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I really wish that item was secretly OP, and we just haven't figured it out yet.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 03:51:35 pm
Conveniently enough I just recorded a video on the only thing I've ever seen the trident do:

There might be more to it but idk.

EDIT: It can also knockback enemy projectiles, but they usually fire those off out in bunches so there is no point, the trident fires too slow.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 04:13:34 pm
I thought that boundary jumping worked the same with launcher jumping, but uh... I guess not:

EDIT: Launcher Jumping into Health Upgrades Skips the Animation:

EDIT 2: I think it would actually be faster to do it here because you have to use the launcher to get back anyways.

EDIT 3: Here is a vid of how that would work:

EDIT 4: you can launcher jump without pausing if you hold onto the launcher button, then tap a to grab and continue to hold on to the launcher button when pressing until you press jump. After you press jump you are in the same state as though you had paused. Or not??? Game you're giving me mixed signals!

EDIT 5: Ok so you can get into the launcher pause state where you don't need to hold down the launcher button by letting go of it while you are jumping.

Also using other items while holding the Launcher button works the same as grabbing.

EDIT 6: Never mind, certain items work like grabbing (fruits, discs) and others work like jumping (staff).

EDIT 7: The lavaboard acts as a combination of grabbing and jumping so it basically works like pausing.
Nice work dude. I may compile all the info we have found into one page, just to make it easier for others (and for myself to remember all of it). But right now I'm going out to grab dinner. I'll start on that when I get back.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-06 01:30:34 pm
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 06:37:41 pm
Faster Ta-Koro Toa Stone First section strats 1:

EDIT: Alternatively (SAFER):
Here is a compilation of everything so far.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 08:23:41 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 08:23:41 pm
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 08:20:53 pm
This took entirely too long to make and to upload:

EDIT: What am I supposed to open that file type with?

EDIT2: Launcher orbiting is used in my proposed le-koro toa stone section 100% unless you're talking strictly any%.
it's just a raw text file. Sorry I'm on linux so I didn't give it an extension. Just add .txt.
Yeah it's only any% for now, but I will keep editing and cleaning it up. Will add tags to differentiate between different runs.
A lot of people just use in the speedrunning community, makes things a lot simpler.
Yeah that works too.

Your route through Ta-Koro, well at least the second part (the one you just posted), is hard to do consistently. All the enemies are RNG over there, and I hate to lose runs right at the end to RNG.
Only do it then if the opportunity presents itself I guess.
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Vibex: 2015-10-05 09:11:37 pm
Now that there is someone else in the community it's making me practice more, so eventually I will need to do things like that to save enough time to get a new WR. But for now there are a bunch of other places that I want to save time first.

EDIT: Also I'm tryinmg to find a way to consistently do the bugs in Po-Koro fast. I've had a lot of trouble with it in my last few attempts.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 09:16:51 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 09:16:40 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 09:16:40 pm
I was never able to get more than one or two of the burrows, I often had to slowly kill them all from a distance.

EDIT: Slightly better strats for Ga-Koro Tree Crystal 1:

I then got it so you didn't have to bonk at all, but whatever.
It's very hard to do. I have only got a perfect run on them twice. It's super fulfilling to get. Normally I get it in 5 or so burrows.
Your vertical positioning seems to be what is important when doing pacifist jump. If your vertical positioning gets screwed up for whatever reason, you can either go back to the setup spot, improv, or you could try this:

idk if this would be good in the slightest, but it looked cool.
Haha, thats a pretty cool backup, and glad to find a use for the launcher fling, though with the setup you made, it's prettu easy to get every time.
I completely forgot about Nuju's Pick as an option for launcher flings, I'll look into that now.
You might be able to use it in Ta-Koro to bypass a lot of the gaps.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 10:25:11 pm
Or I can use it before Ko-Koro like this:

This is almost certainly faster, only problem is the goat.

EDIT: Ta-Koro doesn't have as much problems with gaps as it does with lava and walls everywhere. There isn't much benefit to using it in the first half, and there are so many walls in the last part.
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Vibex: 2015-10-05 10:43:57 pm
I don't think it is. I just timed the route I've been doing and it's only 22 seconds.
I guess thats true.

EDIT: Maybe it is, you did fumble a bit at the beginning. I'm to tired to try your method tonight though, I'll time it tomorrow.
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TheMG2: 2015-10-05 10:52:44 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-05 10:52:11 pm
Nah, there is a better route that doesn't involve that I think, will upload when I make a video.

EDIT: Pointless but neat:

Unrelated, but the lavaboard would probably be skippable in low%.

EDIT 2: fast Ko-Koro entrance:
Yeah that second one is 2 seconds faster, and could probably be slightly faster with better optimization. I don't know why I was convinced the boundary jumping was faster. It is still the safer option though. In the 22 second time run, there is basically no chance of taking any damage.
Might be better than boundary jumping for the upper right disc:
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TheMG2: 2015-10-06 01:48:07 pm
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TheMG2: 2015-10-06 01:07:08 pm
A strategy involving orbiting when picking up the drill of whenua:

You either want to be holding down or down right, it might depend on your launcher projectile position and your position.

EDIT: Important thing I forgot to mention, you obviously want to let go of the button before you hit a wall.

EDIT 2: Potential optimization after grabbing hammer of Onewa:

You would have the launcher out anyways from the last area in the entrance.

EDIT 3: Idea I had when I was a kid:
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TheMG2: 2015-10-06 03:25:43 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-06 03:01:38 pm
TheMG2: 2015-10-06 02:37:18 pm

Perfect bugs right to left (I got this first after struggling with left to right):

Perfect bugs left to right (I got this one second):

A couple things, the bugs won't spawn if you're on top of them (including in drill state). They'll pop out but pop back in and do no damage. However, you often get stuck inside them if you do this.

EDIT: Right to left seemed easier but this may be confirmation bias.

EDIT 2: Nokama in the cave can be dragged by the launcher. Also after a while the toad seems to give up (at least if you're in the entryway).

EDIT 3: Two crazy things just happened, but I only got one on recording so far.

I give you enemy teleporting!

The other was Takua's sprite getting all messed up after being launched into a spider. It was like one of the berries but purple.

EDIT 4: Teleporting with the enemy:

This may be some form of zip.

EDIT 5: Launcher Spider:

It works on the small crab(?)s as well and always takes enemies to the same spot no matter where they are.

EDIT 6: I got the glitched out sprite again:

EDIT 7: I checked it out on console because it didn't seem to be working on another emulator, and the enemy teleported... to a completely different place. I have 0 idea how any of this works.

EDIT 8: I'm giving up on this glitch for now...