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neat little speedgame would be good for racing
ive been speedstreaming and its about 40~ mins on average
will record a run soon :3
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I've been practicing this game for a few months now, and finally got a good run today. 25:59!!!! Was so pumped. I almost had a sub 25 yesterday, but since the entire lava boarding section is RNG I ended up having a 40+ run.
Still a pretty bad run, unintentional deaths, way to many bonks and the lava boarding took several tries. My goal is sub 25, but I'm pretty happy with this for now.
I'll probably do some commentary over this soon, so look forward to that. Wink

WR/PB Run starts at 1:17
Oh, also I have a strat not shown in the video to skip the first half of Ga-Koro (saving Nokama) but you can't progress in the game until you save her. Still looking for a way around that.
I'll record a video of that and make a video on how to specifically do the Ko-Koro skip (it is in the run, but I'll explain the setup) later.
I just read that you guys don't allow emulators. THIS WAS ALL DONE ON EMULATOR. I don't want people to think I'm claiming otherwise. I'm buying a DS capture card asap so I can do runs that you guys will except. In the mean time, I've been recording the things I mentioned in the previous post.

This is a really easy item to skip, just don't pick it up. BUT if you don't have the item then you must play through the rest of Onu-Koro blind. You can however get rid of the darkness by jumping into a wall or colliding in such a way that knocks you down. If you open the inventory though then it becomes dark again. It costs so little time to pick up the staff, that it would only really be useful to skip it if this game became ridiculously optimized, or you are running low%. After you get out of Onu-Koro not having the staff has no impact.

A short clip to show the skip for part 1 of Ga-Koro. Unfortunately you still need to save Nokama even if you skip the first section, so this isn't useful yet. Still thought I should post it though so others can try to understand how the hit boxes work and find other skips.
To do this skip walk to the most bottom part of the island. Then do a long jump towards the sign post. From the sign post do a short hop left, and then a short hop down. Make sure not to walk back up through the loading zone after you have done the skip though. If you do, you will soft-lock the game.

This is a somewhat finicky skip. But it skips almost 4 minutes of gameplay! You need to move as close as you can to the Matoran blocking your way. After you have done that, move as far up as you can. Then do a long jump to the right (to what seems like the cliff). Then do a long jump back towards the matoran. You will land on the tiny block of land behind him.Then do a long jump to the right again. If you do this right you will go straight into the loading zone. If not, you can still walk on the land on the far side of the jump. As far as I know there is NO WAY BACK. So make sure you have the Ice Pick, otherwise it will be impossible to finish the game. Doing this skip does mean that you skip the trident, but I have no idea what that item even does, so yeah.

Also sorry for the lack of audio.
I played it back in the days, cool gba game. Keep up the good work! I still have it so I might try your route and see if I can help... One day.
Always up for so help/competition. There are a few changes I've made to the route, and one other glitch I remembered that I havn't posted yet. I'll post those sometime soon.
I have a DS with a capture card coming soon, so I can start doing real runs soon.
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Just got a 24:05 on my DS. Uploading to youtube now.

Here you guys go.
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Just got a new time of 23:37. Plus I have a nice mic now so maybe I'll do some commentary.
Not that anyone else reads this thread, but whatever. Tongue

And the run with commentary
Found some new tech. None that saves time yet, but they may be able to with some more testing. The biggest one so far is the ability to use the lava board in Ta-Koro (even before you pick it up). I think I may be able to use it to skip the first half of the entire level. Also found a few weird things that gave me a better understanding of how the loading zones work. On my way to Ireland right now, so can't post a video of the glitches now, but I'll post them as soon as I get back.
I watched the run that was submitted to sda and I left a bunch of comments in the verification thread, but I'd like to leave some here as well.

Have you looked much into the Volo Lutu Launcher's (Grapple thing) ability to drag things to you in addition to dragging you to objects? I know that you can drag some enemies off ledges with that, but one enemy in Le-Koro crashed the game instead when dragged off a ledge. Actually it might also crash the game if it hits you as well.

I think in the beach level you can skip throwing a turtle (forget which) with a precise jump, but my memory is a little hazy on that. It's been a while since I messed with it.

In your run you first tried to drill into the scorpion from the front, and missed a hit cause of it. From my experience, you need to approach from the back, but you may know that already.

I brought up in the verification thread that you had actually miscounted the boulders in the Le-Koro section.

I have a suspicion that the game has either no true Z-Axis or a very wonky one based on my experiences with the game and with the skips that were found. This could possibly be exploited further, but I'm not sure how.

I think I tried this, but can you save Whenua without killing the rock boss? I feel like you can't but I could be wrong.

I'm pretty sure rocks and snowballs deal better damage than the regular fruit, you might want to switch to them at points when your energy is running low.

I look forward to seeing what glitches you mentioned in your last post.
First off, I've taken a bit of a hiatus, but will get back to working on this run very soon.

1. The launcher is really cool and I would love to find more uses for it, but the problem is that to use it you need to latch it on to something that is near you and then run away from it to build up speed. This effectivly means that unless you are skipping over a pit, that you spent the same amount of time as just running. I don't think I've ever tried to pull people off cliffs with it though.

