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What I was going to make a video on before getting distracted by enemy teleportation:
Sorry, I've been super sick all day. I'll try out your new tech tomorrow. I have however optimized a bit of the early game route. When pushing  the boulders on the island, it's faster to take the top most boulder to the right switch, and the bottom boulder to the left.
In Onu-Koro, you can also push the boulders by the boss at a 45 degree angle to the boss in stead od doing 3 seperate pushes.
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Hope you start feeling better dude.

I checked other areas for enemy teleportation, and it does work, I teleported a plant in this vid:

EDIT: More teleporting shenanigans:

EDIT 2: I teleported with the plant and then ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:

EDIT 3: I teleported a rock monster enemy in the entrance to Ta-Koro so it works outside of Ga-Koro.

EDIT 4: Did testing on a different file from the other times I was testing, those two were all on the same two files, this was on a completely new file and all the enemy teleports were out of bounds:

EDIT 5: If you are able to do enemy teleports, saving, hard resetting, then reloading the file will make you be unable to do so. IDK why, nor how to reenable enemy teleports.

EDIT 6: I managed to re-enable enemy teleports somehow, going back to the end section with the Toa Stone in Onu Koro had something to do with it.

EDIT 7: a lot of the "rules" I thought I had discovered about the glitch turned out to not be the case.
EDIT 8: Uploaded a huge video of me messing around hoping to figure out a pattern:

If you think you notice something, say it.
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I think I have found out part of how it works, it requires dragging an enemy into you with the launcher. Killing it may or may not be required. This will affect other screens. Doesn't have to be the end section I was talking about.

EDIT: Where you drag the enemy into you seems to be what affects the teleport location in later screens I think.

EDIT 2: Killing the enemy does not seem to be required.

EDIT 3: Actually triggering the enemy warp goes as follows: you must be facing the enemy and be right up against it. Hold the direction towards the enemy and rapidly tap the launcher button so that it cancels on the frame that it hurts you. It seems position on the enemy matters and maybe even direction it's facing but I'm not sure how. The enemy should now be teleported.

If you tap the button again after canceling it, you might attach the launcher to it...

EDIT 4: Occasionally a residual collision box is left behind, you can shoot the launcher at this as well. Not sure how to get this consistent.

EDIT 5: First strategy involving this tech:

Will work on the next screen later after dinner and post where you need to drag the enemy from.

EDIT 6: the thing I'm least sure of on all this is how to time the launcher shots to teleport, where you need to be in relation to the enemy, and how to make sure enemies leave behind residual collision. Residual collision allows for launches.

EDIT 7: 2nd screen teleport launch:
Awesome work dude. It's insane how much tech you have figured out. A lot of the stuff you've done would happen to me sometimes, but I never had any idea how. As for the two teleport strats though, we need to find a way to optimize them and increase there likelyhood before they are really gonna save enough time to be in the main route. But I'm playing around with them right now, Ill see what I can do.
Yeah I don't think they're viable for full runs yet, but at least we have a base understanding of how they work.

How to setup the teleport coordinates for the Ga-Koro Teleports:

Dragging the enemy into you here sets up the teleport coordinates for all screens. It takes the xy coordinates of the collision and for whatever reason allows you to teleport enemies there on other screens.
Wait so the set coordinates will stick with you forever. Thats really weird. I'm curious where they are stored that they don't get rewriten when  new screen is entered. I'm still having a bit of trouble getting it consistently, but I just got it a couple of times.
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They will stick with you forever until you override them with something else. You can obviously drag another enemy into you, but I feel there are other ways to do it as well. This is why I'd be pretty cautious with the launcher around enemies when you need to do teleports.

EDIT: Also saving and resetting also gets rid of the stored coordinates. Saving and quitting does not appear to do so it seems.

EDIT 2: I have a theory on why the residual collision doesn't always appear: It's because the enemy is falling into the water out of bounds. If you set up the coordinates so that they end up on land, I think it might be a bit more consistent.

