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Quote from Heidrage:
No. He cast reflect and the fire was hurting thunderbird.

Impossible bro, it's whirldwind, if you do, right,down,left or right,down,right and repeat you get multiple hits.

My favorite whirlwind is on the first goriya protecting the first heart. If you do right,left,right you can kill him alot faster then just hitting him normaly
Willing to teach you the impossible
It was just a guess.

I glanced at it again, looked like he was mashing down and attack. I think this was more the down mashing than anything else as it has no cool down of any kind. Might have to try this some time.
Attack 8, I think I Kiss you! Zelda II 100 % Deathless (SDA rules) in 1:11:38:

There's still lots of room for improvement in this 1:11:38, and I'll have to learn the whirlwind strat Smiley
As my research run is going to be put on hold while I'm laid up, I'm typing up my research notes that I got up to palace 3. The notes themselves contain the XP total at every point as well as the six-counts, but I'm omitting some of it in transcription for now. Here's the data for every enemy up to Crystal 1.

(this research pertains to the 100%AK route.)

Key: [] means not-taken dependent on non-player actions, () means not usually taken. Neither of these are counted in the XP totals given.

==To Palace 1==
-Magic Container Cave
Lowder x2
Octorok x3
Lowder (kill on return trip): small 6.
Totals: 36 xp + 1 small. Counts 0,0
-tunnel to Parapa
-Heart Container Coast
Goriya, orange
totals: 59 xp, 1 small. counts 2,0
-Enter Palace 1
[luck-based: botx2]
stalfos, red (2,1)
[luck-based: botx2]
stalfos, redx2 (2,3)
stalfos, red (3,4)
bot (drop, 5)
entering Bridge room: 235 xp, 2 smalls; count 0,5
Botx2 (2, 5)
p-bag 50
Botx2 (4,5)
Gooma (4,drop)
Ironknuckle, orange (4,1)
Botx2 (drop,1)
botx2 (2,1)
Ironknuckle, orange (3,2)
Stalfos, red x2 (3,4)
Gooma (3,5)
Ironknuckle, orange (3, drop)
-Total entering horsehead: 511 xp, 3 small drops (4 if you add 3 bots from first keyroom that jump down), 2 large.
-Total going to crystal: 561 xp, """"

So, as people know, getting a 200 and a 50 gets you the needed XP to get 4-1-1, and two 200s lets you get 4-1-2 (xp required to go up a level needs the next level as well to not have the crystal stop there, and 50+150 happens to be 200). So, you have 11 xp extra, for a kobold hit or removing some bot kills, etc.
24:05. Any%. With major skips of course.

A few days ago I got a 24:28, but BY TERRIBLE ACCIDENT I DIDN'T RECORD IT.  So I had to hurry and beat that.

JN's 22:33 is so sick.  To touch that I'm going to have to cut all deaths, not get trolled by any bubbles, not get trolled by dark link, AND get the pbag.  I mean, if I'd gotten the pbag, and not gotten a bad DL the first time (I actually got a godlike DL the second time), this would probably have been a low 23.  Still 30 seconds off of JN.

I may even need the second glitch first try...  I think I got it thirdish try this run.
And, got it.  21:51

One death at the last blue fokker, one bad encounter in front of medicine cave, one red jar.  All that was more than outweighed by an amazingly cooperative DL. I went to that battle expecting to beat the WR by 5 seconds... not 40. So sick.  That split ... oh my. This will be hard to beat!

Also double first try glitch so I can't even save time there anymore.
By the way, the reason the previous post contradicts the one before it is that there's a route change: I'm skipping the beach pbag and getting the cave pbag instead. Smiley
"Here, let me walk into your sword."

We need to get people to submit their runs to SDA! Awesome work Pres on beating Pro_JN!
So yeah, for those not on Twitch, I woke up the beast. Again!

I got the record on the 11th.

On the 12th, JN took 100% All Keys back.

On the 14th, JN took Any% Glitched back, berating his PB by nearly 2 minutes, nearly hitting my long-run goal for the category all at once.  Yes, the guy who hates the glitch also got double perfect.

Oh yes, and then on yesterday the 15th, JN decided to drop in on us in NG+ glitched and hit 10 flat.

So now all he needs is NG+ and he's got the 6 main records (basically nobody seems to run any% up+a anymore, and I think any% glitch supersedes that).

Which actually is a legitimate question for SDA I think.
I knew JN wouldn't have much trouble with getting the NG+ record the first time he managed fewer than 6 encounters, considering competent great palace play is like half the run. I was pumped for him when he got 4, even though he didn't seem to know that he was -6s or whatever. I'm just sad it didn't take longer because now what the hell am I going to watch on twitch!

Even worse, he doesn't seem to be interested in getting under 10 so I have to keep playing >:[

The beast.

I envy you.
You guys should just make up another category, and more JN goodness will follow.
He did it! Pro_JN now has all six major Zelda 2 records and will be submitting the runs he got recorded for SDA. thumbsup
Finally, at that. Smiley
The Great Farming Empire
Pro_JN for MVP of Zelda 2.
Congratulations Pro_JN, you are an absolute beast.
Quote from Svenne:
He did it! Pro_JN now has all six major Zelda 2 records and will be submitting the runs he got recorded for SDA. thumbsup

Music to my ears.
What is a man?
grats Pro_JN, Ever since i used to watch you on twitch I knew that you had a real passion for the game and eventually would end up here, what a feat! Smiley
Yeah I remember when he was the underdog, gearing up to race the mighty Arctic Eagle at ESA. Smiley  So far he's come.
So yeah, Twitch user boats60 suggested some new categories.  He suggested Any% No OOB (basically the category that's currently on SDA as up-a, the pre-glitch straight any%) and an all out 100% (effectively 100% glitch).  All that talk also revived interest in JN's Any% No Door Fairying 1CC (Basically 100% All Keys, only not doing 100%).

I'm finding the 100% routing to be an interesting puzzle. Here's one development.  We start out getting Shield, then glitching in Rauru, then getting the hammer, hammer magic container... and then this...

For safety we *may* get the graveyard 1up to allow us to death warp in the boots room, instead of having to dink around pushing the blue IK back.

EDIT: My current routing here.

EDIT 2: Yes of course in that video I neglect to get the Maze container first.  We have to in the actual run ot make full use of the boots.
Simpoldood takes down any%.


Yes, I'm trying to talk him into recording for SDA. Smiley
Let's hope SDA want more categories for Zelda 2! Cheesy
Quote from Svenne:
Let's hope SDA want more categories for Zelda 2! Cheesy

I think the most that would be justifiable would be Any%, 100%, NG+, and then any% deathless and 100% deathless.

I'd love to see All Keys make it since it's the most-run category though.
There's currently any%, 100%, NG+. All of those w/ deaths and up+a. There's also a reasonable reason to include low% since it's possible to skip either jump or downstab, which would make the game a lot harder or include a ridiculous skip in the jump cave in the dark. It would be possible to do that without up+a and deaths, but good luck to anyone that wants to do that.

Remember that there is also the glitched categories, any% and 100%.

Add in PAL and Zelda 2 could be a contender for most categories on SDA as it stands now (that's 20 if you didn't want to do the math). I don't think there needs to be more categories on SDA personally. There's also the possibility that VC games might need a blanket separate category since models after early 2010 load faster on a lot of games (this is proven on disc games with Wind Waker, I think it's untested w/ VC games). This game does have category inflation pretty badly.