2. If this is true, then that would be awesome. I'll poke around and see if I can find it.

3. Yeah I just fucked up there.

4. Yeah, I was kind of hoping no one would notice. I just go on auto pilot during that section, and I just screwed up.

5. Thats what I've found too. I'm pretty sure thats why the Ko-Koro skip, and the Ga-koro sequence break work.

6. You can, but it's really hard because the rock guy spawns lots of little guys and if your timing isn't perfect then you will just die. The stun lock that I do  currently is pretty efficent anyway though.

7. I think so to (well the rocks definitely do, I don't know about the snowballs). The thing is that I always feel like I'm wasting time in the menu, and my main strategy is to try and not fight if at all possible (the fact that you can skip Ko-koro, and the route I have for ta-koro make this fairly easy to do). I will eventually use them if I need to save that little bit of extra time, but for now I would rather focus on other parts of the run.

8. Some one really needs to remind me to post these things. I completely forgot that I hadn't posted this yet. I'll do that asap. But, I have yet to have found a way to actually skip anything. I'm close, but not close enough.

Also if you have any interest in running this, I would love some other people to play with.
I probably will not do any runs of sort of the game due to not being able to justify buying recording equipment to myself because of time related reasons, but I might look into skips and stuff once I have a chance to grab my cart of the game.
Have fun looking for them. I'll try explain the skips and glitches I've discovered better so that you have a starting point. I'll try and upload those asap too.
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OK so skipping the second turtle section on the beach is really easy, just jump to the shore to the left.

Big glitch time: In the nokama rescue skip you short hop into the boundary of the area and long jump to the transition. I found out that you can short hop into a bunch of boundaries like that. Normally you fall into the water if you try to jump anywhere, but if you short hop diagonally along the wall, you won't fall in it. I just skipped pretty much all of the save nokama section by just short hopping repeatedly up the right boundary of the level.

Sadly when I tried that along the top of Ga-Koro, I fell in the water not too far in, and on the right side there is an invisible wall to the right of the tohunga.

EDIT: Just confirmed that the boundary short hop works with abysses in Po-Koro as well. I'd expect the boundary short hops to work with boundaries in any area.

EDIT 2: I JUST SKIPPED LE-KORO. Just boundary hop up the right edge of the village and you can go right to Ko-Koro. Obviously make sure to pick up the ice pick first. I don't think you need the other item from le-koro for anything once you're out of there. This should save a ton of time.

EDIT 3: You can boundary hop up the left side at the entrance to ko-koro, then long jump back to the main area to skip having to use the hammer of onewa on the ice barriers, but I don't know if it saves time.

EDIT 4: You can also boundary hop along the bottom when leaving po-koro to skip having to use the launcher. Might save a little time, but not much.
Could you post a video of this, I'm having trouble understanding it.
Also sorry that I'm so terrible at remembering to do things. Here is a video of some of the weird things I found in Ta-Koro This is a long video, and I don't feel like editing and uploading it, but just skip to about 5:30. Thats when the interesting stuff starts.
***Will Post Link as Soon as It Finishes Uploading to MediaFire***
I just finished uploading videos:

2nd Beach Turtles skip:

Eternal sadness involving Ga-Koro:

Nokama Rescue Shortcut:

Le-Koro Skip:
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I'm not sure if the turtle skip actually saves any time. Because you still have to walk all the way to the right side of the island and push the rocks. Though I'll time it and see.

Also I just skipped all of Ga-Koro. I used your strat at the top and was able to get across. Recording it right now.
EDIT: Here it is

In your attempt you jumped straight across, you need to jump at more of an angle like in mine to get it to work.
Also in your post where you first found the glitch, I've tested all of the jumps, and they work great, except for the abyss in Po-Koro? What abyss are you talking about. Sorry if I'm being dumb.
Which one, the one in edit 1?
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EDIT: Also I think that the boundary jump after you get out of Po-Koro and are on your way to Le-Koro definitely saves time
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The boundary jump in question didn't lead anywhere (nor do I think it would lead anywhere that would save time) but I'll post a vid anyways.

EDIT: lol you know how you can stun enemies with vakama's staff in Onu-Koro? Apparently you can pick them up and throw them. I didn't know that. Doubt it's useful but you learn something new every day.
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Also you can skip the first half of Ta-Koro. Recording it now.
Dayum, this glitch saves so much time. Awesome work dude.

Also here is the thing I recorded and posted on mediafire. I think it's just a byproduct of Boundary jumping in Ta-Koro though.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-03 01:47:09 pm
Purely theory, but I'm guessing that what happened in the mediafire video is that because you jumped from a boundary into lava, the game thought you jumped from lava into the lava and thus put you on the lavaboard because the only way to jump from lava to lava is with the lavaboard.

Alternatively, when the game tried to put you back where you were "supposed" to be, it found the lava instead of the boundary and so it put you on lavaboard because you're not supposed to get stuck in respawn loops.

EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot about the thing about lava boards where you could propel yourself to the end without the ostrich thing. Not sure if it would actually be better than getting it first try, but it could be a consistency thing.