facing wall.

EDIT: I don't think the Ko-Koro Skip is related to any of this. It must work for a different reason.
Thanks for the write up, I'm sure it will help new players. And I thin your dead on for why your setup for ga-koro failed.

As for the ko-koro skip I think it is a byproduct of how the game deals with height in the game. I would type up a better explanation, but I'm typing on a phone right now. When I get back to my dorm I'll try and give a better explanation
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 10:39:03 am
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 10:09:31 am
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 09:59:11 am
Minor timesaver in the entrance to Ko-Koro: Pacifism!

EDIT: You cannot grab the element of melting (required for beating Ko-Koro) with discs. The only item that isn't a village that is obtained after discs that I haven't checked is the key to Vakama's cage.

EDIT 2: You cannot grab Vakama's Key with it (Nor the well antidote which I forgot about too). I would test the turaga's tools, but the only ones obtained outside of a village are before you are even able to get a disc.

So the only things you can grab with discs are more discs. Awesome.

EDIT 3: oh wait, I forgot to check health upgrades

EDIT 4: you can grab health upgrades with discs too, I don't remember too many health upgrades obtained after discs outside of villages though.

EDIT 5: This wouldn't be faster due to the backtrack it would require, but I wish it worked nevertheless:
I just can't get that jump consistently. I used to try for it everytjme, but only got it once in awhile.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 11:25:47 am
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 11:12:06 am
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 11:10:33 am
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 11:04:10 am
Quote from Vibex:
I just can't get that jump consistently. I used to try for it everytjme, but only got it once in awhile.

I'll try looking into a setup.

EDIT: Also minigames count as screen transitions for the purpose of boundary jumping, so if you talk to someone to enter a minigame, and quit the minigame, you will still be able to boundary jump.

EDIT 2: Pacifist Jump Setup:

In case it isn't obvious, the position you make the first long jump from is how you can get it guaranteed.

EDIT 3: Here is a picture of the position circled for future reference:
I noticed that in Ga-Koro.

Awesome, glad there is a setup, will save a fair bit of time.

As for the Ko-Koro skip setup, I think it happens because the game relies on height to determine whta platofrms you can jump to. I noticed this most when playing around in Ko-Koro's first section. There is an island that you can only get to from another one at the same height. I think the spot you jump to in the Ko-Koro skip is a section between two of these height zones. So I think looking for more height differentials would be the key to exploiting this glitch more. I could be completely wrong though.

That would explain why you could fall through solid floors like you did in your run at Le-Koro.
Yeah it explains a bit of it, also why you can't jump from the elevators onto platforms.
Made a video demonstrating the launcher's orbiting mechanics:

Orbiting is caused by moving in a direction before hitting the launcher button to pull yourself towards the object. Direction and position both can have effects on this.

I knew about this when I made the Le-Koro Toa Stone Section video but felt like demonstrating and explaining it better here.
I didn't realize you could make such crazy circles, that might give the launcher some more use.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 01:48:43 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 01:27:01 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 01:20:47 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 01:17:03 pm
Welp while making that video I accidentally stumbled onto another glitch and stumbled onto a related one while making that.

Launcher Pausing:

I let go of the launcher button when I paused and I got that same effect from when I got knocked off the enemy in Le-Koro in the Umm game what are you doing video. At the end I switched to fruits and you can see there you can use it aim fruits without moving, but you still can't do in betweens.

I just found two more things related to it, will upload the one video I made so far.

EDIT: Launcher Pause Staff Rotation:


EDIT: Launcher Pause "Jumping":

I'm afraid to touch the game again, in case I'd find something else I'd need to record.

EDIT: I totally just remembered I actually encountered launcher pausing as a kid, but I doubt I experimented nearly well enough. Should check other items and stuff.
A bunch of fun useless tech. Lol

I've been noticing that a lot of the level design is designed in either a linear path, or a loop that ends very near were it started, with just a single wall in between. This is true in the first section of Onu-Koro, and in the second half of Po-Koro. If we can find a way to clip past these walls, we can cut those sections down considerably. I'm gonna work on that now, see I'f I can get anything together.

I'll do some testing with other launcher items as well.
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Vibex: 2015-10-05 01:59:22 pm
Vibex: 2015-10-05 01:58:05 pm
Vibex: 2015-10-05 01:55:23 pm

Launcher Items:
Ice Pick - Doesn't cancel out of launcher items, and makes it very hard to make ice bridges. No use that I can see.
Drill - Doesn't cancel out of launcher items, and allows you to borrow almost exactly in place, you are shifted a small amount in the direction you are facing. No use that I can see.
Lava Sled - Functions exactly the same as normal. Simply can't move on land.
Hammer - Functions exactly the same as normal. Simply can't move on land.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 01:59:32 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 01:59:31 pm
Launcher Pause Jumping Weirdness (done uploading):
I noticed that when testing the other items. I think what is happening is that the launcher is overriding other animations, so it skips your death animations and jumping animations.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 03:32:59 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 03:32:59 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 03:32:58 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 03:18:38 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 03:18:37 pm
Launcher pushing/pulling:

Also the death animation skip could be useful for death warping after getting the crystals for Ta-Koro in 100%. You'd have to return to the village to get the health upgrade.

EDIT: Nothing too weird about picking up boulders (that I can tell anyways).

EDIT2: Boundary Launcher Jumping works, and is still affected by npcs:
That is true, but you woul already need to be on 1/2 a heart for it to really save time. It was save a bunch though since the death animation is so freaking long.
By the way, that wall you are standing next too towards the end of the video is the one I'm trying to get through. no such luck yet though.
Tested launcher trident, is just trident with targeting retciule.