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Hi guys!

I'm kind of new to SDA and I've got a couple of questions.

I'm planning on doing a 100% single-segment speedrun for Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, but the current speedruns do not contain any 100% speedrun.

As their is no such speedrun yet (quite surprising), am I free to submit "anything"? I mean, will my speedrun be accepted even if I can find better speedruns on other sites, as there are no one on SDA?

Also, do you think that 100% single-segment speedruns WITH and WITHOUT the Up+A trick would belong in two categories?

Thanks a lot!
Hi ^^

There is no 100% speedrun because this game is really hard to run perfectly, but you can try to do it. You are free to submit anything but your speedrun will be accepted only if it's quality (video and gameplay) reach the SDA standards. In this case, it's pretty easy : your skill has to be as good as the curent any% SS run.

Globaly speaking, mistakes are allowed only on big segments// long single segments. SDA verifiers are pretty stricts.

As there is two categories with and without up+atrick for any% run, it would be the same for 100%
I don't see much point to a 100% run for this game.
To challenge oneself of course.
You want challenge, try a 8-1-1, 1-8-1, or 1-1-8 run. There's just not much difference between a regular speed run and a 100%.
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I would argue that a 100% is actually EASIER than an any% (This goes even for New Game + runs)...the Magic Key saves a lot of route planning/strategizing how to use your lives and magic, and the Cross makes Death Road so much easier (Hey, being able to see your foes reduces their challenge level...who knew?) that it isn't funny.

Having actually done a (Very slow, casual, multi-segment, multi-game over) 8-1-1 run, I can agree that it's one way to go if you want a challenge.
I've done all three of those, and 8-1-1 is by far the easiest.

1-1-8 is the hardest due entirely to the Thunderbird fight. 1-8-1 is probably harder for the everything up to that point, but the extreme difficulty of that fight makes it harder overall.
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I doubt a 100% run would be accepted here.  It's just getting the additional spells you don't need (shield, life, fire, spell), additional items you don't need (candle, cross, magic key), an unnecessary sword technique (upward thrust), and possibly 8-8-8 levels depending on the definition.  The any% runs get some of these anyway.

Most of these items add pointless time to the run without providing much of note.  For instance, a run using the Candle in Death Mountain is unacceptable since it's much faster to get Fairy before you take on Parapa Palace (or any of the others).  It makes the final approach to the Great Palace easier, but that's about it.
every 100% run is getting useless items/skills/stats wich make the game longerbut easier... What's the point about a non 3 heart challenge in a Zelda OOT run ? But a 100% run would be accepted anyway.
I have a 1:09:23 TG-timing, 100 % run with warps and death abuse (Link to Twin Galaxies)

I don't finish it with 8-8-8 stats though. I would advice the threadstarter to try another 100 % Zelda II category (without warps and or deaths), unless he beats my TG-time.

I recorded a 58:28 mininmalist completion Zelda II run with warps and deaths, a couple of months ago, but then tore my achilles tendon playing soccer 2 1/2 months ago. Haven't played Zelda II on NES since then. I don't get the upward thrust in that run, and kind of feel the urge to submit it to SDA just to shut Red_Shifter's mouth Wink , but it would be sad to give up on Rodrigo Lopes' WR-time. I would like to try to better my 58:28 soon.
58.28 sounds like a pretty hardcore time ! Do you see where the last half minute can be shaved off or are you closing in on the limit with your route ?

P.S. I bought Rygar this summer. I haven't found the motivation to start playing it yet, but I hope that I will one day... Wink
Thanks ktwo, the 58:28 is a good run, but it's clearly possible to shave off 30 seconds with better execution, 1-3 less forced encounters etc. I'll probably end up with a 58:05 or something if I go on and try to beat Lopes though Tongue Rygar is fun, you should play Smiley Also try out Clash at Demonhead if you haven't played that one, good NES-game never released in Europe.
Well, apparently I'm no match for you guys, so let's forget it and have fun playing this great game.

I'll just finish this thread saying the following : some of you guys argue that a 100% run is no challenge / EASIER / useless / etc. Well, from my point of view, this is the case for a vast majority of games (when do getting extra items actually makes the game harder?), and a lot of those games have 100% speed runs in here.
So if one would have a 100% SS no feary run, could it be accepted, if it was good, like 1:35:00 on PAL?

In no feary, not use it through doors ofc.
"No fairy" sounds like a self-imposed handicap and would thus not be accepted as a run. Try the casual running board for that one as there may be some people still finding those kind of things interesting.
Quote from moooh:
"No fairy" sounds like a self-imposed handicap and would thus not be accepted as a run. Try the casual running board for that one as there may be some people still finding those kind of things interesting.

on the contuary, most cartridges dont allow going through doors here in europe! So there is a reason why there were 2 released, but this you know yes?
If there's a version difference between europe carts, use the cart that's fastest. (As noted in the FAQ)
Haha, well that seems to be plain ignorant. So if a person just have this version and does it ASAP in a SDA kind of way, he would not get accepted, because he had the wrong version!?

okay, I will move to casual then! I just ahve to find out these things!
Its ignorant not to do research on a speed run before attempting one.
For high profile games that are highly contested, the fastest version would be expected yes. For some game not yet in SDA and not so contested you could probably get away with using a slower version (or if version differences were not known at that time).

Anyways, I don't think a 100% category is even is defined for this game yet.
Okay, well getting all things should be 100% but not having to get 8-8-8? Just me trying to make sence for all of you!

So who is in charge of making up the rules if they are not defined, or has there not been a reason to do so before now?

Edit: Go watch casual thread!
If a 100% were to exist it is generally reached through a consensus between community members running the game or fairly knowledgable about it. After a sound definition has been found, they can be presented to Flip for validation.
That sounds really fair!
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Quote from Exo:
Its ignorant not to do research on a speed run before attempting one.

Please refer to this thread. Honestly we have gone threw this conversation a few times before. Fact is, SDA is about speed. If you fail to use all legal means possible to get the fastest time, some one else may come along and topple your run because they fixed your mistake. Another great example is the Starcraft IL table. Almost all ILs are done on different patches of the game just to achieve a faster time. Just know it will be taken into consideration once it is in verification.
So I guess it is a no go.^^