EDIT 3: I set up this launch in Po-Koro entrance:
I'm gonna set it up on emulator later, and see if I can figure out where in memory they are stored, and if anything else is ever supposed to use that memory.
Also what is the setup like for that Ko-Koro launch. If it's not to hard to setup, then it might actual save time.
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It's kind of annoying to get the actual teleport, but to setup the coordinates you just use the enemies in this section:

EDIT: Keep in mind these coordinates are by no means perfect, you can probably find better telpeport launches. They may or may not involve orbits who knows.

EDIT 2: Realized the axe in the launcher state was never documented:
whoops forgot about that one. The axe seemed to act weird there though. You chopped the tree down without facing it. No real use, but still interesting.
I had to face it initially, you can't cut down a tree without the starting direction being correct.
ah alright, so it starts chopping at the beginning of the animation.
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I'm looking into frame data on teleport inputs at the moment. In order to do it, it seems you need to hit the launcher button 2 times  while running into the enemy (the running into the enemy part admittedly has not been tested that much). When you let go of the launcher button must be 20 frames apart from when you hit the launcher button a second time. You can have additional launcher button presses in between that time. The important thing seems to be the end of the first launcher press and the beginning of the last before the teleport.

At least from my testing so far.

EDIT: running into the enemy definitely seems to be a requirement.

EDIT 2: The length of the first button press doesn't seem to matter, if it does, you need to be holding the button for a long time EDIT: must be less than 10 frames (from my testing so far). The length of the second button press needs to be no less than 2 frames. It can be as many more than that as you want though.

EDIT3: That test caused the residual collision every time and it was on a spider in Ga-Koro entrance.

I'm looking into no residual hitbox right now.

EDIT4: I got a movie that got a teleport with no residual hitbox and I then tried the inputs for residual hitbox and got a teleport with no residual hitbox. There is something more to it. No residual hitbox teleports seem to have a bigger window on them, so far I confirmed both 18 and 20 frames between launcher 1 and launcher 2 work.

EDIT5: I think if you take damage while doing any of the above inputs, instead of after the teleport, you do not get the residual collision, I am not certain of this however.

Nope, I'm guessing it must be position based

EDIT6: I'm very much getting from this that position (I don't know whether it's your position compared to it's, or yours or it's position overall) must play some form of role in this.

EDIT 7: I'm actually not sure if it's position or something else, I will need to get a bunch of samples to look for patterns among them.

At the very least I'm pretty sure those inputs in some form (delay between r-presses may differ with size of enemy etc.) are what cause teleports and you can at least try to teleport enemies out of the way in attempts maybe.

EDIT 8: Actually I just realized that I've gotten both kinds of teleports off of nonmoving enemies (they do rotate) so it can't be the enemy's absolute position I don't think.

EDIT 9: Thought of this while on the way to do testing in a better place:

Probably not faster in it's current state.
The other thing that needs to be kept in mind is that me can only really use one fling per teleportation, and since we need to set the coordinates and then use the fling far later.
These are mostly just ideas for now. In addition, with the plant enemies in Ga-Koro, you can be warped with them so that could come in handy as well.
I still haven't gotten the plant warp to work. I can get the bug warp pretty consistently, but no matter what I try the plant warp won't work.
Do you mean getting the plant to teleport at all or to be taken with them?
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both really
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I uploaded a video of doing it a whole bunch of times:

EDIT: I wasn't even trying to break anything here, I found this by accident:

Probably useless.

EDIT 2: lol

EDIT 3: When dealing with plant teleports in particular, I don't necessarily hold a direction the whole time, I kinda improv (despite not completely knowing what I'm doing).


EDIT 5: Plants seem even more complicated when it comes to teleports than regular enemies. If you do get teleported, sometimes you are taken to where they were teleported, and sometimes you're taken somewhere else.

EDIT 6: Had to check:

I'd imagine rocks could work too
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I'm a complete idiot and I will show you why in a video.

Basically I've been concerned with enemies this whole time when there was something else that could be teleported...


This should save a fair bit of time and is way way easier than any of the other teleport strats.

EDIT 2: New Le-Koro strats:

EDIT 3: Ta-Koro Toa Stone "Skip":

Don't know if it's faster.

EDIT 4: strategy in which you only set the coordinates once:

I used frame advance to make sure I got first try teleports. Other than that, I think this is feasible.

EDIT 5: Tried pause buffering in this game, didn't work, you can't buffer inputs during the unpause.

EDIT 6: Once again with frame advance, setting multiple coordinates:

I realized later that there were in fact two boulders to the left. Whoops.

Keep in mind that the first one could easily be improved by dealing with the throwable boulder better.

EDIT 7: Came up with a way better strategy than both of these.

EDIT 8: I messed around too much with optimal pushing/pulling angles, cardinal directions would be better than messing around like I did:
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Teleporting is in fact way easier than I thought it was. All you need to do is run into the object and press and hold the launcher button within 20 frames of releasing the button the first time. When you need to release it I'm not sure about, best visual cue is when you see the launcher projectile.

EDIT: You only need to be running into the enemy/object when you are letting go of the button for the second time.

EDIT 2: With the plants you don't even need to be holding a direction, if you're inside it, you can just let go. Though I'm not getting warped with it that way at the moment, I need to look into how to make that happen.

EDIT 3: Vid of Boulders strat without frame advance (and me messing around) cause why not:

EDIT 4: I found out that apparently you can jump after firing the launcher if you press the grab button. That should allow for more cool launches.

EDIT 5: This also lets you use the drill after firing the launcher.

EDIT 6: Throwing stuff works the same as grabbing.


EDIT 8: 100% strategy:

Useless most likely:

EDIT 9: You can teleport trees, teleporting the tree blocking the way of the upper right unlock disc in the Le-Koro Toa Stone section should be faster than boundary hopping plus orbiting.

EDIT 10:

EDIT 11: I tried to teleport the rocks off this guy (didn't work) but this happened instead:

EDIT 12: That might be better considering you have to pull out your launcher later anyways.

Also Ko-Koro Teleport Launch Improved:

I don't remember exactly where I got the coordinates such that I could end up on the final platform like I did on my original video, oh well.
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It appears teleports with no residual collision happen with the Ga-Koro spiders when you run into the lower half of their hitbox. Anywhere from the upper half guarantees collision.

EDIT: A theory on why teleporting works:

There are a lot of missing details, but I think something like that must be what is going on.

EDIT 2: Ga-Koro Teleport Launch 1 Improved:

EDIT 3: Ga-Koro Teleport Launch 2 Improved

This should be REALLY fast for runs now.

EDIT 4: Oh wait I don't think it stores a cancel effect in the teleport glitch, I think what happens is that it thinks that the launcher projectile was actually active before it was even fired, and that is why the game thinks the object was being dragged.

EDIT 5: I should start documenting how various things behave with the teleport glitch. So far it seems that the projectile throwing spiders work the same as Ga-Koro spiders, and the grasshopper like things seem to only be able to be teleported without collision.

EDIT 6: With the case of enemies that are able to move, after being teleported when they move again, they will teleport back to their original spot. Therefore teleporting enemies that constantly move like the grasshoppers is pretty much pointless. With the case of enemies that only move when they see you like the spiders, they will teleport back after you get close to their new spot.

When they teleport back to their new spot, they will leave residual collision regardless of whether you had teleported them with residual collision anyways. This residual collision will disappear once they move again from their original position. Firing the launcher into this residual collision will result in the projectile going to the enemies original position.

What this means is that you actually get two launcher flings per teleport. Of course the second one can only be in the direction of where you teleported the enemy, so it could only really be used in spiraling levels or in cases where you need to go back to a certain point for whatever reason. I don't see too many of these occurring however.

I'm pretty sure this is related to why you get teleported to the original position with plants even if you're not exactly close to them.
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I figured out how to get warped with the plants: do the launcher inputs you would do normally (fire and let go and quickly repress r). Then walk near the plants, get sucked in (preferably with neutral inputs), and while it is closed, let go of r. You have a 40 frame window on the release of the button.

Make sure to quickly move away before you get warped away again though.

Here is a Ga-Koro Toa Stone maze strat involving it:

EDIT: There are things I don't understand such as why I was sometimes warped to places besides the plant, but I'm not sure how useful that would be anyways.

EDIT 2: Forgot to mention that I used the turtle in the upper right of the save nokama section for setting this up.

Haha, I was away all weekend (at comicon) and didn't have much access to a computer, but you were certainly busy. I'll read over all of this now, and give you my 2 cents.